Erase Yer Head #9 comp. 7″

From the classic Evil Dead, pretty much summing up most of my opinion on human existence (without letting it drag me down too much). The Olympics, Chic-A-Fil, the Kardashians, the elections…you name it.  (happy thoughts happy thought…) If all of our endeavors were put on canvas, it would be a hell of a grotesque painting, like roadkill that’s been run over a few times, pancaking it on a 100+ degree day. (think positive, think positive…) Thank God that there are a few (just a few) who make this place bearable.  Syd Barrett was one of those few (but the world chewed him up and spit him out too)…

Pink Floyd – Lucy Leave

Found the pic of Syd at this damn good of a read/listen site, Now That’s What I Call Bullshit

Quiet around the house with my son going back to North Carolina, I miss him.  Watching him do his thing, made me think of what I was doing at 15, which was having a blast.  I didn’t have an Xbox, cell phone, mp3 player or a computer though.  Not sure if teenagers have it better or easier these days, but it is different.  The pressures are still there, the indoctrination, the temptation…  If anything it might be a little more hectic, like a meteor shower, being bombarded with constant information.  It’s easy to know a little bit about a lot of things, but more difficult to take the time to reflect.  Decisions are made and opinions are formed quickly.  Texting and email have left people communicating without visual and aural stimulation, no body language, no tone of voice…impersonal.  My son though has left me very proud and sort of in awe of how cool he’s turned out.  Hopefully the world won’t be FUBAR-ed by the time he has kids.

Was in a Melt Banana mood so here’s a tidbit.  Got this one a while back, released in 1999, I think I got it a few years later. Melt Banana’s appearance on it was the reason for picking it up.  As always with these comps, if I know I’m gonna dig one band then the rest could suck and it wouldn’t be a total loss.  The Melt Banana track does not disappoint and as it turns out the other three bands have some good shit to offer as well.  Melt Banana serve up their usual weird styling, with hardcore guitar freakiness and one of my favorite front women.   Camp Blackfoot keep it real with another female fronted adventure, kinda reminds me of the vocalist of Dirt, although the sound is definitely not dirt.  More of a hard quirky thing.  Tear of a doll are this really cool industrial/sampling type of group with a hypnotic tribal/east indian drum thing going on…dual male/female vocals.  God Is My Co-Pilot, what do you know, also female fronted, offer up the punkiest track on this thing, you even get two seconds of saxophone.  All in all a very good comp…

Melt Banana-01-Crack Up On Planet Q

Camp Blackfoot-02-It Was Too Bad For Marie Antoinette And Now It’s Gonna Be Too Bad For You

Tear Of A Doll-03-What About Food

God Is My Co-Pilot-04-On Death


Melt Banana

Peopling -S/T CDEP

Got this one in the mail yesterday.  First off, love the cover art on this thing, and to me that’s always a good starting point (I’ve gotten many a record based on the cover alone). Outta Brooklyn, Peopling is the brain child of self-described “noise-rock artist” (I had to create a whole new category), Ronnie Gonzales.  Noise-rock is something I’ve only dabbled in and don’t have a lot of here at Mustard Relics central.  In fact I don’t know what criteria you have to meet to be put in that category other than that it’s electronic.  I know SPK, but are they considered “noise”?  If you want a good review from guys who know what they’re talking about, check out this cornucopia of blog names… Dying for Bad Music, Weed Temple, Ongakubaka, Ampeater Music, The Static Fanatic, Justin Marc Lloyd, Black Insect Laughter, Cactus Mouth.  If you want the opinion of a guy who just loves music in general (and who the fuck wouldn’t)…I am 100% down with this CD.  Right from the first “song” I was hooked.  One reviewer said, ‘“Come Home Eccentric” and “Fiji” are what can be considered closest to actual songs,’ and those two happen to be my favorites (call me old fashioned).  The whole thing has a tribal feel, maybe that’s because it’s repetitive at times.  Ever seen the second Exorcist, the one set in Africa, with Linda Blair all grown up?  This would make a great sound track for that.  Here’s my two favorite tunes…

come home eccentric


You can check out all the tunes at Bandcamp and if you must, (I would rather hold the art, as a package, in my filthy little hands) get it at iTunes.  What I recommend you do though, is drop a line to Ronnie and get the real thing, thepeopling AT gmail DOT com.