Shawn hit me up with this one after I was complaining about work and life in general. Somebody always has it worse, brothers and sisters, nothing preachy about that. Life is actually pretty good, much fucking better than it has been at other points in my life when my only love was the bottle, everything and everyone else was a distant second. Sucks being that guy. Hell comes to your house. Don’t be that guy.  These days it’s all about TCB (Taking Care of Business)…most of the time anyway, when I’m not just chillin’. There’s always shit to do, and I try to chip away at it, but it’s just a never ending battle, that I’m not going to lose my head over.

Talking about losing your head, made this animated GIF from a very important movie, if you you know it don’t tell, just know that you are in the know of true cult cinema. So losing your head, after all I am just a talking head, in true bi-polar fashion, the last post is just purely me asserting my insanity, nothing’s cool.

So let’s start fresh…with another home made animated GIF (yeah I don’t give a flying fuck if you don’t like em, they calm me)…I call it “hand of god“…I crack myself up, cuz I’m a funny guy. Okay enough of that.  Want to thank my homie, Björn for most generously steering me in a new direction, on a collision course with this band. I asked him what was spinning on his turntable and among other things he said, “most intense and high stage presence postpostpunk.”  Fucking nail on the head man, why haven’t I heard of this band. Discogs just sez, “Savages are a London-based post-punk revival rock band, formed in 2011.” I’ve got some investigating to do…

New Tongues – Dark/Light

Trynna catch up on my requests for reviews and really wishing I had listened to this one earlier. Got a fairly generic and unassuming BCC email from them…

We are a band called New Tongues from Columbia MO, and we would like to share some of our music with you. We realize you get a lot of these and we promise to not take up a lot of your time with lame details about our band and we will let our music speak for itself. We like what you do and we hope that you like what we do as well. We have a new record coming out next month that we would like to share with you.
Thanks for taking the time to listen.”

The band is definitely not generic and unassuming though, and in this case I’ll let it slide that I was BCC’d, cuz here it is after 1am and I now have a reason to be up late, a purpose, you know what I’m saying. Don’t even begin to know how to describe them, on their bandcamp they describe themselves as “Drenched in reverb, propulsive rhythms, and a 90’s midwestern aesthetic.” I do think they would be a good candidate for being on the Am Rep label, but I hate to pigeon hole them like that (but perhaps that’s what they mean by “90’s midwestern aesthetic”). They know their way around their fucking instruments, they compose songs that are solidly engaging from start to finish and the lyrics read like pretty damn good poetry…
It was a sensible thing to do
Scorched and salted
those kindly gentle days
those keenly southern ways

Swept up in a great blaze
no moral dilemma
It bears worth repeating
What a glorious blaze

They were dead anyway,
You were dead anyway,
You’ll be dead anyway

The bars are burnt
Them bells aren’t ringing
The stars are blinded
There’ll be no singing

..what the fuck else could you ask for in a band? Seriously, give this a listen, aural treats here folks. This is available now on vinyl, cassette and (the dreaded) digital download…

Pilleemandjoonks – Live at Ferdinands 1995-02-25

Been sitting on this post for eons, but ran across it in the drafts and figured it was about time it saw the light of day. It’s not what you know but who you know and knowing Björn of Pilleemandjoonks (et al) has been a true education for me, not only about music, but virtual friendships. We trade emails every so often, catching up on current events both personal and worldwide. Out of all the souls I’ve become friends with over the internet, he would be one of the tops as far as wanting to meet personally…he is a wonderful guy with a great family and surrounds himself with the best people. He’s been a part of the punk/new wave scene there in Viking country since the dawn of time and has these great insights. Even as time has gone on for all of us he has not put down the guitar and continues to create art. This here, as the title suggests is a live set PDJ did way back in ’95 (can you believe that was 22 years ago?), they still jam today.  Not going to get into describing the band, they are no strangers around here, use the search function and you’ll see these guys are highly recommended.  Glad this finally getting out there for the masses.  The track titles and the descriptions are courtesy of Björn…

Testosterone (about gym-nazis)
I Öster (in the East)
All Along The Watchtower
Husse är en tjock kines (The master is fat china man, about the incidents in Beijing when the state smashed the opposition at Tiananmen Square)
Blondie (about militant veganism, Hitler and his dog)
Garrincha (legendary brasilian soccer player)
Shaved (a punk gospel)
ÖB går till motatattack (Supreme Commander goes to counterattack)
Perra (a motorcycle psycho)
The Last Time
Jag är en djävul (I’m the Devil)
The Kids Are Alright
You Better Move On
Pucko Pappa (Wacko Daddy)
Livin in a Ghetto
White Man
Bo Fuckin Force (about the swedish military industrial complex)

You can download this set HERE or catch it on YT…

Negative Creep…

Flesh House2Flesh HouseIn college, I lived in this house, The Flesh House, it was painted a fleshy color.  For decades, maybe centuries, it had college students in it, right across the street from campus.  Of the guys that I lived with, I’m still in touch with Sang, we had a blast in that house.  I remember, we had this huge earthquake, the house was built over the garage, super shaky.  There was a bathroom, right off the living room.  We were all hung over, and wake and baked, that morning, or was it the afternoon.  Sang was in the bathroom, taking a shit, when the earthquake hit and he was like what the fuck guys, as if we had all found a way to violently shake the entire house.  It was a crazy there, very conducive to parties and playing music.  My old friend Jefe, the guitar player in my band Grout, jammed with a couple of the other guys in the house, downstairs in the garage.  I remember them playing “Negative Creep” by Nirvana, over and over and over again.  I asked Jefe about it the other day and he replied, “sounds familiar. mostly what i remember about this song is playing it at the flesh house, then coming upstairs and you sitting in front of the tv watching m.a.s.h. with the volume all the way up.”

Nirvana – Negative Creep (Live at Reading 1992)