Baba Vanga – Loathing (And Other Feelings)

Don’t know if I mentioned it or not, been in touch with my virtual homeboy Björn, outta Sweden, as his old band Unter den Linden is about to break out with some new music. I’m all over that, and ASAP we will be featuring that when it breaks. Then outta the blue, got an email from Fredrik, Björn’s Nephew.  A fella would serve himself well to go back in time, here at the Relics, to check Fredrik’s band EON (out-fucking-standing demo cassette). Welp, he’s got a new band, goes by the name, Baba Vanga (not positive, but may be named after the blind Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist, Baba Vanga). Anyway, if you like your heavy blues rock jammin’ then these cats are the band for you. Fredrik sent me a sort of bio of the band…
“It all started out in a mental institution 2015 with a music project run by myself and two fellow associates, Jimmy and Kris. The project had some success and enabled people suffering from various kind of hell to record their own songs and and jam with us. It was a positive thing in my opinion. One night we decided to jam. I had some sketches we improvised over and it all resulted in a hypnotic and spiritual vibe reminding of a bluesy ghost/horror, David Lynch surreal soul punched by William S. Burroughs poetry in the face. That was the feeling, it was easy and it felt right as rain. We recorded at Studio Nacksving in Gothenburg by Anders Lagerfors in late april 2017. The Baba Vanga music is about finding the roots of the late 1960´s and twisting´em to a somewhat more personal level and exploring the rough, nasty, dirty, unpleasant and brutal world through a filter of surrealism and noise. And of course have a great jam. We recorded our material the old school way, meaning recording it live with additional tracks.
Next friday 25/8 there will be another tune released by Baba Vanga -band. And in september/oktober all five tunes will be out there.
Jimmy plays the bas and harmonica. Kris plays the drums and Freddie plays the guitar and sings.
Hummin by kris and Jimmy.”
A few days after I got the email from Fredrik, Björn sent me a note to let me know about this band his Nephew was in (word of mouth baby). Björn called the band a “cocktail of stoner rock,psych+ a more modern approach.” They have an extremely big sound, the mix is professional sounding as all get out, but it’s a total fuckin teaser though, one tune is just not enough. Cheers to Fredrik for sending me this bad boy (we’ll get all the tunes represented here as soon as they are presented to me)…

EDIT: I’d like to see a bigger web presence for these guys.  Got 40 hits just on this post from the great nation of Sweden in 12 hours (but not one comment…kom igen grabbar…hahaha).