Brain damaged, but it’s only permanent…

How long’s it been since I posted last…Jesus, it’s been more than a month and I completely missed having a post in April. The requests for reviews have gotten outrageously thick, I liked it better when folks knew what the blog is about before sending me something that you could probably assume I would not dig. I just don’t have time to sift through rubble to look for signs of life.

Scored a trail cam the other day (with money I don’t have for these kinds of non-essential expendable items) and was testing it out. That Tom is not part of our usual flock but he is welcome as long as he doesn’t cause troublea

Welcome to the dust ward Brain damaged but it’s only permanent
And I hang out in the day room With a strait jacket set
With a strait jacket set
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
All in-patients report to the pharmacy For medication
And I crawl through the shadows Of the bars on the floor for my pills
For my pills
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward
I’m in the dust ward I’m in the dust ward

Ahhhh…to have been a fly on the wall for this one! My meeting them was the stuff of legend of course but never fucking got to see them, even though there must have been several opportunities. Ahhh…regret!

Still in touch with Jennifer and Gage, but James Tryon, where the hell did you end up buddy? The man taught me the wonderful game of cribbage…to this day, hands down my favorite card game, but no one here plays, so I’m stuck with the app on my phone. Oh well, I’ve always enjoyed playing with myself…

Have no idea what’s going on in this picture with myself, the legendary Gage and that sinister Karin…hmmm…trouble brewing me thinks.

I don’t know up from down anymore, feel like I just did a Soft Cell appreciation post, what the fuck, they deserve legendary status…the Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret album is an amazing collection of one hit after another, not a dud on either side of that platter! In ’81 (you could have gotten this on an 8-track) I probably wouldn’t have admitted to being a huge fan, for whatever reason, but I was still trying to figure me out. I was headed more into the Black Flag and Crass direction, but this album is so easy to relate to especially as a young man (and I guess as an old-ish one too).

My Son with the homemade Crass shirt I made him…God the stories I could tell about stenciling in the mid 80s (I wish some of the old bros from high school still came and visited so they could share some of those shenanigans). Love this kid and anybody who calls him a friend is alright by me.

One last song to satiate myself…this was my morning pick me up and I have to admit it wasn’t a bad day. The tune here escaped me until just recently, some 40 years after it was released…better late than never, I suppose. Really, except for a few Japanese bands that were on international comps that ran across over the years, my knowledge of that country’s early 80s hardcore is extremely limited…as far as that goes, the tune is absolutely perfect!

3 thoughts on “Brain damaged, but it’s only permanent…”

  1. James roomed on Redwood 3rd floor with Eddie Harnby, an awesome dude. They had a turbo sound system so would blast the Germs and open the windows so it could be heard clearly while they lounged in the middle of the Redwood courtyard. The dorm monitor would be pounding on their door to turn down the music but they weren’t in the room. Also everyone in the courtyard had to listen to the Germs, which wasn’t much appreciated by the general student body.


  2. Enjoyed the read and the pictures. I, also, was one who turned the speakers towards the quad and lived in Sunset. Bet kids can’t do that now. We had it made. Enjoyed seeing the visiting tom as well… hope he doesn’t cause any trouble!


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