Looking at you…

Does the rock and roll experience get any better than this? I’ve probably posted it before, but the rabbit hole that represents my musical meanderings has brought me back, yet again, to the aural fucking explosion that was the MC5. I didn’t really discover them (and the Stooges) until college and I owe eternal thanx to Gage Freeman for that…it was like this missing link, the skull of some proto-human and all of a sudden it made sense.

“Several songs MOLOSSER creates are about water. The song “Dive In” doesn’t specify which body of water but the song immerses you as completely as if you had “Dove In” to a lake. The duo Jahn and Tess compliment each other with a bluesy, diminished guitar piece that’s laid over a “Minstrel Boy”-esque sounding drum. I don’t know how she does it, the voice work is manic, it fits the song perfectly. I swear I heard a 3rd guitar in the middle guitar run. Restrained, yet unbound, further complimenting an already beautifully interwoven guitar break. If the question of “genre” ever comes up, I have heard some call their sound folk. When I think of folk music, I think of starving hobos spieling about how the WPA  gave them all a chicken in every pot, or how they don’t care about Jimmy and how he cracks corn (whatever in hell that means.)As one person who has no bearing on anything, I like to call their sound Ambient Doom. The music has an elegance, a class that draws me to it. it makes you feel like you haven’t felt in a long while. Go ahead, feel elegantly doomed.” – Brian

Everything Lemmy!

“Melancholy. That’s the word stands out. As someone who has spent a majority of his adult life away from loved ones somewhere else, this song has a lot of power. Before the internet made instant gratification possible you’d go months without hearing your loved ones voice. The only time you got to make a call was when something bad happened. You long for it. I once spent $40 American to call home for 5 minutes. Money well spent. This song, “Hear Your Voice” is a beautifully crafted song that recalls that longing, that need for connection. Mark Elliot has a voice that needs to be heard.” – Brian

I love all the parts that makes this a song, except that it’s too dang short..it begs you to spin it over and over again. 19 fucking 66 and punker than anything going on right now, that’s for sure…all the dudes rock in this band, but that drumming really stands out…stoked!

“I like this guy. He sings like Christopher Cross without all the yacht rock pretension. He has an exuberance that I haven’t felt in some time. I’m not sure if this is all him ( sing, drums, guitars, all of it) but as he is singing, he takes flight and you feel compelled to go follow where he is leading. Tony Meade, well met young man, lead on!” – Brian

…when you smile and it tears your face…

Been sitting on this post for way too long, it’s time to shit or get off the pot…that’s a life lesson there…one I rarely acknowledge unfortunately.

…It’s time for the inhuman race.”

1980, we played at Fairfax High School…can you find me, I got the biggest hair on the team? Not sure what I was thinking with that particular hairdo, who I might have been emulating, perhaps even at this age I didn’t give a fuck or more than likely, just clueless. We’ll just call it windswept…hahaha. My buddy Senon is t0 the left, my oldest friend to this day, we started playing together when we were 6 or so. Now he’s an accomplished visual artist/painter and the massive bass player for Dengue Fever.

Got on this underground 60s garage thing here recently and there really is a septic ton of stuff that never made it out onto the bigger scene, but absolutely fucking slays. These guys were from Eugene Oregon of all places, a town I have visited, way back when ex-GW guitar player Ed was living there and I dug the hell out of it. Most of all I remember there being a lot of hippy Mom & Pop little coffee shops and I have always been a coffee fiend, plus it’s a college town and has a neat music scene…apparently even in ’66 this band was banging it there. I love the fuzzy guitar, the epic backing vocals and of course the sax on this one.

I’ve never been to El Paso Texas but these guys were slaying it there in ’66.

My old pal Lil Jimmy’s boy Cody, a grown man now, is doing some heart attack serious producing, I love this stuff (and I, of course, envy his talent). The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, he has some pretty rad parents.

This here is a pal of mine at work doing his thing (yes, in the wilds of NoWhere Kansas there is some talent). Impressed the hell out of me as he was in high school when we had exchange students several years ago and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t have some serious flow.

Reconnected with an old pal from Humboldt, Ellen, who was a part of the same underground scene I was (more of an above ground kinda thing). She has an incense company, so we did a trade and I ended up with a shit ton of incense, most of which I had never seen before (above is my fave so far). Anyway if you like beautiful aromas check out her page… https://www.violetandcompany.com/

…the Mrs on old Doc with Sonny checking them out! Let’s finally end this thing with another garage classic (’66 was a good year)…

I’m not going to eat no Westhaven diaper fed bear…

This one popped in my head recently, probably have posted it before, it’s that good…got to thinking about it and I definitely had slackness when I was a drunkard…sloppy sleazy idiotic drunk. Wikipedia has a nice short little piece on what Shabba refers to as “slackness” about which Yellowman had to say, “I never know why they call it slackness. I talk about sex, but it’s just what happens behind closed doors. What I talk is reality.”

