Don’t linger…

Been a while since I posted a good bullfighting image, this one a quite well done painting of some kind (watercolor?) or perhaps something digital (what the fuck do I know). Been having vegetarian pangings lately and eating less meat (also want to lose weight). My office is in the bustling town of Hill City (actually have another office in the also bustling town of Hoxie) and it’s at a sort of crossroads in small highways. Seems like everyday I see at least one truckload of cattle, once in a while pigs, headed to the feed lots or eventually anyway, the slaughterhouse. Death fucking rollin’ down the road, truck after truck, load after load. Just a God damned commodity. For some reason, whenever I think about death, the next thing I think of is souls, which at that point I figure is at least contemplative and not bleak. I do have a feeling the final outcome is bleak though, but I certainly don’t subscribe to the heaven and hell thing, if anything our existence here is heaven and hell, all wrapped up in a neat package we call life (returns).

Speaking of death, RIP Dolores O’Riordan…she died “suddenly” today of unspecified causes, she was two years younger than I am. The Wife and I thought about going to see them play a few months ago, famous last words, but we didn’t. I don’t know much about her as a person, maybe I wouldn’t want to, but that voice was stellar, a true gift. This here vid is from 93 and was their coming out live appearance in the states…

…a year later on Letterman, with their other “hit”…

Trouble Cuts – 2017 Demo

My old pal and band mate Ed in the center there with the rest of Trouble Cuts. Came across this demo via fucking facebook, and I gotta say it’s the only thing worthwhile at that place going on today or perhaps all week (therefore not a waste of my time). Worthy of Am Rep/Touch and Go, this is some mighty fine Portland post-rock and roll. I’m jaded course, I love everything Ed has been a part of, even stuff he’s embarrassed by, but objectively speaking, with Kiley and Jonno, this three piece is rock fucking solid. Hard to believe this was recorded on a four track, these cuts are ready for the radio of a nice slab of vinyl, all hits, no misses…

Published on Dec 27, 2017
Trouble Cuts 2017 Demo
1. Parasite
2. Firecracker Big Shot
3. Vice Squad
4. Citadel Plan

copyright Trouble Cuts 2017
songs 1, 3, 4 by Ed Cole
song 2 by Kiley Henner

Ed Cole – guitar, singing
Kiley Henner – bass, background singing
Jonno Peltz – the drums

Recorded on a Tascam 4 track in Kiley’s basement 12/21/17

Nala – How When & Where

Got an email from Victor of a band called Nala and he did two things right, right off the bat, when requesting a review from the Relics. First, compliments, I’m a sucker for those (does that make me vain…hmmm),”Hey man! I like your style, and your blog!”…fucken eh, right, huh? And then, I don’t know how much control he (they) have over this, but they hail from the great town of Gothenburg, in the wondrous land of Sweden (I have virtual pals there and near there, if you’ve been following MR recently you might have read about those bands). As a result of these facts, and after listening to the tune he provided, nice female fronted, hard rocking-ness, I was game to give what little exposure MR can provide…I asked him to give me the “lowdown”…
So details of the upcoming EP-release:
1. The EP is called “Woman” and consists of five new tracks.
Track order:
# 1. Sine
# 2. Lost
# 3. How, When & Where
# 4. Through your eyes
# 5. Woman
2. Release date: 10th November.
3. It’s a full-on digital release, on all possible platforms. (Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, iTunes, Amazon, Google play etc.)
Maybe we’ll release it on vinyl during 2018 (when we have more resources).
4. We are the band:
# Vocals & Piano: Liselotte Lindgren
# Guitar: Victor Naranjo Barrios
# Guitar: Paul-Henrik Wallgren
# Bassguitar: Calle Centerlund
# Drums: Fredrik Schütt

I’ve jusat heard that one song, but I’m sold on the band. Not sure what genre they would fit in Sweden, much less the world. Absolutely beautiful vocals, well written, meaningful lyrics in English and the band is rock solid (shit even the artwork for the EP is killer), This is a digital only release (in my old age I’m still trying to come to terms with that idea) but when I asked Victor he indicated that there may be some vinyl in the future (hard copies are a luxury these days). Didn’t know too much about Gothenburg (Wikipedia rules in cases like that) and was surprised by how big it is, almost 500k souls. There must be a thriving underground scene there, and Nala is probably deep in the mix, college radio maybe. If the band is as solid in their convictions as they are in their song “How When & Where” I see success in their future. Got to lookin’ at their band photo and thought I’m old enough to be their Father (but I’m not as old as I feel). Anyway give the tune a listen and support them in their creative endeavors…

