Dimeuhduzen – Nu Heirs EP

dimeuhduzencover-webMore badassery by way of my Bro Rafa of Prayers, to whom I am eternally grateful to for enlightening me musically.  Hailing from the sweetness of SoCal in San Diego, Dimeuhduzen, are a dark techno outfit (which I lump into the greater industrial puzzle). I don’t know a whole lot about techno, but these guys have definitely educated and amazed me. Here’s what Rafa had to say, “check these guys out they are about to dethrone the dark techno game they are my friends and their music isnt what people usually think of when they think of techno it’s actually dark magic heavy as Fuck Volvin Sd Dimeuhduzen and his brother are taking over this summer.”  As I said, I haven’t ventured a whole lot into the techno realm (I’m a big fan of Die Antwoord, who are techno influenced), but I’m feeling these guys, the music makes me want to dance (don’t ever let me dance) and do crime at the same time.  There’s something sinister, almost evil about these beats.  They would fry a warehouse, turn it to ashes, they’d need more of a dungeon or maybe an abandoned asylum.  This is the shit whacked out demons groove to.  They just released this killer 3 track EP, you can read more about it and get a better review from GottaDanceDirty and you can get it from Police Records, where one of the tracks is a free download…give that a spin…
Dethrone (Original Mix)

If you go to their Soundcloud (and below) you get short samples of the tunes off the EP and also 4-5 other older tunes, to further blow you away.