The Pack A.D. – Haunt You

Looking back over what I’ve written, a lot of babble, just kinda felt like writing it down, had to be done. So, just scroll to the bottom for the topic at hand…the music!
I’m not “that guy” but I so want to be.  Just stole this off Cheech Marin’s page on fucking facebook, it had the caption, “that one homie who’s down to roll anywhere…” but I cut that off because pictures don’t need captions if it’s a good picture.  This is an even better picture because it represents a symbolic gesture.  Maybe I’m reading too much into it, because I would be very surprised if this wasn’t photoshopped…dudes hands look very funny to me.  I guess that’s the wave of the future and photo manipulation could be construed as an art form. Regardless, like I said, a symbolic gesture.

My life is separated into several chapters mostly based on where I was living at the time. LA, Burbank, Humboldt, San Diego and now, NoWhere Kansas.  The above photo is a recent street view of the last place I lived in LA, 213 Reno Street in what they called the Rampart District.  Neat little bungalow apartments.  There were Ecuadorians (had a crush on one of the daughters, Dad was kinda creepy), Filipinos (had a crush on one their daughters too, so I punched her in the arm to let her know how much I liked her and almost got my ass kicked by her Satanas older brother), Mexicans (scary lookin Dad who worked his ass off, Oscar was my bud), Nicaraguans (my buddies, Tony [Led Zeppelin rules!] and Miguel [Van Halen Rules!] who lived downstairs, in 79 thought I was “punk rock” because they could hear me playing the one B52s 7″ I had), Black (Jehovah’s Witnesses, always scared because of creepy wife beater stalker ex-husband), Peruvians (the landlord who hated cats, but saved me from a serious ass beating, by some local vatos…another story), and my Mom and I, whatever the fuck we are or were to our neighbors.  Great place to grow up, and even though it was a shitty neighborhood at the time (I don’t know what it’s like 40 years later), we didn’t hardly notice how bad it was.  We were scared of the gangs a little bit, but there were several that were fighting in that part of town, Temple Street, Diamond Street, 18 Street, Satanas, Korean Killers, and eventually MS13 when the Salvadorians started moving in.  This was all before the crack epidemic of the 80’s though, and I don’t think I had ever heard of a drive by shooting.  Once in a while a shooting, but mostly stabbings and beatings.  Still, lots of fun growing up there.  Public schools were pretty shitty though, I would have went to Virgil Junior High and then probably Belmont High School, so we moved to the valley…Hello Burbank!

Just saw The Collection (sequel to The Collector) for the umpteenth time and ran across this song that tickled my fancy more than it had before.  These two movies have fantastic scores and soundtracks, may have featured a tune or two before.  This time around, it’s The Pack A.D. doing “Haunt You”. Their Wikipedia page calls them “a Canadian garage rock duo from Vancouver, British Columbia. Known for their explosive live performances and the ability to generate a massive sound with only two members.” Any song that has hmmm-ing and aaah-ing in it has to be good. I imagine this was very popular on college radio at the time, sort of mainstream underground. The video is spectacular…

Here you are at the start, everything is so great
A new house, a new life, so absurdly safe
Got some kids, stupid kids, a wife at the gate
But something lurks, unseen, maybe something you ate

I died
I died
I died
I’ll haunt you

Just like a bad plot, I won’t tell you why
Under floor or in a wall is where my secret lies
I’ll come for your family first, so set them free
In some way, you alone, have clearly offended me

I died
I died
I died
I’ll haunt you

See I can’t leave this house, for me it’s far too late
If we’re going to live as one, let’s get this straight
I can trip you up just by, moving things around
And make you ethereal just like the hell I found

…and live they show their chops too…

The Cramps – Urgh! A Music War

Lux and IvyMustard hasn’t been doing much except surviving the winter at this point, in case anyone was wondering. To quote some guys who liked to show their nuts off in camel toe tight jeans, “good times, bad times, no one seems to care.” Working on three reviews of three very different yet raging bands that are in the here and now, so I guess expect those over the course of the next several days. My old friend Karin (Ophelia Necro is her DJ name on KDVS) on Facebook posted a link to the second best Cramps footage you’ll ever see, the first being their live set at Napa State Mental Hospital. Been meaning to rip the Ohio Demos box set, but I haven’t been ripping much lately. In the meantime, on this, the eve of Chinese New Year and coincidentally the Black Moon, in memory of Lux and the beast that was the Cramps…

Someone has uploade the whole flick to!2qwxBtNC/urgh-a-music-war-1981-mkv” target=”_blank”>Ulozto…just in case

