Fork Lift Driver Klaus: First Day On The Job

Was looking up lists of the goriest movies ever made, in that kind of mood, you know, and ran across this short flick…10 bloody entertaining minutes…

In case the link disappears, here’s my own link, Fork Lift Driver Klause

“Mr. Happy” (short film) – starring Chance the Rapper (Chancelor Bennett )

Chance - Mr. HappyOne thing my Son Liam and I share in musical taste is a love for Chance the Rapper (Liam’s turning me onto cool shit all the time, check out Devin The Dude – Doobie Ashtray and SZA – Sobriety. It looks like Mr. Bennett is spreading his wings even further, soaring like the greatest of raptors and has tried his hand at acting. He’s not going to win an academy award or anything but I dig his role and this short film is pretty killer.  You can relate to the character Chance plays in several different ways, down to earth and real…

Just in case that youtube link disappears, as they often do, here’s the FILE for the flick.

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No by James Blagden

It’s no secret around here that I grew up in LA, born at USC Medical Center.  Being raised by just my Mom, who worked like a dog, I spent a fair amount of time at the babysitter, until I was 10, when I could stay at home alone.  My babysitter, Romelia, was this very Catholic Cuban lady with a heart of gold.  Her husband, Reynaldo, also Cuban, but not so religious, was a die hard baseball fan.  When I was in little league he would take me out to practice with some of the older guys he was coaching on the side.  I was a pretty promising pitcher as a kid, I could throw pretty hard for my age and already had a wicked screwball.  When we’d do batting practice, I can remember being so mad at him for throwing the ball at me on purpose, he would say “pone attencion”.  On top of that he took to me to several baseball games over the years at Dodger Stadium (and a few time over at Angel Stadium over in Anaheim).  We would buy the cheap seats, then we would just find empty seats where ever he wanted to sit, usually on the third base side, first row, just past the dugout.  Sometimes people would come to claim their seats, he would ask to see their ticket and then tell them they were a several rows back.  They’d usually go get the usher so we’d move a few rows or a section over to some other empty seats.  A lot of times we’d go with this guy Cheecho, a guy who trained with Reynaldo.  He was really tall with long arms and during batting practice he could reach over the side and snag foul balls off the field.  Where we sat there were a lot of foul fly balls and on several occasions Reynaldo would snag them bare handed.  I always brought my glove, close, but never caught one.  Reynaldo was kind of a well known guy and it seemed like he knew all the Cubans, Dominicans and Venezuelans in the league, and there were tons (as there are today).  He’d holler at them in his in his heavy Cuban drawl, “beng par aka (come here)”.  I met dozens of player that way and got all kinds of autographs, not knowing what they were talking about, even though I was fluent in Spanish, because I was in awe every single time ( I would catch the cuss words though, which always made me smile).  We should have been Dodger fans being from LA, but he was always a Reds fan, not sure if it was because there were several Cubans on the team.  In the 70’s baseball players and athletes in general were a rough sort, they were a lot tougher than the guys today.  Read any one of their biographies and you’ll get what I mean (Kenny Stabler’s is one off the top of my head).  Anyway, so long story short, on Facebook the other day, Don Bolles of the Germs, and later Steaming Coils, Celebrity Skin, Vox Pop, Nervous Gender and 45 Grave, posted an animated short about one of those, rough around the edges, 70’s baseball players, Dock Ellis. A heavy drug user, like a lot of them were back then (not like today’s steroids), mostly amphetamines, he had claimed that he had pitched his no-hitter while on LSD. I had never heard this story, but it appealed to me on so many levels, and the animated short is brilliantly hilarious. Nothing underground here, this thing is trending all over the place and has over 3 million views on Youtube, but it just spoke to me in such a way that I felt like it just had to be on the Mustard Relics page. So trip out on the vid below…EDIT: the embedded video wasn’t working for me, tried several times to fix it, so just in case, view it HERE

Adam and Dog – short film

My buddy Davrick had recommended a short animated film to me that had been nominated for an oscar called Adam and Dog. Heart warming stuff, especially for the dog lover. I asked Davrick, who has worked in the animation industry for years, to give me his take on it, “Yeah, Adam and Dog is a great short, and the best part is it’s essentially a student film. Unbelievable. If you notice though, in the credits Minkyu had Glen Keane (animation master) as an adviser, so that’s definitely a useful consigliere. I actually saw preliminary animation for it two years ago, and couldn’t wait to see the final product. I don’t know much more about it. I don’t actually know Minkyu, except through mutual friends. There’s an insightful interview with Mikyu Lee over at Asia Pacific Arts. 15 minutes of your time to be captivated by stunning scenery, inspiring score and a fantastic story (yeah I’m a softy)…