so sublime…

It’s 4/23 and a quiet, lazy Monday night. Thinking about the whole 420 thang. Thoughts? My connection to cannabis goes back to the womb (I don’t have a problem with that).  My main man Jon Quittner wrote one of my favorite songs to perform in Garden Weasel…Stoner Fetus. Smoked my first bowl with Kevin Amos, when we were 10, in the alley behind his house in Burbank, he had stolen the weed from his Dad (sounds like a Killdozer song). Mexican dirt weed right from the start, guaranteed 50% seeds and stems (and maybe a little bit of Paraquot). That would have been around ’79, and it was maybe a few years earlier that my buddy Alexander Wallace IV turned me onto Cheech and Chong. In junior high it was all about smoking the bowl out of aluminum cans with the stoners that would in high school become Burbank Back Street.  Not too much in high school, it was all about more beer. College though, damn, the discovery of the kind and eventually cultivation. Dabbled a bit with a move to San Diego (back to my dirt weed roots), but the Golden Age was over and I found the darkness instead, at the bottom of a bottle.  Now a days it’s all about hemp, and how it could change the world for the better.  Recreational makes sense, but medical and industrial is a no fucking brainer.  It’s time for us to renew our 10,000 year old relationship the plant, and get out of the dark ages of the last century

And reflecting on how we celebrate the earth, as the earth progressively sickens with our existence.  Right now it’s just fever and chills, but she will pull out all the stops to get rid of the contagion.  I thought about it a bit and I don’t do much to save the planet either, just bought myself a new, to me, truck that doesn’t get all that great of gas mileage. I suppose that’s where my support of hemp comes in, so just my small part.  A tall glass of water and wide cup of coffee to all y’all fighting that fight in your own way.

Whelp, no one had an opinion on Savages. It’s alright, give em another try…

Thanx to my comrade in arms Darryl Clark, did record store day in the little apple, Manhattan Kansas. RSD is a joke really when you consider what’s being released and the prices they are asking, but I won’t let that get in the way of the spirit of the event…I have supported record stores for over 40 years and can do the 3 hour drive once a year. Thanx to my buddy Brian for wishing me well on this holiday of sorts. The store I go to is run by 2 sisters, aptly called Sisters of Sound and if you stop in tell them Justin from Northwest Kansas sent you (pic. Alex Bishop). Got most of what I wanted and a couple impulse buys, but bummed that I wasn’t able to get the two MC5 7″s or the repress of the Stooges 1st lp. Oh well, they’ll be on eBay and Discogs soon enough, just gotta wait for the bargain. One thing I did pick up was the Sublime 10″. I was with an amazing all around woman in the late 90s, unfortunately she was married to a friend of mine when we got together (that was no bueno). She was a huge Sublime fan and turned me into them, as I missed their whole scene, which ended of course with the overdose of Bradley Nowell. She was a magnificent human being and of course we ended because for me there was nothing I loved more than the bottle. No regrets, except not being able to honestly apologize (to her and to her husband).
Don’t Push (live)
Ball and Chain (demo)
Slow Ride (album)
Date Rape (official video)

A person might have thought he/she was going to make it through this post without this Mustard character posting another GIF…yeah right. Didn’t make this one, but it cracks me up thinking about how earlier in the movie, Lone Wattie (Chief Dan George had told Josie, “they call us civilized because we’re easy to sneak up on.” How about we finish this up with some wisdom from Granny Hawkins (Madeleine Taylor Holmes)…