those now eating will soon be eaten…

those now eating will soon be eaten2Was looking at the last post I wrote, entitled “nutty…” and realized I never included what I had to say about that title. Long story short, we’re all nutty, there is no such thing as a normally functioning human being. Everyone has that little something that indicates poor mental health, the only difference is in how functional we are. Can you honestly say that you are or you know of somebody that isn’t nutty in some way, shape, or form? Miss Williams here must’ve been nutty somehow as she killed herself or can you without having some kind of terminal disease be rational in killing yourself? Then again, as they say in the Anonymous 12 step rooms, your mind is your worst enemy and you can always rationalize another drink or another whatever. I guess every day we are one day closer to death, but fuck.  I guess too that’s where the title of this post comes in.  There is nothing nuttier than the fact that we all just end up as bug food…

 My old Humboldt pal Bill of the Yowling Zygotes and a million other cool bands including most recently the magnificent Ask Sophie, posed this question on FB, “For those of you who use the Bible, including the Old Testament, as a guiding text for your life, how do you choose which parts to disregard and why?” My reply was…
“People have been doing that since the dawn of Christianity, hell Mohammed did it and the Jefferson bible is a nice instance of it. IMHO throw out the entire Old Testament and Apocrypha except some of the trippy shit (Enoch, Judith, parts of Daniel, etc.), the rest just shows how faulted humanity is with it’s god of war. It makes an interesting read when you aren’t gagging on the Torah (except Genesis which is of course is one of many creation myths). The New Testament can mostly be thrown out except for the synoptic gospels (John is iffy) and really all you need is the original version Mark that ends with an empty tomb. The best Gospel wasn’t included in the canon…Thomas. Fuck Paul and his cronies (or at least the popular picture of Paul, some would say behind it all he was a gnostic). The Apocalypse of John is cool in it’s trippiness but once again, outside the canon lies the Apocalypse of Peter, which is much cooler. In fact I would skip the bible altogether and just go with a number of the books found at Nag Hammadi in the 1945, including the Gospel of Thomas. Or we could just throw ’em all out and just try to be a little nicer to each other…” and then I added, “I had to look it up because I forgot the guys name, but Marcion of Sinope was one who did it in the early 2nd century…” Made me think of the Universal life Church where I did that online ordination thing back in the mid 90s…I like their 1st tenant…”Do only that which is right.”

Been on this neo-folk tip lately, not sure what I think about that. More specifically I think what I’m digging on is the whole other worldly singing mixed with primal beats. I have a pal in Norway, Kim of Blitzkrieg Baby that I have been meaning to ask what his impressions are…

My pals mean everything to me…

I don’t want to be nice…

Wanted to first and foremost, announce that my virtual pal, the incomparable, Freddy Alva has his book Urban Styles up for pre-order of the 2nd edition!!! Hell yeah, means his 1st edition of 750 sold the fuck out just like I thought it would and y’all have a chance at the 2nd of just 1000. This 2nd edition is on hella steroids…
Deluxe expanded edition of the sold out 2017 edition
Exclusive interview with Graffiti legend REVS featuring never before seen photos.
NYHC Graffiti Tattoos chapter w/INK, VERS & Steven Huie
Extra pieces to Black Book section
Added extra 40 pages from 1st edition.
Limited edition flexi compilation 7” with NYHC Graffiti Bands Frontline, God Squad, Crazy Eddie & Johatsu
A fella can pre-order it right fucking HERE!!!

Ahhh, the view from Casa de Que Pasa across the street to the Marinos Club (David Kimmel supplied the photo of the painting) in good ole Arcata, California. I like that because it’s not a picture of Casa but you’d have to have been there to know what the view is of.  Lot’s of good times there.  I worked there for a year or so, along with my day job doing construction at Lindquist Landscape (at 23 I could do that, plus getting fucked up almost every night, playing in a band and doing God knows what else).  Of course brain damage has left me with little to remember but making guacamole and pitcher after pitcher of barley wine (that shit will fuck you up)…