Sharkmuffin – 1097 7″

Sharkmuffinpress14b43afIf you like three piece, all lady, garaged out bands, Sharkmuffin is for you…a beast of a band. Here’s their blurb, “Sharkmuffin have spent a busy year and a half since their formation tackling SXSW, releasing a self-titled 7”, their first EP She-Gods of Champagne Valley in April, and dropped their latest EP, 1097, on the heels of seven CMJ shows, proving that this all-female garage noise-pop trio can’t be stopped. Sharkmuffin serves up their second single “QuarterMachine,” offering a taste of their pedal-to-the-metal style that Paste Magazine pegged as, “badass riot grrrl,” showing they’re not, “afraid to get dirty with noisy riffs and gritty vocals.” (Leading Us Absurd)” These ladies have a huge sound, maybe it’s in the heavy production, but I think it’s more about passion and energy. I’m an EP kind of guy, my attention span says it must be that way, but this 7″ goes by way too fast. The vocalists blows me away with this Stevie Nicks in combat boots thing going on, really a compelling voice with the perfect blend of sweetness and savagery. Musically, overall, it’s definitely a modern garage thing, two tunes worth big wave fuzzed out surf, one of balls to the wall heavy hitting post-post-punk, and finally this Pixies meets Sonic Youth mid tempo slammer. The ladies look mild mannered enough, but judging by the delightful racket make, there is a devilish side in each one of them. They’ve been mentioned in much bigger monsters than our humble Mustard Relics, SPIN, The Village Voice, and Paste Magazine…so don’t take my word for it. They are well represented with all the usual sites that you can access from website aptly named, Sharkmuffin and of course pick this bad boy up there as well. Their Soundcloud is where you can listen to this 7″ and their other releases, but I think this 7″ is their best so far. Here’s my favorite tune, even though they all rock…

Give the rest of the tunes a listen below…

…not on the 7″ but still a beautiful day at the beach…

The Pale Faces – Another Such Strange Bird digital album

tPFThe Goodtime Collective (“a society of musicians, film makers and visual artists based in Leicester, UK, dedicated to the creation of independent art with serious soul!”) is up to no good here at the Relics in the form of a very interesting band called The Pale Faces. If you like a band heavy on the unique originality, then this is the band for you, they’re this tripped out modern garage thing.  Upon first spin my reply was, “Wow Garry, that is some GOOD shit, like a fine meal filled with tastes, aromas and textures.  Don’t know as if I’ve heard anything like the Pale Faces, but I was thoroughly delighted (or whatever it is a person does to something that takes you on an odd trip).” I asked him to give me his take on the band, “The Pale Faces are a Hardcore, Garage Pop band on acid who take our inspiration from Sixties girl groups and Psychedelia, Bjork and Animal Collective, Arthur Brown and Radiohead, all in equal measure. Formed at the tail end of 2012, we have released two albums and a split EP with Subtitles already, and are currently mixing our third full album – due for release early next year. The band are a 3 piece, consisting of:Janice Raw: Vox, Kaoss Pad, Monotron, Drums; Dannielle Jeffery: Keys, Vox; Garry Greenaway: Bass, Drums, Vox.”
Cookie JarI just love it when a band leaves me in a haze, dazed, just outside my box, my comfort zone crumbled.  Ultra talented, taking a host of sounds and experiences, two steps forward, one step back and you get this raw, fuzzed out delicious din.  These guys leave me with goosebumps, they’re that cool, a modern psychedelic trio and I’m left wondering how they manage to get this sound.  Obviously there is a nice mix of live standard instruments and synth like electronics, but they are so seamless.  The songs aren’t complex in structure but they have a very sophisticated sound.  I don’t even know what a Kaoss Pad or Monotron are, or what they sound like, but I sure like what this singer is up to, she reminds of Patty Smith a little, able to be a songbird or a militant equally.  The band itself are a trip, not like “far out man”, trying to regurgitate the past, this is more of a new and fresh trip, lots of influences from at least 3 decades that I recognize, that make a brand new sound.  Rare for a full length record, there is not one dud in all these songs, you never feel the need to hit that arrow button to skip to the next song.  Here’s a couple of my favorites…

“A Girl From The Past”

‘A Thing Called Man”

If there’s one downside to these songs, it’s that they haven’t been given a proper release on a hard copy, but these are the days we live in. Is it even worth it anymore for a band to release vinyl or a CD, although I hope bands like The Pale Faces have something like CDr’s at their shows, so a guy can go home and listen to more after the show or just later on. Different times, but these 11 songs songs are very downloadable and therefore take-home-able at the Goodtime Collecvtive Bandcamp page. If my bullshit babble didn’t make any sense up there, don’t let that stop you (it’s hard as hell to match words with this kind of talent and originality), let it be said that The Pale Faces are well worth your time, lend them an ear.  And if you aren’t convinced, how’s about some vids (good lookin band, if that makes any difference)…

The Pale Faces – ‘No More Kisses’ from Two Headed Snake Productions on Vimeo.

The Pale Faces – ‘Ocean Wide’ from Two Headed Snake Productions on Vimeo.