Mustard Relics Records


Mustard Relics Records #9

Garden Weasel – CAH lathe 7″

CAH final front

CAH back


Mustard Relics Records #8

Strap & Peach – Need It lathe 5″

S&P fold over

Mustard Relics Records #7

Fear of God – Controlled By Fear lathe 7″



This dream of mine has been fulfilled, or realized as I got to release a band that had a huge impact on me…in a way that only a 50 year old fanboy can understand.  Below are the links to get at Zach, the guy behind the lathe company I prefer to use…

Mustard Relics Records #6

WD40 – Song Without Direction picture lathe 4″

WD40 lathe

Mustard Relics Records #5

UDL (Unter Den Linden) – Brackorna (Mustard Relics Mix) S/S Picture Lathe 7″ (edition of 25)
UDL 6I’ve been pretty good virtual pals with Björn of the legendary Unter Den Linden and more recently Pillemandjoonks for quite a while now (I don’t see him coming to NoWhere Kansas any time soon and I don’t have the cash to travel to Sweden). UDL happened to have released an EP recently, but before that my pal sent me a pre-mix of one of the tunes off the EP, that he thought I might dig. Dig was an understatement, the whole EP is beautiful but this tune is the scorcher. In the meantime, I was checking out different lathe manufacturers pondering on what my next little project might be with Mustard Relics Records. Sometimes my brain works in a way that makes sense and whelp I thought, this tune would be perfect for lathe. So I petitioned my pal to see what he thought of the idea, and he surprised the hell out of me by saying he was game if the rest of the band was…they were. So here we are, and here it is.


Mustard Relics Records #4 

Garden Weasel S/T 4 song lathe 7″ (edition of 23)

Garden Weasel lathe final a

Previously unreleased (all we ever released was a demo cassette and a 7″) from two different late recording sessions (one with Gabe Douge and our last studio sesh in ’92). In my opinion these deserved a proper release back then as the band had matured a little bit (just a tiny bit) and this was the direction we were headed before Ed moved to Eugene and our friendly demise, but unfortunately we all moved on to other projects and GW was laid peacefully to rest. This is just a for fun thing that I did…DIY to the maxxx. These are the original mixes, all I did was make them louder (a proper release would require a mastering of the original 4 tracks, but I don’t even know who has those…maybe someday). Had a blast making the sleeve/insert thingy, nothing fancy, but quite proud of the final result…the clear lathe looks purty in ’em. Plus it was impetus for me to finally get around to making a logo for the label. There’s swag too in the form of stickers! Ha! Not sure if I’m going to sell any, gave most of them to the other guys in the band and would rather just give them away to folx who give a fuck (and you need a nice turntable to play them on , these lathes require the weight turned up on the arm and a better than average needle)…

Garden Weasel lathe final b

Mustard Relics Records #3

Blitzkrieg Baby – Violence lathe 7″

BB - Violence

EDIT: I recently spoke to Kim Sølve and there may be light at the end of the tunnel for this fabled lost relic.  The song has been recorded and it’s amazing…I don’t mean pretty good, it’s insanely good.  Fucking, only the finest modern industrial for me.  I am hoping that this will be a hard copy only release, fuck MP3 collectors (I say that with a couple of TBs worth in my own collection), you want to hear this song, buy the fucking record.   I am honored to be the non-creative part of this project and that it will be exclusively on the label.  Stay tuned.  If’n you want to have your mind blown, check out the tunes on his Bandcamp. Here’s the first track off his latest release…

Well I think it’s deep enough in the works that I can officially announce that Mustard Relics Records will be making a third release. This time around it’s one of my favorite composers of modern industrial music, Blitzkrieg Baby. Kim Sølve has already been featured on Sweden’s Beläten Records and most recently on Belgium’s Neuropa Records, so why not (take a step backwards…my feeble attempt at humility) little ole’ Mustard Relics Records in the quickly decaying US of A.   A person who is in the know would remember BB from the Martyred Heretics CDr that I released with miserable success (no fault to the artists though, because that comp was electronic genius, something for everyone). Not fucking around this time though (gonna be sending this to be properly reviewed), BB are going to be putting Oslo on the map with their special way of informing you about the brutality of reality (if you like some of the best Goddamned Industrial music outta Scandanvia going on right now)…Here’s the tune he (they) did off of my (our) Martyred Heretics comp…

Mustard Relics Records #2 

Garden Weasel – SMERB postcard flexi

Red flame, green flower
Psychedelic, fucking power
Coming from the dirt, who does it hurt
The mellow criminal, is not a cannibal
No death is dealt, no hate is felt
The wrong is right, like a green light
Numb body, mellow mood
Glutton hungry, fucking food
Coming from the dirt, who does it hurt
The mellow criminal, is not a cannibal
No death is dealt, no hate is felt
The wrong is right, like a green light
It sez go…to…
A place that’s real, where you can feel, a burden released
Need no red lights, block cannabis rights, it can’t be policed
Back watching, eye popper
Behind bars, fucking copper
Dim future, sleepy head
Good citizen, fucking dead
Coming from the dirt, who does it hurt
The mellow criminal, is not a cannibal
No death is dealt, no hate is felt
The wrong is right, like a green light

Mustard Relics Records #1 

Martyred Heretics V/A CDr 

Martyred Heretics - One Sheet - Editable (DOC)-page-001

Order/listen at Bandcamp

There’s a Discogs page too…

Strange Reaction
“This is a genre I know nothing about. So, coming into this as a novice to the Electronica sound I have to admit some of it was very interesting and original, some stuff just like noise, while a few tracks sounded like a UFO invasion. But one thing I’ll admit, all of it was extremely original.

