Fucking HatFirst legitimate comment from some lucky fucker gets a MR hat (only got 5 made and the other four are spoke for)…my only stipulation is that you send a pic to the blog once you get it. If’n there’s any interest I may get a few more made, but for now somebody throw me a comment that wouldn’t mind representing the Relics…

Still gassing on remembering the mashablan thing from the last post, so much so that I felt like Wendy and the gang doing it proper…

My pal Björn steered off onto a Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds direction, that first album is a killer man, I like it better than the Birthday Party, which I wasn’t that into back in the early 80s when I first heard ’em. If y’all are Nick Cave fans, Björn also suggested The Red Hand Files


img_0387Well the concert was cancelled due to illness, and I didn’t get to see my old pal Gage, so we went shopping (I slept in the car) and then to the Downtown Aquarium. The idea of caging animals bugs me, but on the bright side of that, there was a ton of kids, learning to appreciate nature (in it’s captive state). One teacher/guide type person, had some of the kids really pumped up looking for a cow fish. We had a late lunch there too, had the Greek salad and a bowl of the yummiest New England clam chowder. The drive home always kills, but I was in a hurry to get home as it was the first time I left my dog Mr. Pickles home alone over night. He was fine and as usual my obsessive worrying was for naught. Been feeling ill at ease lately so the break was a good one, but now that I’m home, I’m feeling it again. Funny how I listen to music that matches my mood, just figure I may as well go along for the ride…

“I’ve got a condition
I get confused sometimes
I’ve been having so much fun I forgot to take my medicine
It’s my own fault, and nobody else’s, that I got confused
When you got a condition, it’s bad to forget your medicine

What if I’ve imagined all of this?
What if I’ve finally turn into what they’ve always said
I was gonna to turn into?
A maniac”

EDIT: Sloppy me ended the post on the above song so you never got the song that was the title of this post…oh joy…are you stoned or stupid…either way, glad I caught it…

Electronica for Veronica mixtape +

electronica-for-veronica-mixtapeHaven’t posted a mixtape in quite some time, but still been, feverishly at times, making them. I listen to a hell of a lot of music, sometimes so much so that I don’t feel like writing about it…just feeling it you know. I’m probably 5 or 6 deep in reviews that I need to do, bands worthy of attention.  So much listening and so little time.  Life is still a dream right now in between periods of listening to music.  This is my favorite time to listen to music, while posting.  Got a decent set of headphones, so as to not disturb the other living carcasses in the home with what most of the time they deem racket.  This here mixtape (there is no “Veronica” I just liked the way it sounded), is the result of a mountain chain of OCD style searching and listening.  In my not so humble opinion, there is not a dud on this whole thing.  Two aspects of music that I use as a criteria are it’s ability to captivate and the amount of “edge” (use your imagination) it has, if it does not captivate me or show some edge, then I don’t want to waste my time on it.  Some things have grown on me and others I have brushed of over time, but I can usually tell pretty quickly if I’m going to like a song or composition.  There is a lot of variety to be had in a mixtape calling out electronica, a vague lazy term.  HERE it is though, and proud I am to have put it together, all props to these superior artists who I am honored to have had the pleasure of devouring (if you dig a band or two on here, go hunt down more of their shit and buy it, I sure as hell fucking did)…

“He broke from them, and he broke from himself, I’ve never seen a man so broken up, ripped apart”

What the hell, another similarly themed mixtape. Same criteria, same dreamily diabolical enjoyment…this one’s called the Mustard Relics Industrial-esque mixtape