Prayers – Drugs

These guys never cease to amaze me, always taking it to the next level. This vid combines two of my favorite things, good thoughtful music and killer animation. The Relics has been following Prayers for some time now and have watched their rise to power and fame. I hope it hasn’t tainted them, but this video is proof that they still got that raw game. For a little while now, they have been backed by a guy named Travis Barker (who I don’t know, although the name sounds familiar, I haven’t taken the time to look him up), apparently some kind of heavy hitter in the San Diego scene. The vid can be found on his Youtube

Prayers – Live at the Casbah 05-11-14

EPIC art by @amerthegamer_smt
I’ve been posting stuff by these guys for at least two years now, featured them on my own release, but I think the days of my minuscule blog being of any help to them is over as they have become their own planet. So happy to see a group start small and with nothing but hard work, dedication and talent find themselves the success and happiness they deserve. I don’t have much to offer them, but you as a probable fan should be informed of any little gem of theirs I run across (these guys shit diamonds). So a gentleman named Xavier Vasquez has done fans of cholo goth a huge service and posted (and recorded?) a vid of them live from just a little over a year ago. At the wonderful Casbah no less, a venue that is a Mustard Relic of it’s own based on the numerous bands I have seen there. Oh, to have been at this one…

Just in case that link disappears here’s a direct one…
Prayers – At The Casbah – May 11, 2014
And my favorite song from the set, Rafa is such a good showman and Dave the king of the DJs…
Prayers – Lazers On My Neck
Be sure to check out their latest (greatest?) vid yet, Young Gods

Prayers – Young Gods video

Prayers are up to no good again with their newest vid, and like their other two, this one is over the top. Since I first started posting their shit two years ago, when they were deep underground, they seem to be on everybody’s mind now-a-days (and rightly so). Check out their latest…

The days of being featured on little insignificant places like MR have been replaced by much bigger fish, check out the vid as it premiered at Vice. They also seem to have a website of their own now, rightly named Cholo Goth. No hard copies at this point, just downloads, keep checking back as hopefully that will change. Hopefully the boys don’t forget about their little friends (me being their unofficial president of the Kansas chapter of the Prayers fan club…hahaha). Just in case all those links disappear as they often do, you can still check out the vid here at Prayers – Young Gods

Prayers – Gothic Summer

PrayersRafa, (owner/proprietor of world famous Pokez, a must stop place to eat if you’re in San Diego, 10th & E, downtown), of Prayers, along with the other half of the dynamic duo, Dave Parley, have created another masterpiece of cholo goth, SD killwave darkness. Hopping back and forth from SD to LA has become as regular as the sunset, but they recently opened up for the Cult at several shows, including San Francisco and Las Vegas, these guys are fucking hot right now. So what do they do, throw another pallet on the bonfire, and come out with their epic Gothic Summer EP. So far I’ve only heard the title track (broke is the word that describes my life this week), but you can pick up this piece of bad-ass-ery at CD Baby. You get more of their patented minimalism with a song that is so catchy, after first listen, it’ll be tatted on your brain, Dave is an absolute mastermind when it comes to beats and melodies, while Rafa has this angelic (don’t be deceived) voice that sounds as if he is really singing a prayer. I asked these guys to be a part of the electronic comp tape I’m looking at releasing, but I think they’ve moved on to bigger and better things, I see these guys just getting bigger. I want nothing but well deserved happiness and success for Prayers. This here vid is really something else, on top of the amazing tune, you get visually stimulated with something that is very underground having Prayers written all over it, and done so extremely well, you’d think you were watching a vid on Mtv back when they played vids. Enjoy the vid, but beware, as I said, catchy as fuck…

Prayers – Ready to Bleed video

PrayersSan Diego in the house again in the form of killwave artists, Prayers. I posted their first video From Dog To God not to long ago, but since then my old friend Rafael Reyes and his compadre/bandmate Dave Parley, have been busy with their killer Cholo Goth thing. You can now hit them up and get first hand updates at Facebook. And even better than that, they now have a whole LP worth of tunes available for download at CD Baby (hoping and praying they will come up with some vinyl out of all of this). Huge fan of these tripped out souls, who drink deep from the well that was early 80’s, late 70’s new wave/post punk. They reinvent, reinterpret and renew, to create this savage beast lurking in the shadows of some dark alley.  This is their time now to come out and show themselves, the moon is full.  There’s nothing complex here to get lost in, minimal synth with stark vocals and heartfelt lyrical content.  As serious as solitary confinement.  The guys, with a the help of some very talented videographer type friends, have blessed us with another video of another one of the tunes on their LP…dark, brutal, mystical, sexy.