Most of all, hats off to Justin Hrabe for compiling this and for having the ambition to see this project through. Great job, man!
If you don’t own it, give it a listen, my review may be wrong.”

I got this compilation with a Beläten order. It is limited to 200 copies and so far the only release on the Mustard Relics Recordings label.

After an introduction follows a nice track of what we would call “minimal wave” nowadays, but according to Discogs the project called Prayers only released two 7″s on WEA and EMI in 1990 and 1992, filed “eurohouse”!
Continuing with Angels Dust, a new project that creates strange ‘beat-scapes’ with female vocals. Perhaps best described as IDM. Not really my cup of tea. The other track of Angels Dust does not sound entirely alike, but the description again fits.
Pornostroika Dadaifi also contributed two tracks. Discogs lists them as a “Cyber Punk band formed in 1999 in Lesvos, Greece”. This may go for the weird and nice second track, the first is a less interesting experimental, atmospheric thing; perhaps old-style-industrial is a decription.
Another project with no releases on Discogs: Mach Baron. Their only track starts as dark ambient, but quickly goes over in quite typical “gabber”, hardcore techno.
Then we have a project that does have two releases on Discogs, recent even, 2014. Street Sects makes noisy industrial rock. Not of the typical Ministry style, but do think in that direction.
After this follows the only project that I knew: Blitzkrieg Baby. Kim Sølve contributed a nice, strange and slow industrial track.
The next project I have not mentioned until here presents an interesting track. Pyrotoxxxn starts with a dark sound over rattling beats and after a more quiet middle part continues with more ‘hiphopish’ rhythms. The end becomes more energetic and interesting again.
So how do I describe the track of Peopling? A steady, noisy pulse functions as rhythm. A (digitalised?) bass guitar makes the only thing that can be called a melody and then there are strange vocals. A noisy interlude slides into a more quiet end. A very interesting track! Peopling has another interesting track. “Groundloss” I think is more in the nowave tradition with noise created with guitars and effects.
A long track is Scab Queen‘s “White Forest” of almost 10 minutes. This is a (to me) uninteresting unstructured ‘scape of sounds’.
The longest track lasts almost 15 minutes. Glanko‘s “Terr” (live!) starts as dark ambient, takes over a third of the track to go over in a more guitar-trance like middle part with a piano-synth and ends more spacey again. A track much different from what came before, but interesting when you enjoy experimental spacerock kind of music.

Not only uncommon names, but also uncommon sounds. Some of it is quite nice, so “Martyred Heretics” makes a good surprice. Buy as cd or Bandcamp release. Click on the link below.

The Small Takeover
The compilation opens with a horror movie sample which sets the theme of the CD. The first song is by a band called “Prayers” and the opening of this song reminds me of Depeche Mode but these guys have slightly shouted vocals and looping over the electical sounds. The tune is a definite toe-tapper.

Angels Dust song “Funeral” has a bleak spacey dark feel that reminds me of Joy Division (a band I’ve been thrashing during my time off blogging). The female vocals give the song an uplifting feel despite the title. This tune is great. Listen to it!

Pornostroika dadaifi’s track had me thinking of the collabaration that Afrikaa Bambata did with Leftfieldd. If you don’t know it, you must watch the video to Afrika Shox. Due to the lyrics of the track not being in English I have no idea what these guys are on about but if I consider the lyrics and vocals as a separate instrument, it’s a rocking track.

Mach Baron’s track “All Flesh is Grass” opens with a sample from a horror movie and is an apocalyptic industrial number with more frightening precise accuracy than your average horoscope writer both lyrically and musically.

Street Sects – sound like a death metal band playing disco and if that sounds terrifying keep well away. Truth is, it’s great and sounds better than most of the death metal that appears in my inbox. Oh shit, now I’m likely to get a tonne of disco review requests, haha.

Blitzkrieg Baby have a spoken track with music in the background. There’s a poetic feel to the tune.

After a misanthropic rant Pornostroika dadaifi are back and the tracks called NZ’s on the trees. I have no idea what these guys are on about but the electronic noodling and ranting (n whatever language it i) mesh well.

Pyrotoxxxn’s “Microsleep” is sleep paralysis nightmare hell put to song.

Gianko’s track is a little difficult for this listener to get into but that’s because it’s over 14 minutes long and lately a goldfish would have a longer attention span than this reviewer.

I’m not going to give this a rating as compilations are tricky beasts to review let alone rate. Support Justin and give Martyred Heretics a listen on bandcamp and if you’re inclined to get a CD do so before he runs out. There’s zine styled inserts with the CD which look really great and lend a hands on feel for those of us who still like tangible music product.

Colonna (sonora) Gramsci – Nazione Indiana

Pornostroika Dadaifi. Indifference. Dalla compilation Martyred Heretics del 2014.
Nella compilation Martyred Heretics, pubblicata nel 2014 dalla label Mustard Relics troviamo 18 brani di impostazione industrial, dark wave, noise e cosette così e la quarta traccia è opera del gruppo greco Pornostroika Dadaifi che propone Indifference basata sulle opere di Antonio Gramsci. Musica elettronica disturbata, malata, pensata per scenari apocalittici contemporanei, geografici e mentali. Diversamente piacevole.

Pornostroika Dadaifi. Indifference. From the 2014 compilation Martyred Heretics.
In the compilation Martyred Heretics, released in 2014 by the label Mustard Relics we find 18 songs of industrial setting, dark wave, noise and things like this and the fourth track is the work of the Greek group Pornostroika Dadaifi that proposes Indifference based on the works of Antonio Gramsci. Disturbed, sick electronic music, designed for contemporary, geographical and mental apocalyptic scenarios. Otherwise pleasant.

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