Lighten up Francis…

This is from the 1931 version of Dracula, but it may as well be the women at the tomb.

This priest has a pretty good take on the whole pandemic thing, via my pal Darryl….an interesting 16 minutes of your time, if you’re so inclined…

I’ve always found her attractive, but seeing her skating takes it to another level

I wish I had been of gig age in ’78, but even though my Mom let me run all over town in LA at 10 years old, she would never let me go to a “punk” gig. Went to a lot of other concerts but these were genteel affairs for the most part, except when I saw Hank Williams Jr…never been to a larger gathering of drunkards and I remember when we were leaving, there was so many empty Jack Daniels bottles in the parking lot

This must have been ’88, the year after high school graduation, the last summer I came back to Burbank. Mindi and Bonnie were two of my best friends in junior high…as off kilter as I look in the picture I remember getting very drunk that night. I had a secret crush on Mindi, but she dated another one of my best friends from that era, Gilbert. I hope that these two gals went on to find happiness and joy in their lives with minimal pain…

This tune goes out to my pal Brian F., one of his favorite bands, and hands down the best tune they ever wrote in my opinion. Brian is going to be taking over most of the the reviewing duties here at the Relics…thanx Bro!

VINOK sent us a review request some time back, in fact their single came out last Wednesday…oops…and apologies…still fresh as can be though.

“It’s chord progression sounds simple but it has a strong undercurrent. Like there are more moving parts beneath than you would ever see. The drum and bass sound like they have known each other a lifetime. The singing sounds hurt, maybe….melancholic, forlorn? and as the song progresses you can feel her triumph, like she wins, in the end. I like that, She wins. In the end. She has a beautiful voice. This song is well written, performed and produced. I won’t speak for the rest of humanity but after hearing this, it left me feeling good, I want to say, empowered. That is something I haven’t felt in quite a while.”

Listen on Spotify:…




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