The Jam – 4 various singles

12-07-09_1538 The view across the street from the main place I work is the courthouse/county offices/ sheriffs department/jail. Not a real spectacular view or anything but we had gotten our first snow that stuck to the ground and I felt it was of the utmost importance to share that with yall. Actually the next day we got slammed with blizzard like conditions and got about 10 inches of snow. Found out too that my car will not start when it is below zero outside. Really pissed me off. Not the worst thing in the world because at my, sometimes lacking in other areas, job, we get paid leave if we can’t make it in. When your driveway’s almost 200 yards long it presents a whole host of problems when you decide you want to leave. The price you pay when you live in a place that actually has seasons.

A little while back I did a post featuring a split with The Underground Railroad to Candyland.   The first tune off of their Bird Roughs CD keeps popping in my head, so I thought maybe I’d pop it into yours.  Check it,
The Underground Railroad To Candyland – Square Ball.
So unbelievably catchy and there’s something about the vocals that draws me to the band.  I’m not very good at hyping stuff but you get the point. You can get their stuff and a shit ton of other band’s stuff over at Recess Records

jam I don’t remember who got me into The Jam, it must have been in the mid 80’s sometime, but off and on I’ve enjoyed giving them some of my time. I’m not a die hard fan of the band, they fit more into the pretty damn good category for me, as opposed to the fucking out of this world category. I’ve never had a Vespa scooter or gotten into wearing parkas, and to be honest with you I know very little about Mod culture except for the characters I’ve seen on the streets and the movie Quadrophenia. Always thought that scene where the guys are all together, pogoing and chanting “We are the Mods” was interesting. I did know this one guy in college, Dave Atlas, nicknamed “punk bitch” who was kind of a scooter guy, who swore that he was part of a group of guys who would modify their Vespas to be able to go 100 mph. Sketchy going that fast on those little tires I always thought. Dave was an interesting character, was head over heals with this girl, can’t remember her name (Ashley?), who always wore white. Anyway…Now The Who’s early stuff had some sweet moments, especially the tune “My Generation”, but I was just talking to a buddy of mine and he would agree that it was Kieth Moon that made that band. Now as far as The Jam what I really would like to have is their first single from 1977. Check that,
In The City.
May as well check the demo version too,
In The City (demo),
There’s something about these guys that was kinda cool. Not that I would ever choose that path. They dressed clean cut but they were anything but clean cut. I don’t know how to describe it. They did soften up a bit in their sound as time went on but I don’t necessarily dislike that. This one reviewer on Rate My Music, (where I got the scans, I’m still without a scanner), said about their later music, “I guess I’m a sucker for late-era R&B-obsessed Jam. The big fat chorus, complete with female backing vocals, ropes me in here.”(on The Bitterest Pill). Now posting these singles may seem a bit cold and pointless my lovely, as you can get one of those anthology CD box set types of things on the band from someplace like here (I did), but what the hell just call this a taste of some of my favorites among the very few I have.  If for whatever reason you only want to listen to one tune, make it Funeal Pyre.  Such an urgent tune, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



Eaton Rifles


Funeral Pyre


Town Called Malice

Precious (edit)

The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)

Pity Poor Alfie / Fever