Warn The Duke – Ghost Be Gone

WTDBeen getting a shit ton of requests for reviews lately and it turns out, the site is now listed in something called the Indie Bible, a resource for artists looking to get their shit out there.  Warn The Duke was one of those bands that went that route and ended up here at the Relics.  I try to give everything that comes my way a listen, because the bands put a hell of a lot of time and effort into what they do (sometimes wasted effort), the least I can do, if they find their way here, is to give them 5 minutes of time.  Well I gave these guys my 5 minutes, and I was kind of up in the air.  They are SUPER melodic and I don’t necessarily mind that, but I need a little bit of edginess in my music, and I wasn’t feeling it.  But then the third song “Cordelia” (my Great Grandmother’s name) came on and this one was even mellower than the 1st two, but this was a pretty damn good tune, I better give these guys another chance.  The band is mellow in general and really that’s not such a bad thing, depending on my mood.  They actually have several good features.  As I said, the band is SUPER melodic and if that’s your thing, you’d probably wear them on a chain around your neck.  Also, if you like lots of backing vocals, sing-a-long type stuff, then once again, on a chain around your neck.  One thing that made them stand out to me, maybe something most people don’t consider, is they took the time to include their lyrics and whoever writes their lyrics does a mighty fine job.  Overall, I’m glad I hung in there and gave them a chance.  I’m not keen on all the songs but here’s the hits…


“Chicago Lights”

They’ve got oodles of press, mostly from more mainstream type of places, they don’t really need a Mustard Relics endorsement (wonder if they’ll add this to the list)…

Dying Scene (video premiere) – http://bit.ly/1N1kO4F
Blank TV (video feature) – http://bit.ly/1EQEYf6
The Punk Site (video feature) – http://bit.ly/1hJ7vZB

Punkanormal Activity (album review) – http://bit.ly/1Q4t9lH
Mutiny on The Mic (interview/guest DJ) – http://bit.ly/1PMioEw
Deli Magazine NYC (feature) – http://bit.ly/1JeTlbn
Deli Magazine New England (feature) – http://bit.ly/1MqAoGM
The Ruckus (track feature) – http://bit.ly/1MS5NSC
Gigawatts Magazine (feature) – http://bit.ly/1Jf3dC4
Cool Try Magazine (interview) – http://bit.ly/1Pu5rz4

Best of all, that is, if you dig what they’re about, you can download their album for free…

Their vid…

Digisaurus – Without Me

There is so much shit music out there these days (there always has been), probably more than I can even imagine, especially in popular music, but every once in a while there’s something that stands out to me. After all, just because a tune or a band has a pop sound (I prefer my music with a little edge) or can be appreciated by a wide audience, doesn’t mean it can’t be digable to me. It’s a fine line though and I will be the first to admit I am a music snob. I don’t want to like what everyone else likes, but sometimes I’m forced to. This tune “Without Me” by Digisaurus, a self proclaimed “future pop” band, is just such a case, it demands that I groove to what they’re all about. It’s just plain old good song writing, less is more musicianship and superior vocal prowess. With this being out of my realm and my own limited point of reference, the only band that I can think of that they sound like is the Thermals.  Anyway this tune is just catchy as fuck and deserves to be appreciated by a wide audience (but don’t tell anybody I told you that)…