Cyrnai – Charred Blossoms 12″

Been feeling really good about my dog Grizzly. I have always loved his spoiled ass, but we seem to be more in tune. About the only time he doesn’t listen is when he’s chasing cats or my mini-donkey Jet Li. Except for being very jealous when I give another animal attention, he knows what I’m thinking and I know what he’s thinking. It’s cliche to wish that I was that way with people. But really, fuck most people. I spend 8 hours a day kissing ass at work, not by choice, it’s a job requirement, and that along with Facebook, really leaves me sour on the human race. So it is with the dogs that I find comfort…

C-CB1Picking up where we left off, the last time we visited the Mind Matter Records label. This one was my most recent score.  Even though I knew about the label very early on, it wasn’t until several years after the development of an internet, that I discovered it. Carolyn Fok, is Cyrnai, Discogs has this to say, “Cyrnai is Los Angeles-born painter, writer and electronic musician Carolyn Fok. She self-produced a number of cassettes and eventually released Charred Blossoms (1985). It took a decade to release the follow-up, the ambitious multimedia project Transfiguation (1996), and then The Listener (2000), which is less ambitious but perhaps more accomplished.” With Charred Blossoms, she spins a trippy, dreamy, industrial web, nothing like the straight up anarcho punk the label is known for…

Cyrnai – Phobic In Ruins
Cyrnai – Waydom
Cyrnai – Noct (Mourning Glare)
Cyrnai – Incision Tree
Cyrnai – Sensitivity/Windmill


The only release of hers that I know of that’s availabl (in sense) is the Transfiguration CD, her last release in 96 can be found at iTunes!

Christ On Parade – A Mind Is A Terrible Thing LP


This here record is absolutely essential listening.  Had it on cassette forever, just recently got the vinyl. Maybe the best release on Mind Matter Records, if it there was something as ridiculous as a competition.   It’s funny I’m at a loss for words lately, which is sad to me, seeing how I want to convey greatness on a record I have loved for so long.  Oh well, here it is in a;; it’s glory…

Teach Your Children Well
Joshua Brown
Pressure To Succeed
T.V. Media Mass Murder Celebrity
Nothing To Live For
Rock ‘N’ Roll Armageddon
Twenty Years
Everyone’s Crazy
Riding The Flatlands
Kill Your Landlord
Stupid Questions (Not To Ask)
Self Serving/Doctors
Dead Meat
Old Mac Donalds Farm

Danbert Nobacon – Bigger Than Jesus 7″

MMRDecided to create a new category for the Mind Matter Records label releases, recently got my hands the 9th out of the 10 releases (can not, for the life of me, find Thought 5, the Totem Falls tape…didn’t even know it existed until not too long ago found, finding mention of it on Kill From The Heart). Had about half of them for about 30 years, when they were first released, the rest were acquiring over the last several years. First discovered the label through an anarchist collective in LA that I marginally belonged to in about 1985…but that story has been told before.  So, anyway, this one here was one of the more recent scores…
DB-2The front cover is quite abrupt, to put it one way, it actually comes covered in a brown grocery sack sleeve. This Danbert Nobacon guy is, “The follically challenged one from Chumbawamba, known for dressing up and shouting a lot. He’s famed for drenching the British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott at the 1998 Brit Awards by tipping an ice bucket over him.” Super catchy political/social singer songwriter type of stuff, like you would get out of one of those anarcho Brit type guys. Played the shit out of it since getting it. The chorus on “Flesh and Blood an Feelings” is guaranteed to get stuck in your head and really, conceptually and lyrically this thing, hits the nail on the fucking head. Anyway, this is Thought 8 on the Mind Matter Records label from 1987…

