This is a good song. It stays true to the original but this arrangement is completely theirs. It’s been stripped down and sounds even more haunted than the original. Guitars and voice. A. Beautiful. Dirge. 
Can’t wait to see what they do next, Tess and Jahn. Talented people. 

Congratulations to MOLOSSER on their album release, and the new single, Water My Way. This is a beautiful song. Plaintive lyrics with diminished, complicated, intertwined melodies. The middle bit has a guitar run that has an almost pursuit and capture quality that seems to define the couple. In some of the songs, Unsolid for instance, I feel like she is singing one time signature and the guitars are playing another. Contrapuntal, if memory serves. The sound is so simple, how can it be so complicated? This is Frustratingly Beautiful Music.

Brain damaged, but it’s only permanent…

How long’s it been since I posted last…Jesus, it’s been more than a month and I completely missed having a post in April. The requests for reviews have gotten outrageously thick, I liked it better when folks knew what the blog is about before sending me something that you could probably assume I would not dig. I just don’t have time to sift through rubble to look for signs of life.

Scored a trail cam the other day (with money I don’t have for these kinds of non-essential expendable items) and was testing it out. That Tom is not part of our usual flock but he is welcome as long as he doesn’t cause troublea

Welcome to the dust ward Brain damaged but it’s only permanent
And I hang out in the day room With a strait jacket set
With a strait jacket set
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
All in-patients report to the pharmacy For medication
And I crawl through the shadows Of the bars on the floor for my pills
For my pills
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward

Ahhhh…to have been a fly on the wall for this one! My meeting them was the stuff of legend of course but never fucking got to see them, even though there must have been several opportunities. Ahhh…regret!

Still in touch with Jennifer and Gage, but James Tryon, where the hell did you end up buddy? The man taught me the wonderful game of cribbage…to this day, hands down my favorite card game, but no one here plays, so I’m stuck with the app on my phone. Oh well, I’ve always enjoyed playing with myself…

Have no idea what’s going on in this picture with myself, the legendary Gage and that sinister Karin…hmmm…trouble brewing me thinks.

I don’t know up from down anymore, feel like I just did a Soft Cell appreciation post, what the fuck, they deserve legendary status…the Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret album is an amazing collection of one hit after another, not a dud on either side of that platter! In ’81 (you could have gotten this on an 8-track) I probably wouldn’t have admitted to being a huge fan, for whatever reason, but I was still trying to figure me out. I was headed more into the Black Flag and Crass direction, but this album is so easy to relate to especially as a young man (and I guess as an old-ish one too).

My Son with the homemade Crass shirt I made him…God the stories I could tell about stenciling in the mid 80s (I wish some of the old bros from high school still came and visited so they could share some of those shenanigans). Love this kid and anybody who calls him a friend is alright by me.

One last song to satiate myself…this was my morning pick me up and I have to admit it wasn’t a bad day. The tune here escaped me until just recently, some 40 years after it was released…better late than never, I suppose. Really, except for a few Japanese bands that were on international comps that ran across over the years, my knowledge of that country’s early 80s hardcore is extremely limited…as far as that goes, the tune is absolutely perfect!

Lighten up Francis…

This is from the 1931 version of Dracula, but it may as well be the women at the tomb.

This priest has a pretty good take on the whole pandemic thing, via my pal Darryl….an interesting 16 minutes of your time, if you’re so inclined…

I’ve always found her attractive, but seeing her skating takes it to another level

I wish I had been of gig age in ’78, but even though my Mom let me run all over town in LA at 10 years old, she would never let me go to a “punk” gig. Went to a lot of other concerts but these were genteel affairs for the most part, except when I saw Hank Williams Jr…never been to a larger gathering of drunkards and I remember when we were leaving, there was so many empty Jack Daniels bottles in the parking lot

This must have been ’88, the year after high school graduation, the last summer I came back to Burbank. Mindi and Bonnie were two of my best friends in junior high…as off kilter as I look in the picture I remember getting very drunk that night. I had a secret crush on Mindi, but she dated another one of my best friends from that era, Gilbert. I hope that these two gals went on to find happiness and joy in their lives with minimal pain…

This tune goes out to my pal Brian F., one of his favorite bands, and hands down the best tune they ever wrote in my opinion. Brian is going to be taking over most of the the reviewing duties here at the Relics…thanx Bro!

