die Martian bastards

Posting this one again after several years, just cuz it found it’s way circuitously spinning on my virtual turntable. So 80s, 1983 to be exact, but so damn good at being an 80s artifact and I doubt very many people have heard of them outside the halls of the Mustard Relics Café.

Mom on the left with my Aunt Donna, who died on her birthday, earlier this month, 4 or 5 years ago, don’t recall which, just know it was after my Mom died of the cancer. Aunt Donna died 6 months later in a wreck.

Mom told me years ago that Louie Louie was her favorite song in 1963…she would have been 15. Very silly looking bunch of guys, but I bet they were off the hook backstage. One hit wonder that has probably been covered more than any song. To be, or not to be, that is the question…a one hit wonder? Forever, no matter where you played or how long, you were expected to play that tune…some kind of mild insanity would have to ensue. Mom of course loved it, like everyone did at the time, because of the supposed lyrics. Genius lyrics, mingled with some slightly mumbled singing = perfect! Totally titillating

A picture of Wendy could be on every post really…a cat named Barry Yanowitz took this one…he had posted it on the fucking Plasmatics FB page…around 81 judging from her haircut.

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