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Sisca Locca

MoOAbout a month ago, I featured a band, Missiles of October, and mentioned that I was blown away by the cover art. In my opinion, the day somebody came up with the idea of putting a picture sleeve on a record, changed recorded music, art representing art. I have always been a sucker when it comes to buying a record based on the sleeve and an admirer of artists who will take that step and do it right. Smart bands have taken an artist like Frazetta, Petibone, Pushead or photographers like Edward Colver, and put a face on their music. So I gave huge props to Missiles of October for using such a wonderful piece to represent themselves. The artist, Sisca Locca, left a comment thanking me for mentioning her work and a link to see more. I was further captivated by these images that are almost playful at times, yet at other times stark and grim.  So asked Sisca to give me the lowdown on her artistic endeavors and send me some pieces to post here…

sl“I was born in France in 1974, I have been living in Bruxelles since 2000, and before that, I had lived in Paris. I have been studying philosophy for three years. In Paris, I started working in a collective, « Zichaos » . We organized punk, hardcore and noise gigs. I was in charge of flyers and music’s fanzine’s graphic design, (and also mini roadie, sometimes!) therefore it was my first experience as punk graphic designer, and it was free style! I moved in Brussels, Belgium, to turn my life on, drink the best beers of the world and I have been studying silkscreen print, and computer graphics technics. I began to make some comix and collaborative exhibitions with some crazy illustrators and painters I has developping my personnal artwork too. Micro-editor, I had founded fanzines “Jacqueline” (current collection) with Peggy Van Reeth in 2008, and “Minette” with Mrs. Gruikkk in 2009. The both of them are a kind of Trash and funny graphzines, with a touch of Riot Grrrrzl…and boys! I contribute regularly to other publications (“La Gazette du Rock”, a comix about the imaginary history of rock , “Jukebox” by Vanille Goudron Editions (France) as illustrator and graphic designer and more …) I have created in collaboration with the Bunker Cinema Theatre, the “Fanzine Fest” (which changes its name in each edition) in 2011 and Fanzinorama website, a fanzinat portal, online showcase of “La petite fanzinotheque belge”, also hosted by Bunker at Brussels. I regularly exhibited my personal artwork in galleries, bars and events, in solo shows, or with the artist collective like “Painting Fucking Tour”, or “Jukebox collective” for example. I am the graphic designer of Missiles Of October because one day my boyfriend, Lionel (who is the bass player of M.O.O) asked me to do a design for “Hangover EP”. “Sure darling”, I answered, “but what is the dead line?” “Today Honey!” “Bloody hell!” I took an artwork I just finished. It was of a child afraid by the war. Probably me in fact. With “Dont Panic” LP, the band being sufficiently matured to confirm his powerfull punk sludge. This is why the new design is more agressive and “explosive”, the character has strengthened too. I do less digital art now, because I enjoy coming back to ink but both are linked! Music is also a part of my work. It is a source of inspiration. I’m currently making a poster for the 20 years of Magasin 4 , a really nice Rock venue in Brussels. My upcoming projects are first the next fanzine’s fest, called this year “5èmes Rencontres félines du Fanzine” where I will show a selection of artworks and book’s projects… and a new brand website… to be continued!”

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