Because I’m A He
Flesh And Blood And Feelings

Margaret thatcher lives in ronald reagan’s underpants
She’s been there for eight years cooking up her plan
To make the uk like big brother usa
Where selfmade men run everything and this is what they say
“once upon a time, we had an idea
Mr big thought it was a damn good idea
Together we made the idea strong
And before too long they could do no wrong
As the idea grew, the number of poeple who dug our idea grew too
We had a graphic designed who know just what to do
He made it plain and simple, red, white, and blue”
Red is the blood of the butchered indians
White is anglo-american apartheid
Blue is the “gee, I’ll die for my country” mentality
That made it all possible
Our history, made from other people’s misery
Our history, built on other people’s poverty
A present, the world into which we were born
I say, I say, I say, what’s the biggest thing in the world today?
It’s the myth that men are big, that includes us lads
The myth that we’ve got a rocket down our pants
When I was ten years old I was bought and sold
On films, tv, books, and comics pushing myths about mr. big
Rock it!
“to be someone in this world you gotta have a big, big penis. not much else matters, just as long as you got a wapping great wanger. the bigger it is, the bigger you are, and you gotta use it!”
Mr big’s the bigger it is the more power it packs
Mr. big’s shiny prick nuclear dick
How do we measure up to it?
At the age of twelve I thought to myself,
“it’s gonna grow”
For the next seven years I kept a check of things down below
It didn’t grow
Now look at me on the front of this record
Admittedly it’s not erect
But even allowing for exaggeration there’s no comparison with
This microphone, sylvester stallone
Electric guitars, sports cars
Errol flynn, jimmy hill’s chin
Stars and stripes and rubber pipes
F-111 bombers and the contras
Post office tower penis power
Muscles and sweat cigarettes
Ronald reagan’s smile cruise missiles
Fourteen, fifteen, going on sixteen
No growth down below if you know what I mean
I kept it very quiet, I felt a lot embarrassed
I didn’t like going in public toilets
At school I skipped showers
The state separatism of an all-boys school
I couldn’t relate to girls, there were different rules
I just wanted to kiss girls, put my hand up their dress
They did right not to like it, ’cause women are not fuckin’ objects
Like with anything else which we keep to ourselves
We end up taking it out on somebody else
It becomes a big thing without being big at all
I felt very inadequate, confused, and small
We hide our feelings, our flesh and our blood
Start putting out mr. tough
To be larger than life, more than just flesh and blood
Like the dickheads at shool, at gigs and in pubs
We pretend it doesn’t hurt as we beat each other up
In our confusion we want to be more than flesh and blood
Like the good guys on tv, we pretend to have no feelings
It’s easier to avoid the emotional scenes
So when it comes to our lives we do not see who we’re hurting
Like the good guys on tv we don’t know our own feelings
All I needed was demystification
And it’s as simple as this
We’re flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
I say, I say, I say, what’s the biggest idea in the world today?
Us losing sight of feeling reality, instead, putting our faith in democracy
Churchill died in 1965, but God and country survived
As a lad I was full of it, it took me twenty years to see through it
The state freedom which keeps us in our place
Which keeps us blind to how governments operate
And gives us war to cover our insignificance
And gives thatcher what she wanted
A vote of thanks, victory for britain, oppression with a smile
Everybody’s happy, the union jack’s on the jack again over port stanley
Young growing lads are watching every move
To see how they measure up
Growing up confused, like I did
’cause their minds are being messed up
The pretending becomes the reality as we turn out the lights
Turn on the power and fuck the consequences
The reality of rape and violence
From the bedrooms to the backstreets
And the mass-manufactured murder
From the boardrooms to the battlefields
The reality of their freedom
Behind the smiles, the lies, the celebrations
The price of trying to forget ourselves
Trying to hide but still being racked with pain
Such is the life they would have us lead
To kill or be killed for their idea
Where’s the freedom, I ask, in being told what to do?
And living in constant fear?
If we’re ever gonna change this thing
We’ve got to try and find a way from within
Within our heads, amidst our own confusion there must be something
Something real, a feeling which is not for sale
Which they can’t drown
A love for each other, and a will to resist the people who will try to keep us down
Like northern ireland, nicaragua, grenada, libya
The free world penis power intervention is so similar
Where flesh and blood and feeling people
Fighting for their lives, trying to resist
Are tortured and killed by democracies and labelled terrorists
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing less
Peoplekind just trying to find some sense in all of this mess
Something real, a feeling which will never be for sale
A love for each other, a will to resist those who will build our prison walls
Flesh and blood and feelings, nothing more and nothing