Just prior to my vacation with my Son, this is what was spinning on my turntable in the cloud, via an old pal over at Selfish Few. I’ve got this discography cued up on the tune that in particular, blew me the fuck away…pure ultra violent savagery…Through My Eyes by Health Hazard!

My pal Panos sent me his latest work a while back, but it got lost in the piles of review requests that clog my email. I don’t know Greek so I think a lot of it is lost on me and the mythology of the Minotaur might be helpful, but it doesn’t stop this album from kicking ass in a way that PD can.

My pal Michael sent me his latest collaboration (not sure if it’s just him or if he worked with some other artists) and I couldn’t be more stoked to have the Relics on his radar. This beats the hell out of the pop country or pop whatever people send me to listen to, no stale lifelessness. Instead you get this modern hellish rhythmic noise, extremely foreboding, deviant tribal cannibalism.

What’s there to say…better than the original in every way shape and form…and then there’s this video which is just a magnificent work of visual art combined with music…these guys were fucking geniuses!

This song was on a few mixtapes when it came out in 1989, kinda fitting into my narrative at the time…drinking beer and smoking weed was what I did, certainly more than studying. About this time I lived with Match and the Sangster, and when the phone rang (pre-caller ID days) you were fucked if it was one of our parents, but you were expected to say, “Oh no he’s not here, he’s at the library studying.” I got pretty good at saying that in my 6 years of college, to the point where 12 Gage’s Dad called me Eddie Haskell (a reference to a smoozer character form the old show Leave it to Beaver).

I didn’t go to a whole lot of big shows, I preferred the smaller venues, but I was at this one…lots of fights and folks chasing other folks around. The only time shit was mellow was when Youth Brigade played “Sink With California.” I wasn’t really into the English Dogs, too much like GBH and the Exploited, the UK Subs I did like, but couldn’t figure out the whole gobbing (hawking loogies) on the singer and Youth Brigade was why I was there, being a skate rat at the time, they slayed of course but the first band I think was called ARR (All Rights Reserved) and I just dug their basic hardcore punk sound…

My Son’s dog Babs and I chillin’. A North Carolina Dog with Kansas ties, as she was actually born in the NoWhere land to two dogs that my cousin had (he waited too long to get at least one of them fixed)…one Dad is a Great Dane/Cattle dog mix and Mom was a Pittie/Black Lab. Great fucken dog, cheers to my Son for raising a good natured smart dog.

Feelin’ this groove seems like a good place to leave off..

Kind Matters

This 7″, which I posted several years ago to YT, goes out to Kenny (from Florida just like these guys), who was gracious enough to take Liam and I out on his boat tooling around the Emerald Isle, on the outer banks, off the coast of North Carolina. Kenny if you’re reading this, a ton of thanx out to you bro and great getting to know you a bit! Also, big time thanx goes out to Sister and Brother, Britanni and Joseph, for hosting me in a private beach house for the duration of my stay! And most of all, to my Son Liam for putting up with your old man and showing me a great time…I love you Son!

This is Liam and Kenny with the bridge to Emerald Isle in the back round…

Of course when it says “Do Not Enter” you just have to…

Good place for a summer cabin


In all my travels I have never seen another Bogue town, this one of course in North Carolina. Bogue, Kansas is where I had my first beer as a child in an old bar/pool hall called the Boars Nest or something suitably titled.

The view from the deck of the beach house I stayed in.


My favorite piece of art up at the Fish Hut Grill, where Liam works with Brittani and Joseph…thanx to all the folks that work there who welcomed this old man (special thanx to the owners John and Sara for coming up with such a great idea for a fine establishment).

Joseph, Brittani and Liam at the restaurant.

It is what it is…

Special thanx to Jackson for letting us crash at his place…this tune goes out to you dude…the below one is for all y’all, tell your loved ones that you love them, nothing is forever…

die Martian bastards

Posting this one again after several years, just cuz it found it’s way circuitously spinning on my virtual turntable. So 80s, 1983 to be exact, but so damn good at being an 80s artifact and I doubt very many people have heard of them outside the halls of the Mustard Relics Café.

Mom on the left with my Aunt Donna, who died on her birthday, earlier this month, 4 or 5 years ago, don’t recall which, just know it was after my Mom died of the cancer. Aunt Donna died 6 months later in a wreck.

Mom told me years ago that Louie Louie was her favorite song in 1963…she would have been 15. Very silly looking bunch of guys, but I bet they were off the hook backstage. One hit wonder that has probably been covered more than any song. To be, or not to be, that is the question…a one hit wonder? Forever, no matter where you played or how long, you were expected to play that tune…some kind of mild insanity would have to ensue. Mom of course loved it, like everyone did at the time, because of the supposed lyrics. Genius lyrics, mingled with some slightly mumbled singing = perfect! Totally titillating

A picture of Wendy could be on every post really…a cat named Barry Yanowitz took this one…he had posted it on the fucking Plasmatics FB page…around 81 judging from her haircut.