jh1This is my blog, it has been for quite some time (not always at this address), one of the last of what used to be many.  Take it or leave it, it is after all my fucking thing and I’m just a middle aged burn out, chalk full of faults.  I used to thrive on comments and doing reviews, but not so much anymore.  The piracy police took this place down a notch, and not being able afford server space, have left us with no music/video links.  In addition, we have joined the worpress family and no longer possess the glory of having our own domain (such a visual word).  Anyway, this place is still about me (objectively subjective) and my love music (and art in general).  If you are a DIY band/artist that would like a review or just the tiniest bit of exposure that this humble place can afford then hit up me up.  If there is anything you see on past posts that you would like uploaded (bear in mind I lost a lot when I had a hard drive crash, but a lot of it is in my personal collection and can be ripped again), I can upload to an external file sharing site or onto youtube (if I have the permission of the artist)