Speaking of fuck you up, the only one of these I ever saw was Capitalist Casualties and that was cuz they came up to Humboldt, but to have seen the mighty Assuck would have been off the fucking wall…I like these other bands on the bill, but Assuck…damn.  So many shows missed due to this or that.  Missed many Olympic Auditorium shows that I shouldn’t have, had the chance to see Johnny Cash, Andres Segovia, Infest, Conflict (at Fenders Ballroom), (early) Devo…the list goes on, historic shit, ya know?  (Trying to be optimistic these days) I have seen my fair share though and from what I remember lots of good times…top five shows you ask (in no particular order…these five were equally amazing in their own way)?
1. Siouxsie
2. Creedle
3. Venom
4. Return To Forever
5. Weedeater

Kinda cool GIF that is, morphing is something that I’d have to use Photoshop to do…I think.  Loves me some GIFs don’t I?  If you don’t then you’ve probably abandoned the Relics a decade ago, in which case I’m talking to no one…I’m used to it, hahaah. Morphing would be a cool power super hero-ly speaking. Who remembers, “Wonder Twin powers activate?”  What would you be the form of or better yet what form represents you…hahha?  For several years there, I would have to say a big dick, but I think I’ve moved on from that…maybe a giant cup of coffee so I could drink myself.

The immortal Jim Shank, my favorite non-pro skater (Hosoi was my fave) and the master of carving a pool or ramp…a true sidewalk surfer, one hell of a nice guy and a shredding guitar player (dude could play Black Flag better than Ginn).  This pic is pretty recent, which goes to show that 30 years later he is still a master.  If you look around here there’s an interview with Jim who was the guitar player for our band WD40 until he broke his arm skating…hhahah.  Now he’s an accomplished banjo player

My old pal Alejandro Escudero…if you know the man ask him to tell you the story of frank, incense.  I miss Humboldt, but I also realize that many of the things that I miss about the place are long gone, memories of an almost completely gone era.  I would like to to go back to where the forest meets the ocean and see the few friends that remained or returned.  Ocean fishing and Willow creek would be high on my list of things to do, maybe catch one of my friends bands live.  Of course the beach…

This song sez it all for me these days, grumpy old man that I am.  We’re not all playing by the same rules, these days niceness seen as weakness.  Who want s to be nice to a bunch of idiots anyway…

Only wanted to be your friend…

Whelp, no takers on my last post of folks that might want to trade CDrs, disappointing and heart wrenching…hahahaha.

Feeling Tim Burton-esque tonight (I know some favor Edward Gorey, like my old buddy Match), I’m sure that I’m not the only one who gets that way sometimes. For decades I had this self pity thing like I had been fucked over by everyone, but in my old age I realize that I did my fair share of fucking people over. Even after 14 years off the hooch, I realize that in the rooms of NA and AA, I never made my way completely through the steps…got stuck at…
8. We made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
9. We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
I am incomplete! Suppose I’ll stay that way way until I die, not sure though if at that point one is complete or just done…cheers.   Anyway Tim Burton…

Stick Boy liked Match Girl,
He liked her a lot.
He liked her cute figure,
he thought she was hot.

But could a flame ever burn
for a match and a stick?
It did quite literally;
he burned up quick.

In high school (pictured are Davrick, Anna, Karen, Greg, Me, Vivian and I can’t remember his name) one of my favorite albums was Hüsker Dü’s Zen Arcade. Perfect album for a bummed out teenager.  At the time I thought my heart was broken by this one gal, Elisa Monroy, but that was puppy love and only the tip of the iceberg in a long history of squashed hearts…

Told you everything I knew about me
Didn’t listen to a word I say
Spill my guts, you just threw them away
Never cared about me
Only wanted to be your friend
Now I know that it’s gotta end
Never cared a thing about me
And now I will, I will
I will never forget you
I will never forget you
I will never forgive you

old rub alcohol…

My old pal Nick (one of my favorite guitar players, ever)! We recently got in touch again on that fucking facebook, but haven’t had a chance to properly ketchup…I’m sure a lot has happened in the last 25 years since I last spoke to him (I know my life was an education…or at least it schooled me). Just got together a musical care package for him, in the form of a Garden Weasel 7″ (picked it up for 3 bucks on discogs…hahaha), which he did the back cover for…the first two OM records on a CDr…my newest mix tape (went very various on this one, where the theme is just whatever I think is cool at the moment and covers many genres)…and the GW “Smerb” postcard record I did a little while back (still got copies if’n anybody is keen for one)

