The Chewers – Live at Exit​/​In

Our friends The Chewers are back with a chance for us to vicariously sit in on one of their deranged live sets. As they put it, “Nashville’s most off-kilter weirdo-avant-whatever rock duo.” This live set proves that they’re not just a studio band, true showmen. I’ve already said quite a bit about these nutty fellas, just know that, if you like your Rock and Roll heavy on strange originality and crisp musicianship, this will be the penis pump that skyrockets you to pornstardom…I fucking love these guys (looked for live video on YT of this set or something recent as they now have “dancers”, but no luck)…

EDIT:  Just got an email from Travis of The Chewers and the vids are now fucking up from this show…Behold!  The Chewers Live @ Exit/In playlist

Snakefinger – Live In Melbourne 1981 LP

SR-1My pal Vincent from the almighty Zebras dropped me a line the other day and in doing so dropped a shit ton of some of the finest Jazz Punk to have ever been scrawled into wax. “Hey man, I started releasing music by other bands on Secret Records. The first release is a 1981 live show from Snakefinger. He was in The Residents and this show really shows his lesser known punk side. Liner notes by Jello Biafra, Peggy Honeydew (early collaborator w/ the Residents) and Brian Poole (Renaldo & The Loaf) and cover art drawn by Molly Harvey (residents vocalist in the 90’s and 2000’s). It was released as a very limited three sided / 4th side screenprinted double LP in a gatefold jacket. I’m planning on doing more stuff like this.” In my mind, if Vincent is involved, the outcome is going to be epic, and sure as hell, this is one of the most mind blowing live recordings I’ve ever heard. It’s starts out with a little bit of crowd noise, followed by an MC introduction of the band, a ten second drum intro and then it’s on like a flame to gasoline…WOOSH! The first thing I noticed was the bass, not just in the mix, but right fucking there, you’d swear the bass player was ten feet tall. And the band itself is as tight as if this was a studio recording with take after take to get it just right, but no, these guys are cranking it out live, like a second skin. I’m ashamed to say it, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the Residents, but this is most definitely a shove in that direction, if they’re half as good as Snakefinger then they fucking shred. On the Bandcamp page you get a sampling of two songs off the LP, but if you’re a big eater like me, you know that sometimes a little snack can get your stomach angry, “damn this shit is good, I must have more!” The first free sample you get (the 2nd on the album), reminds me of the finest Am Rep/Touch and Go stuff, like Jesus Lizard or Killdozer, but this predates those guys. Uber jazzy, super hard hitting, subtly intricate,  with vocals that have that somewhat snotty punk vibe. Most of the songs fit that description. The second free one (the 6th on the album), would make Dick Dale or Link Wray proud, sort of a surfy instrumental number, perfect for the next Tarantino flick.  I gotta say, this album does not fuck around…

Creedle – Live The Casbah in San Diego, Ca. on January 23, 2009. 20th anniversary of The Casbah show

vlcsnap-2015-09-27-12h05m22s926My favorite local San Diego band doing what they do best…killin’ it! Saw these guys about a dozen times and was always in awe, the Kings of Jazz Punk. I was long gone when this show happened, but I heard about it and a generous, thoughtful, fortuitous soul has provided the vid for it. You can find him/her at Mvideojukebox and that’s where you should give thanx and praise (this is just part 1 of 7)…

Bullets or Balloons – Naturalistically CD EP

front coverIf you’re one of the five guys who visits MR, the name may sound familiar, earlier this year Bullets or Balloons was featured with their Lifestyle Toxins record.  Upon listening to these new tunes, I was greeted with their, also familiar, brand of rippin’ Jazz Punk. Another one of those bands that makes me envious, not having the gift of instrumentality or really any sense of melody/rhythm of my own, these guys could be teaching people how to play. Also another one of those bands that musicians can appreciate in a way that the laity could never fathom, about all I know is that they really seem to fucking know what they’re doing. Makes for a really interesting listen, highly evolved crawling out of the original ocean of punk and dwelling happily on land. None of the songs sound alike, except that they all have that progressive vibe. Lyrically, they’re pretty happening, thoughtful, sophisticated, like the music. Overall, they make me think of NoMeansNo or Jesus Lizard, or perhaps even my very favorite Jazz Punk band, Creedle. I only post/review shit I dig in some way, shape or form, and I highly recommend you get with these cats. Reading over my first review of these guys, I see that I have basically regurgitated what I said before. I guess what that says is that, if you could get into what they were about before, then this will definitely not disappoint, in fact, they may have even gotten a little better. This thing will be hitting the streets right around September 25th, so go check them out at their Bandcamp, their Facebook, their label’s Facebook or their Youtube and I’m sure you can find a way to hook yourself up with a copy. In the meantime, a taste, my favorite tune…
“Trunpetcore Revisited”

These thoughts rattle through my head what was coming what was going
But now will it all stop never ending never ending just about ready to pop
I’m really not in control not that I ever was
But when I believed it it was of some comfort
My root has been uprooted now trying to put them down
In soil poisoned from a far off eastern town

The Chewers – Dead Dads

The Chewers promoI’ve been debating giving up the review thing, in favor of my random rambling, as these reviews have become a burden with all the requests I’ve been getting. But…the Chewers demand my (our) attention. Round two from these guys, we’ve been accosted by the Chewers before with their Chuckle Change and Also, where we found them diddling our diabolically demented insides. They are self-described as “The Chewers are Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, two freaks who crawled from the woods of West Virginia to taint the water of the Nashville underground. Once there they began to hammer out an idiosyncratic brand of avant-garde rock’n’roll, and infused it with a wry and deadpan sense of humor.”  Freaks is right, these guys are a couple of real weirdos. You can’t fake this shit, it would be a real blast to have a cup of coffee with these guys and just take a trip into their minds. There is nothing quite like the Chewers but the first semi equivalent that came to mind was his royal highness, Frank Zappa, minus the noodling solos and jazz fusion-ness. This is more straightforward in a crooked kind of way. The music is simple but then again it’s whacked out and lyrically it’s like Shel Silverstein on acid. You remember that scene in Star Trek where Khan sticks a gruesome looking bug in McCoy’s ear, that’s what the Chewers are up to, sinister mind control. If you don’t believe me, here’s what the big time reviewers are saying, “Nightmarish, witty, compelling and deeply, deeply unusual.” -Neill Dougan (Thumped), “Their Americana is absurd and brutal — part Faulkner and part ‘Gummo’…” -Dann Chinn (Misfit City), “…mind-melting, idiosyncratic Beefheartian punk from the outer limits.” -The Devil Has the Best Tuna, “Outstanding — funny, weird and rocking” -Johnny Dowd.  The Chewers are really good at what they do, they’ve done it twice to me now, but what they do is up to you to decide. Here’s one of my favorites…
“Dig the Pit”

You can check them out at their website, aptly called, The Chewers and they have a Bandcamp, where, eventually, you’ll be able to pick this up on CD.