The Bodysnatchers – Lets Do Rock Steady b/w Ruder Than You

men9Some of my dogs think of cat shit as tasty treats that just happen to be scattered over the land.  When you have some cats with diarrhea coupled with below freezing temperatures, what the dogs get can only be described as “poopcicles”. There are many things that are much more disgusting in this world, but I’d have to say in my secluded life that would be one that can make me dry heave. And then the dogs seem hurt when you don’t let them lick your face. I guess we as people are like that too, prone to having this ugly side, where the stomachs of those around us turn at the thought of sharing affection. I may even go so far as to say that I’m surrounded by people who enjoy poopcicles on a daily basis. The system itself that this human race has created is in itself, a poopcicle store, with a never ending supply, met with a never ending demand.

joan-jett-barbieHeard the other day that they were coming out with a Joan Jett Barbie, along with one for Blondie and Cindy Lauper. I kind of feel like in the case of Joan Jett and Blondie, these two ladies, at least had their beginings in the marginal side of society, but over time, their intensity has been softened as they became mainstream. Maybe not of their own will, but when you become a Barbie doll it signifies something. Things that come from the underground or maybe a better way of looking at it, is something that doesn’t appeal to the masses, eventually is watered down so it can be consumed. Hate to make an alcohol reference even though I’m an expert on the subject, but you don’t take a superior bottle of aged rum and mix it with coke. That shit is meant to be enjoyed straight.

You know working with people that have developmental disabilities can be a serious challenge.  Then you have people that are dual diagnosed (mentally retarded and mentally ill) and it becomes nearly impossible.  When I was studying philosophy and religion, it didn’t take long to realize that it was often necessary for these thinkers to use “big words” because they wanted to be accurate and specific to what they were wanting to describe. Metaphor was also commonly used. Frustrated me a little back then because I felt like most people couldn’t understand these terms and as a result they were missing out on some good ideas and modes of living. People also tend to take metaphors literally with disasterous results. When I wrote papers back then I tried to keep the language simple and the metaphors to a minimum (I did not get “A”s). At work now I really have to keep things simple or it’s just a waste of breath. If you stop to think about it, so much of what we say is just a waste of breath. At work it’s okay because I get paid to sit down and make sure a person understands an idea, mostly through constant repetition. But in my life outside of work, except for here of course, I find myself saving my breath.

I’m just not going to leave it alone until someone says the Scorpions suck or they rule. I mentioned the Scorpions a while back and later it ended up helping me to remember something. At one time I thought this tune, Scorpions – Another Piece Of Meat (live), was not bad. “I said hey let’s go, don’t put on a show…”

2toneHaven’t really done a straight up Ska post yet so here goes.  If you’ve been lucky enough to see me dance, you would know that it looks like a drunken, no rhythm, mess of a skank. I found that you spend a lot of time on the ground when you dance like that when people are moshing or slamming. Most of you should be familiar with this stuff but in case you aren’t see a history of Ska music at my usual source here.  The stuff I’m focusing on is not from the first wave of the early 60’s but I am familiar with that stuff as well.  Check out some of the classic tunes like Desmond Dekker – 007 (Shanty Town) and The Ethiopians – Train To Skaville.  That old Trojan Records stuff has a feeling to it like a Carribean blues thing. Heartfelt and soulful. One later Ska tune, that was not only the inspiration for me learning to play the saxophone, but probably is the most familiar of any Ska tune to the mainstream idiots of the world, is Madness – One Step Beyond (live).  As much as that song inspired me to play on my own, it’s a toss up which is my favorite Ska tune, one of the ones that is featured in this post or The Specials – Ghost Town.  Rico’s trombone on Ghost town is some of the most earily beautiful stuff to ever come out of a horn.  Go figure another band, completely removed from any of this, that I featured several post back went and did their own take on Ghost Town,  Check it, The Prodigy – Ghost Town. Interesting.
the-selector1Still not the featured band here but as you may know, I have a hard time with just posting a couple of songs off of a 7″ and having that be the sum total of music for any particular post.  Another female fronted band for you (The Body Snatchers are actually all female) and I just happened to have one of their singles.  The Selector might be more famous for tunes like Too Much Pressure (live) or Three Minute Hero (live) (perhaps my favorite of their songs because it describes me in bed perfectly, except when I was a drunk, then the party was on). Not my favorite of all the Ska bands, first second, or third wave, but still worth a listen.

Missing Words

Carry Go Bring Home (live)


the-bodysnatchers Ah, finally made it to the band this post is about.  Ha, ha, now that I’ve built you up it may be a let down.  The seven piece, all female, The Bodysnatchers didn’t have a whole lot of vinyl output, just this and another single (some comp tunes too), but they have one song that just blows me away.  I was first exposed to the song by my bro Sang who had “The 2 Tone Story” comp.  I really don’t know why “Ruder Than You” hits me so well, there really are so many good tunes in the genre, but this is the one at the top of my list.  If you want to explore more of the 2 Tone Records stuff, a good place to start would be here. If the whole Ska phenomenon is something you would like to explore, definitely go here or better yet go out and buy the shit.  The Dance Craze documentary is cool for the second wave stuff.  Really my only experience live with any of this kind of stuff is through Dave Wakeling of The (English) Beat.  He was living in San Diego while I was there and I used to see his shows at the clubs all the time.  Pretty rockin on his own but then again when you’re stoned and drunk, who knows.  Anyway, to me the rest of the Bodysnatchers’ songs are just okay, good, but there’s plenty of other stuff that’s better.   Let’s Rock Steady, for me falls into that mediocre category, but do yourself a favor and listen to Ruder Than You.

Lets Do Rock Steady

Ruder Than You

Just because I can, I ripped this version of Lets Do Rocksteady (live) from Youtube.