VINOK sent us a review request some time back, in fact their single came out last Wednesday…oops…and apologies…still fresh as can be though.

“It’s chord progression sounds simple but it has a strong undercurrent. Like there are more moving parts beneath than you would ever see. The drum and bass sound like they have known each other a lifetime. The singing sounds hurt, maybe….melancholic, forlorn? and as the song progresses you can feel her triumph, like she wins, in the end. I like that, She wins. In the end. She has a beautiful voice. This song is well written, performed and produced. I won’t speak for the rest of humanity but after hearing this, it left me feeling good, I want to say, empowered. That is something I haven’t felt in quite a while.”

Listen on Spotify:…




Beware, beware, keep your garden fair

You know it sucks to live for Friday, but what are ya gonna do. I’ve been working for a paycheck (and of course paying taxes) for almost 40 years now and it hasn’t always been that way, but I’m just tired now. The wife and I were talking about the aging thing and how it’s part of the process many of us go through to want a little more time for “do what you will.”

Liam and Babs, not too far from where they just moved to some island (I can’t remember the name) off the coast of North Carolina…there’s some irony in the fact that the Son of a one time raging alcoholic is an excellent bartender. Man I spent a lot of time in bars until I was so bad that the company of others got to be a waste of my time and kept me away from my one focus…the bottle. In the 15 years since my last drink I’ve learned a bit more about what it really means to be a decent human being…still got a ways to go though.

Not the most PC tune in the world, but hot damn, this dude can really flow with his words, the definition of a vocalist as another instrument. This is one of very few hip hop tunes I was into in the early 90s and it’s actually pretty funny if you don’t take yourself too seriously…an examination of human sexuality, objectification and infidelity…

Recognize this fine establishment? I think the only flick they didn’t include that was filmed there, is American History X???

In other words…don’t waste your time being in relationships with unhealthy people and don’t be used….easier said than done and who knows maybe you’re the one being unhealthy anyway.

My virtual pal Marco outta Brazil on drums here from several years ago (I’ve always thought of him as a bass player) and these guys absolutely slayed it….keeps you on your toes with an onslaught of various sounds throughout and all around tight as fuck!


Cold and rainy here in NoWhere Kansas on this late winter early spring morning. I fucking don’t mind this weather, got used to it, shit, I was digging ditches in this kind of weather for years in Humboldt. Got to get out in it here after a few to take care of a few odds and ends in the Babylon that is Hays, Kansas, an hour from here…

Ever been there? Man, nothing quite like losing a woman, from my own experience and I’ve lost a few that were way out of my league in an all around, inside and out, human being kind of way. Lament, is a good word to insert somewhere in there. Up until I got sober I was truly incapable of loving a woman in the way that she deserved…I worshipped the bottle instead. 15+ years off the hooch and I still have a lot of apologizing to do, but all I can do is hope that I didn’t permanently damage anyone and that they went on to find the love that should have been theirs. The next song makes a nice segue…

I don’t know if I posted this tune before, but if I didn’t then it would be a travesty, as it’s by definition a true Mustard Relic…perhaps the first recognizable tune in my memory that I really grooved to. Of course at that early age, what that says is that’s what my Mom was listening to. Musically, this is the most minimal a tune can get or as one commentator said, “You can’t write a hit song with only 1 chord.” Harry Nilsson: “Hold my coconut.”

I know I’ve posted this one before but it’s just too fucking huge not to be posted again…plus I’ve been thinking about my Mom a lot lately and this was one of her absolute faves. This time around listening to it, I’m captivated by the drumming, so fucking funky…

My wife insisted my fat ass take a picture with a couple gals working the strip for tips…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right. They were nice enough gals just trying to put food on the table. My first time on the strip and it reminds me a lot of Hollywood Blvd…crowded, expensive, sad. Had a blast gambling, hit number 7 on my first spin at roulette…shoulda stopped there but the wheels of death (slots) held me captive, with their pretty lights and pretty sounds. Below was my favorite machine of happiness (and ultimately, misery)…

My high school chum that I haven’t seen since graduation, lives in Vegas so made it a point to see him and could not have been more pleased….what an awesome human being! This, one of my top 10 metal tunes, goes out to him…