that’s a big pile of rock

This has been my jam for almost 40 years…I wonder how I woulda turned out had I not been introduced to socially aware music?

This was not on the fucking tube, except for a poor sounding live version, so had to do the deed and make it so. I mentioned this guy a while back (yes it’s a one man band doing all this rockin’) and figured he was worth mention again. Why have a band with all that drama, when you can do it all yourself?

Long time Mustard Relic, our virtual friend, Panos sent this along today. It’s from February of this year, but it’s brand new to me. Man PD has a big library of songs, sadly, sadly I only know what a few of them are about, but I dig the music. Panos is so good with his production, I’m not sure If I’m supposed to dance or throw Molotov cocktails…

baby chemist (Travis & Katie) hit up the Relics again and gave me a sneak peak of their newest tune, a cover of all things. I’ve said it several times now, I can’t stand what I call a karaoke cover, trying to sound just like the original. Well, this duo did not disappoint, they totally made this song theirs and really just blew me away with how good the tune is(was). I liked the original, for the same reason I liked this cover…the energy of the singing could power a small city….Katie and Travis tear the shit outta this thing. Out 09/03…check ’em out baby chemist

My old Humboldt pal and musician, Utrillo, on keyboards here, doing what my other pal Ed called a Steely Dan thing. Solid playing here, the musicianship is quite groovy and I guess you get a jazzy soft rock vibe.

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