The United Sons Of Toil – Forces Of Production CD

It’s time for some United Sons Of Toil again…we heard from them a while back with their When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful.  Russel the guitarist/vocalist is cool as all get out and sent me this a while back (I’m way behind on my reviews, I gotta do what’s in my head every once in a while and all of a sudden I got a shit ton of vinyl/cassette/cd’s).  Unfortunately shortly before I received this the band called it quits…check it out at their WEBSITE.  As for this record, to put it simply, this is a way out there (in a good kinda way) remix of some of the stuff they’ve done over the years.  Here’s the band’s take on it, “This record, Forces Of Production, has been a long time coming. We’ve talked about doing something like this since our first record came out in 2007. As fans of experimental, dub, and electronic music, we appreciate the recontextualization of art in our current cut-and-paste culture. Who’s to say that the only versions of our songs are the ones we’ve released? So we imagined the individual tracks as raw material — merely starting points for new compositions. We enlisted friends and fans and assembled radically different versions of songs drawn from all of our records. Some of these songs are unmistakably United Sons of Toil songs; others bear little resemblance.  Like all our records, Forces Of Production is available for free download. In addition a super-deluxe limited-edition CD package is available with bonus disc (I got the even more uber rare basic promo copy). The admittedly over-the-top packaging involves riveted metal asset tags and a custom wax seal.”  Yeah, you read that right…FREE.  The only thing free anymore is venereal disease.  This ain’t no bullshit big label drivel.  Being in a FTW space time continuum, it brings me intense pleasure when a record takes that and induces a state of WTF.  This record is a fuckin’ trip.  Every song (composition works better) is so different from the next, and they suck you in like a vacuum (not one of those plastic $20 ones you get at Walmart, but a good old built to last Kirby).  It has an almost industrial feel at times and then this hip hop vibe and finally kind of a dub step (a new to me genre) thing going on.  Forces of Production is groovy, heavy, spacey, funky, dreamy, mechanical, driving, hypnotic and probably a person could come up with a whole lot more.  Now that the contributors have taken the tunes and done their thing, it makes perfect sense.  The harmony that the band endorses in lyric is right there in the mix.  Too fucking cool.  As promised you can get this in the form of a DOWNLOAD, or if you’re not willing to commit the bits and bytes, you can give it an audible gander (man I’m a wordy mofo) as a STREAM.  Or you can get yourself a hard copy at their website.  Every song on here is worth a listen, you can do it intently or passively like I’m doing as I type, hell, surf and listen.  Picked out a few of my ever changing faves, to get ya started…

Cast Lead


Shining Path

Pornostroika Dadaifi – Pornotroika: Erotas sta hronia tis porneias (free download)

Well here we are again with another review, despite the fact that I’ve got 30-40 records from my own shelves, ripped and ready to be posted and inanely reflected upon.  What can I do…I’ve been listening to a few of the tunes off this release for the last week or so, so what the hell (and how can you turn down an image of  Chuck “I’ll buttrape you with my gun, wrapped in the american flag” Heston on the virtual cover).  Plus I kind of admire the anti-consumer stance that this free and virtual only release represents.  Here’s what their spokesperson had to say in a couple of emails to me…

” Pornostroika Dadaifi(or dadayfh pornostroika) is a cyberpunk group formed in 1999 in Lesvos (Greece), an island located at the North-East part of Aegean Sea, from people that united to have their musical revenge. PORNOSTROIKA’S STYLE OF MUSIC IS DADACORE!! Pornostroika Dadaifi is a politicized band that does not aim for money or fame but to destroy the music culture of capitalism. Pornostroika Dadaifi belongs to ZAM (Zero Artistic Movement). ZAM’s influences are: Futurism, Dadaism, N.S.K.(Laibach’s Art Collective), Berlot Brecht, W.Burroughs, Soviet Realism and the fantastic-horror cinema.”  They have released 9 albums.Their style is political (anticonsumerism) -free art and diy.They supportes also Anarchocommunism.
Their latest album is against IMF and troika (E.E)…PORNOTOIKA (a joke for Troika).The last song OF the album is dedicated to Antoni Gramsci and the semifinal is a poem of Mayakovsky.

The Industrial Twilight, Red and Anarchist Black Metal, and Anarcho Punk have also reviewed this thing so maybe those places might be of more value.  The first tune on the release is the hands down standout for me.  It’s teetering on the edge of brutality and leaves me wishing I understood Greek, but even without, you get the feeling the vocalist (orator) is making a strong argument.  You can really hear the disgust in his voice.  It is really the only tune that has an industrial edge to it for me.  I thought about putting it on cassette (yes my ride is equipped with a cassette player) and cranking it as I drive through town, just to elicit responses from my fellow small town/small mind Kansans, but my shock value days are over for the most part. According to the Google translator (with it’s limitations, so I could be wrong), the song is Ανοδος των Πιθηκάνθρωπων, or “Rise Of The Apeman”. Definitely give it a listen…

Anodos ton Pithikanthropon

Th second tune represents the bulk of the rest of the tunes with more of a techno vibe, New Wavish, Kraftwerkian but still with that spoken word style vocals. Really wish I knew what they were saying…


As I said this is a free and virtual only release, so if those two tunes did anything for you, get the whole thing HERE.
EDIT: After the fact found a Greek site that must have a close connection to the band, a boat load more of their music for download at To Fresko.

Not sure anyone is following what’s going on where these guys are from, I’ve limited myself to just the headlines these days and don’t really delve to much deeper (mostly).  Greece is on the leading edge of what we’re seeing all over the world really.  I asked my Greek buddy Billy from 7inchcrust to give me a heads up on what’s going on over there…

“Hi Justin
as expected things are hard here,endless austerity with new taxes every week,new cutting of wages and pensions,expensive bills for public services (internet starts to get a luxurious thing),there is no any alternative hope from left winged political parties and people seem to be lobotomized:look what went on in Spain,what happened to these millions of Indignados?when the election time came they voted the right winged conservatives who are going to bring deeper austerity,the same thing is presented in my country by numerous gallops.oh i forgot to say that we have a new gov. now after a constitutional cue:a ECB member,the man who led Greece into Eurozone by cooking up in co-operation with Goldman Sachs a part of Greek debt in 2001,now he is prime minister.a man who’s part of the problem is the new master!hahaha!th new gov. includes fascists ministers for a neo-fascist extreme right wing party. fuck em!”