Kind Matters

This 7″, which I posted several years ago to YT, goes out to Kenny (from Florida just like these guys), who was gracious enough to take Liam and I out on his boat tooling around the Emerald Isle, on the outer banks, off the coast of North Carolina. Kenny if you’re reading this, a ton of thanx out to you bro and great getting to know you a bit! Also, big time thanx goes out to Sister and Brother, Britanni and Joseph, for hosting me in a private beach house for the duration of my stay! And most of all, to my Son Liam for putting up with your old man and showing me a great time…I love you Son!

This is Liam and Kenny with the bridge to Emerald Isle in the back round…

Of course when it says “Do Not Enter” you just have to…

Good place for a summer cabin


In all my travels I have never seen another Bogue town, this one of course in North Carolina. Bogue, Kansas is where I had my first beer as a child in an old bar/pool hall called the Boars Nest or something suitably titled.

The view from the deck of the beach house I stayed in.


My favorite piece of art up at the Fish Hut Grill, where Liam works with Brittani and Joseph…thanx to all the folks that work there who welcomed this old man (special thanx to the owners John and Sara for coming up with such a great idea for a fine establishment).

Joseph, Brittani and Liam at the restaurant.

It is what it is…

Special thanx to Jackson for letting us crash at his place…this tune goes out to you dude…the below one is for all y’all, tell your loved ones that you love them, nothing is forever…

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