A State Of Mind – What’s The Difference Animal/Humyn Exploitation

asom1asom2On Mind Matter Records, the same label as Christ On Parade’s first 7″.  There is absolutely no web presence that I could find on these guys except collector site type shit.  There was a link to a site when I originally wrote this post that had this to say, “A State of Mind is a group of individuals working together in various forms of communication; music, literature and art. We believe in anarchism. True freedom, not one we are told to supposedly have by the state. A freedom from exploitation and oppression, the lifeline of the system. A lifeline where we control our fate, our life and minds.”  “The music on this record ranges from folk-like excursions to pretty straightforward punk (a la Crass all the way), also included are experimental explorations and stranger compositional methods. The packaging of this record and other releases by this group are always superb, including graphic inserts, etc.. MP”. EDIT: Sorry, links to tunes deleted for fear of the copyright police…they were damn good too.  Go give your money to itunes or something…

Liberté? / A State Of Mind ‎– Don’t Vote… Subvert! 7″ flexi

punk This picture is not from this release and they would probably object to it (sorry), but when I did a search for “punk clip art” this was one of the images that came up.  It made me smile for a number of reasons, can you think of any?  Anyway I can’t remember if I got this flexi from Rene of the Iconoclast or Ron of Naturecore but it was a freebie.  Apparently Eva-Tone screwed these guys and censored this piece of plastic.

On a side note I called Eva-Tone not too long ago to see about doing a flexi and they said no one does them anymore.  They have the equipment but they can’t get the materials.  Is that true?  Wouldn’t it be cool to start putting out flexis again.  I know nobody would buy them but the record nerds would collect em.

asom1EDIT: Decided to revisit this post, if for nothing else but to get the music as all my music files were deleted off my hard drive.  This post has some of the best comments, by some of the best minds that I also consider friends, but like so many of my earlier posts it is painfully bland.  So on top of cleaning out the dead links it contained I’m adding (someone else’s) scans.  When the makers of this flexi did this thing they thought the images were important enough to include rather than just the naked flexi, so here they are.  On a side note, I am now one release short of having all the Mind Matter releases, 9 of them.


asom2This is one of those censored copies, but it’s pretty cool anyway.  It was put out by Mind Matter Records, a label that I will be posting more of in the future.  These guys were from San Francisco and were about as DIY as you could.  From records to tofu ice cream they did it all.  I’m bummed I never got the chance to meet them.  This stuff is your standard peace punk sound but each song is different from the next.  Kind of a later American Crass thing going on.  The 7” I have by A State Of Mind is better so I will be posting that in the not too distant future.  This was kind of a protest against voting and is still relevant today (as it always will be).  The censored parts come in the form of beeping out the word “fuck” and on Don’t Vote Part 2 there was supposed to be a speech along with it that said,

asom3“This year millions of people will once again go to the polls in the hopes of winning the right man for the title of president.  Every election year is the same, the promises of peace, a better economy, and of course the continuation of our freedom by participating in the electoral process.  We’re led to believe that voting is our chance to have our say, that it’s our freedom in action.  But as the elections close and the puppet won, the world continues it’s path to utter destruction, peace is not obtained, the economy is falsified, and our freedom is totally denied.  Peace and freedom can not be won by the power of one individual who chooses to use that power to oppress us all.  This election year please don’t vote…Subvert!”

asom4This has always been true and actually I would have taken it further and talked about what big business has to do with the whole process.  Maybe even throw something in about not trusting the masses in their greed and ignorance to make decisions for me.  man I could go on and on…

Don’t Vote

Simply Stated

The Candidates Rap

So Fuck Voting

Don’t Vote part 2