Our Website:

Scar Tissue

Saw my old homie Gage, who is the tour manager for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and he got my Wife and I, and our two exchange students into the sold the fuck out show at the Pepsi Center in Denver on Monday. The previous night we went to the Denver Broncos game, which they lost, but the highlight of our trip, for me, was seeing Gage (football crowds do not amuse me, although I do enjoy seeing athletes do their thing). The seats he got us for the show were about 20 feet from the bands, court side seats if it had been a basketball game and right on the glass for hockey. The first guy to play, was the original drummer for the RHCP and he played live drums to some trippy industrial-esque music…pretty cool and nice to see him doing his thing still. Next up was a band called Trombone Shorty, outta New Orleans, jazz rock with horns…also pretty cool. Now, I was not a huge RHCP fan, I knew and dug some of their tunes, but I don’t think I’ve ever listened to a whole album. I’ll tell ya though that these dudes put on a hell of a show. Stage presence, musicianship, crowd involvement, real all around performers. They had this killer light show type thing, hard to describe, that was extremely wild. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and Gage brought us backstage, just as the band was finishing up an encore. We didn’t hang with the band, but we did go back to his office, chilled and talked about old times and old friends. As we were leaving, we got to see about a hundred guys and gals tear down the set, stage and whatnot…left me very proud of my old pal (my first Humboldt friend) who with the help of some very hard working folks, runs the show…the guitar player, Josh, even dedicated a solo piece (a Hank Williams Jr. tune) to him. Oh yeah, and they played a very high energy cover of Iggy Pop’s Search and Destroy (2002), would’ve made Iggy proud. The next morning Gage picked up the tab for the four of us at a very tasty late breakfast. I was so jazzed to be hanging with him, I didn’t finish my banana pancakes (which I never do).  We did some nice catching up on where we are today and more chatting about old friends and where they are at today (some are definitely doing better than others).

Circumstantially speaking this song ended up on my virtual playlist day before yesterday…The Germs – Victim
…which made me think of the weepy voiced killer and then I remembered that I made a mix tape, must be several years ago now, that I called, aptly enough I think, the “Mental Health Mixtape”…

Syd Barret – Vegetable Man
The Ramones – Teenage Lobotomy
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
Fear – Welcome to the Dust Ward
Koko Taylor & Howlin’ Wolf – Insane Asylum
Talking Heads – Psycho Killer
Black Flag – Depression
Disorder – Driller Killer
Amebix – Largactyl
The Cranberries – Zombie
Sonic Youth – Schizophrenia
Roky Erickson and the Explosives – I Think Of Demons
The Kinks – Destroyer
The Ramones – Psycho Therapy
The Velvet Underground – What Goes On
Black Flag – What I see
Jimi Hendrix – Manic Depression
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Motorhead – Damage Case
The Clash – Lost in the Super Market
The Animals – Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
SPK – Slogun

And then I had this almost epiphany, I came to a 1st step kind of realization, that I’m passively insane (and it’s getting worse).  Anyway, then I remembered that I’ve probably always been touched, but I’d rather be a little loopy and wet brained, than a fucking drunk, any day of the week.  My favorite RHCP song played a million times on the jukebox at my favorite strip mall dive bar…reminds me of being that loser drunk that would scam on your lady, bleed on your carpet and puke on your floor.  The other drunks knew I was more of a drunk than they ever were (not a contest, I’ll tell you that much)…pretty cool vid too

the Psyatics…

…not reviewing right now but still getting requests. A lot going on in the Mustard world right now, wishing for a time when I didn’t give a shit, or at least gave less of a shit. Did happen to listen to one request, because until I go deaf I will always listen to music. Anyway, I don’t feel all the tunes these guys are putting out there, but several of them rocked the fucking house! Yet another example of rock and roll as it should be in our so called modern age. Everybody in the band is good at what they do, aural boner, but the vocalist really ties the room together (and this is kind of peculiar but I really dig the sound of the snare of their first album)…