Beware, beware, keep your garden fair

You know it sucks to live for Friday, but what are ya gonna do. I’ve been working for a paycheck (and of course paying taxes) for almost 40 years now and it hasn’t always been that way, but I’m just tired now. The wife and I were talking about the aging thing and how it’s part of the process many of us go through to want a little more time for “do what you will.”

Liam and Babs, not too far from where they just moved to some island (I can’t remember the name) off the coast of North Carolina…there’s some irony in the fact that the Son of a one time raging alcoholic is an excellent bartender. Man I spent a lot of time in bars until I was so bad that the company of others got to be a waste of my time and kept me away from my one focus…the bottle. In the 15 years since my last drink I’ve learned a bit more about what it really means to be a decent human being…still got a ways to go though.

Not the most PC tune in the world, but hot damn, this dude can really flow with his words, the definition of a vocalist as another instrument. This is one of very few hip hop tunes I was into in the early 90s and it’s actually pretty funny if you don’t take yourself too seriously…an examination of human sexuality, objectification and infidelity…

Recognize this fine establishment? I think the only flick they didn’t include that was filmed there, is American History X???

In other words…don’t waste your time being in relationships with unhealthy people and don’t be used….easier said than done and who knows maybe you’re the one being unhealthy anyway.

My virtual pal Marco outta Brazil on drums here from several years ago (I’ve always thought of him as a bass player) and these guys absolutely slayed it….keeps you on your toes with an onslaught of various sounds throughout and all around tight as fuck!

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