Unter Den Linden ‎– Vi Har Det Bra 7″

My copy of the new Unter den Linden 7″ from Björn and signed by the band. Hot damn, these guys still fucking got it…and you know this, man! 30 years since their last piece of vinyl came out, you may remember this hit, if you’re a fan of early Swedish Punk/New Wave, Motstånd I Läder. I’ve done a shit ton of related posts on the band, they are no strangers to the Relics and I would consider Björn a close virtual friend…you can find the search HERE. That same song was posted live from last year…

Info about the new 7″ can be found at Discogs and you can get one of these bad boys from me (I have 4) for $12 ppd, the band gets $9 of that. If you’re from outside the US, hit me up (my email is on the top right of this page) and I will get one sent to you.

Over the years I’ve babbled on and on about this band, I will try to refrain from too much of that this time around, What you get on this latest slab is some serious kick ass tunes from some very seasoned vets. Think about it, they’ve been playing music in this band and numerous others, for almost 4 decades, and go figure, the output is very polished and sophisticated, especially compared to those first releases. The tunes vary quite a bit within the framework that is UdL, kinda leaning towards an upbeat sound and of course seeing as how the lyrics are in Swedish, I have no idea what they’re singing about, but Björn called them “raw”. My favorite song on the record, the last one, is “Älskling, Allt Det Här Snacket Om Carpe Diem…Vi Skiter I Det, Tar Det Imorgon Istället” (the fucked up translation I got form google was “Sweetheart, All This Snack About Carpe Diem … We’re Shaking It, Tomorrow It Will Take It”). The name of the record translates much better, “we have it good.”  Overall, there is still a punk and new wave feel to the whole record, but with more of a good old fashioned rock and roll vibe. If you looking for their age old hits Fat Boys or Little Boys (great fucking tunes), you won’t find that here, but these are new hits from a band that hasn’t forgotten where they come from and know where they’re headed. They have a Facebook where you can get in touch with them to pick up a copy of your own and I found two of the songs on Spotify…

Femme Fatality – Stranger EP

strangerartowrkIt wasn’t that long ago that I was singing the praises of Femme Fatality with their video for the tune Stranger, which not so coincidentally is their title track of their new EP. Welly well, I’m a bit behind on my reviews, and I had to put my ass in gear to try to beat a midnight deadline, because this bad boy was released today. As I said in my previous review, I can’t believe these guys aren’t huge, but then again most people are idiots and they wouldn’t know good music unless it was hammered into their fucking brains like a spike. Femme Fatality blow me away, their catalog goes back over ten years and if you go back and listen they have been killin it for exactly that long. These guys have talent spewing out of every orifice, in the form of melancholy rainbows. They are not makers of cheerful music, but they brought me immense joy in listening to their songs. Five songs is just not enough and if you have any sense, once your socks are knocked off listening to those, you’ll go back and listen to their back catalog. The “hit” is obviously “Stranger”, but each and every song stands on it’s own as a testimony to fantastic, over the top song writing…very listenable. You can get this thing digitally at Spotify,
Itunes, Amazon, and CDbaby, but in my opinion the place to go is Bandcamp where you can also pick up a physical CD (limited to 100 copies). I realize that music is bound by taste, but these guys are like chocolate chip cookies and everybody should like those. Go below to Bandcamp and give them a spin…

Here’s the vid again for “Stranger”…

Femme Fatality – “Stranger” vid

FF2Got this impersonal, seemingly management company generated email, a generic press release, I assumed was asking for a review, without specifically asking for one (more of a statement than a request) and therefore, almost wrote this band off without listening to them. The press photo at left intrigued me enough, sorta thought, these guys might have something interesting to say over a cup of coffee. Listened to the tune, a minimal, synth, darkwave kind of thing and was pretty fucking impressed. In that email, “electronic pop” was mentioned, and I’m just enough of a music snob to be instantly annoyed anytime the word “pop” is used (I have to work on that).  But this has an edge to it, where as pop is a butter knife that’s only good for spreading butter, this is sharp and will cut you the fuck up. It’s dark, but not contrived forcing a guy to have to put on eye liner, it feels natural, perfect for promoting thought. And I thought, the lyrics, what I can understand are pretty killer, so I wrote back to see if I could get those wrote up. Bradley kindly wrote back and reading along only makes the song that much better…
the sort of love that makes you ache
can’t see a thing but you know you’re awake
at the ole gin mill where everyone knows
stranger in town and he’s moving in close

i am the pleasure to your pain
i am the one who got away

the sort of nerves that show on your face
nowhere to hide so you pick up the pace
strollin’ the boulevard right in plain sight
stranger in town and he’s staying all night

i am the pleasure to your pain
i am the one who got away
my love is cynical
love so criminal
i am the one who got away

So they’ve got a Soundcloud page, you can get to that below along with some other links, Femmefatality.net, Facebook.com/femmefatalitymusic, and Instagram.com/femmefatalityofficial/. Went ahead and started listening to some of their songs of the past on that Soundcloud page, there an impressive 43 of them, and song after song I was blown away. This newest song is the darkest of the lot, but these other ones are crazy good too. Poppy? Yes, but this electro power pop kind of thing,that is hyper catchy. How the fuck have I not heard of this band who like an iceberg the majority of their mass lies underneath the surface. Simply incredible composers and songwriters make up this band. I was kind of proud of myself for making this discovery, but of course I deserve no credit, it was that seemingly impersonal press release that ended up in my mailbox…