Subtitles – Just A Little Bit Brighter digital EP

SubTurning the Rock N Roll up to 11 with this next one. Jonney of Subtitles, hit me up so that I might give his band an audio gander. “We (Subtitles) are a three-piece garage/punk/demon doo-wop band from the Midlands UK.” Once again I was more than pleased that I have opened myself up to getting requests for reviews, as how in the hell would I have been turned onto this little bit of bitter sweetness. I got back to him, “Jonney, you guys fuckin ROCK! Refreshing to hear some modern rock n roll that stays true to the spirit and doing it right…snotty as all get out, you’ve done Lux and Poison proud.” I asked him to give me his take on the band, “Subtitles are a three-piece garage band. Taking cues from Oblivians and Coachwhips but also equal parts Death Grips and Zach Hill. Expect more reverb than a Catholic church and songs about AMC’s The Walking Dead and R Kelly. Part of DIY music collective Goodtime Recordings.” Being a UK band I couldn’t help but think of the Beatles, the trashed out, happy hooligan version of the Beatles…the UK Cramps you might say. That’s a pretty easy comparison, a no-brainer, but I’m not familiar with the bands they compare themselves to, these guys are a good reason to.  I can only imagine, but you know this band must be a blast live, this studio stuff is just a taste and probably only partially captures the energy.  If I was you I wouldn’t take my girl friend to go see them though, these slippery guys would sweep her right off her feet with their crooning and have her dancing naked. They have their own demented originals and then there’s lots of these cover-like songs (riffage and lyrics), where they twist (and shout) and disfigure them for their own dastardly purposes, a nasty lot these Subtitles.  The band has a Facebook, a Twitter, and a Bandcamp, the latter of which is where is the tunes are at, of course.  Some of my favorites from this and the previous release…
“I’m Gonna Get Spooned By You”

“Cunthair Motel”

“Stop Teasing My Cock”

“New Religion”

Go below for all their tunes and chance to get some virtual music (unfortunately I did not see that they had any hard copies)…

Subtitles – I AM AN ANIMAL from Two Headed Snake Productions on Vimeo.