Red flame
Green flower
Fucking power

Coming from the dirt
Who does it hurt
The mellow criminal
Is not a cannibal
No death is dealt
No hate is felt
The wrong is right
Like a green light

Numb body
Mellow mood
Glutton hungry
Fucking food

Coming from the dirt
Who does it hurt
The mellow criminal
Is not a cannibal
No death is dealt
No hate is felt
The wrong is right
Like a green light
it sez go…to…

A place that’s real
Where you can feel
A burden released
Need no red lights
Block cannabis rights
It can’t be policed

Back watching
Eye popper
Behind bars
Fucking copper
Dim Future
Sleepy head
Good citizen
Fucking dead

Coming from the dirt
Who does it hurt
The mellow criminal
Is not a cannibal
No death is dealt
No hate is felt
The wrong is right
Like a green light

Feeling kinda Patty Hearst at the moment, not sure what that means, but according to the photo it has something to do with looking hot in your mugshot and maybe a little crazy too…

Been in an animated GIF making mode lately, this here is the incomparably angelic Miss Flavia of Angels Dust (you’ve certainly heard them before if you’ve been around the Relics)…how about a reminder of my favorite tune…

Speaking of musical care packages, I love to get shit in the mail almost as much as I enjoy sending mail to my pals.  If you’re a pal of the Relics and would like to trade mix tape CDrs (or want one of those postcard records) get the fuck in touch with me…please…

Here’s two songs from the latest (mixed) mix CDr (yeah fucking Weedeater is on there…duh!)…


Tom, Davrick, Ki and yours truly after sushi at Niko Niko in Burbank (wish I had pics of the presentation of the food, the sushimi was fresh and wonderful and I really liked the seared Albacore rolls).  Hadn’t seen Ki since my first wedding in ’94, that was a treat. While we were waiting for Tom and Ki, Davrick and I heard this tune playing…it was pretty good, I don’t know enough about the genre to pigeon hole them, but I thought of Sade. He pulls out his phone, asks it which song is playing and it comes up with this…

My self and my Aunt Teresa (my Mom’s best friend of over 50 years) before going to the Coral Cafe for salad…

Seared Ahi and I told those people there, best salad I ever had, no garbage like tomatoes that I have to tell them to leave off. This vid goes out to my Aunt Teresa who introduced me to the band in about 1976 (blew my 7 year old mind)…

Me and my Grandpa at his pad in Santa Maria. He swears he doesn’t have long to live, but we had a good time talking about the olden days, what was olden to me and what was olden to him. At 89 he’s seen some shit. Good solid Union man, but boy he’s got a temper, still. I don’t know…he’s got a lot on his mind with two of his daughters and his wife dying in less than a year and half, plus some other weird shit that went down in the family. I won’t make it to 89 and I certainly hope I die before my son…

Tom and Davick at the Vietnamese place on the Burbank mall. My first…

Pho! Man that’s some good shit…

Davrick and I and Tom, digesting at the odds and ends store around the corner. The dude who runs the store was very gregarious and seemed to have a great deal of knowledge…I liked and admired his appreciation of the many cultures on this planet…

Visited my old apartment in the Rampart district at 213 Reno St, off of Temple St. Many good times were had there. The dirt lot next to the apartments, where we spent most of our time as kids doing all the shit you could imagine kids doing, is now long gone, replaced by more apartments…

The neighbor downstairs, Mrs. Acevedo, still lives there, going on 52 years (thank God for rent control). Her Sons Tony (pictured with his Mom) and Miguel were my best buddies, not to leave out Victor, Oscar and Dean, who were also fellow pillagers of the neighborhood.  Tony, one of his Sons and I had supper at the Hungry Pig (ironically a place where the local police frequent) and had my mind blown by the hot links and the kimchi based cole slaw…

Vickroy park, lived across the street from 82-84, saw a lot of shit go down there, a real education for my young stoner mind, Gilbert Bautista was my best bud back then, we had fun terrorizing the neighborhood.

In not so good news, while on my SoCal trip, I got word that the drummer of Weedeater passed away, Carlos Sergio Denogean. Aneurysm, damn! He was born my first year of college, in ’87, he was only 31 years old. Life is so delicate and precious, it can end at any time and when it ends it is fucking over as far as those who cared about you…

The video I took of their show when I saw them in Chapel Hill, North Carolina back in March…