Cold and rainy here in NoWhere Kansas on this late winter early spring morning. I fucking don’t mind this weather, got used to it, shit, I was digging ditches in this kind of weather for years in Humboldt. Got to get out in it here after a few to take care of a few odds and ends in the Babylon that is Hays, Kansas, an hour from here…

Ever been there? Man, nothing quite like losing a woman, from my own experience and I’ve lost a few that were way out of my league in an all around, inside and out, human being kind of way. Lament, is a good word to insert somewhere in there. Up until I got sober I was truly incapable of loving a woman in the way that she deserved…I worshipped the bottle instead. 15+ years off the hooch and I still have a lot of apologizing to do, but all I can do is hope that I didn’t permanently damage anyone and that they went on to find the love that should have been theirs. The next song makes a nice segue…

I don’t know if I posted this tune before, but if I didn’t then it would be a travesty, as it’s by definition a true Mustard Relic…perhaps the first recognizable tune in my memory that I really grooved to. Of course at that early age, what that says is that’s what my Mom was listening to. Musically, this is the most minimal a tune can get or as one commentator said, “You can’t write a hit song with only 1 chord.” Harry Nilsson: “Hold my coconut.”

I know I’ve posted this one before but it’s just too fucking huge not to be posted again…plus I’ve been thinking about my Mom a lot lately and this was one of her absolute faves. This time around listening to it, I’m captivated by the drumming, so fucking funky…

My wife insisted my fat ass take a picture with a couple gals working the strip for tips…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right. They were nice enough gals just trying to put food on the table. My first time on the strip and it reminds me a lot of Hollywood Blvd…crowded, expensive, sad. Had a blast gambling, hit number 7 on my first spin at roulette…shoulda stopped there but the wheels of death (slots) held me captive, with their pretty lights and pretty sounds. Below was my favorite machine of happiness (and ultimately, misery)…

My high school chum that I haven’t seen since graduation, lives in Vegas so made it a point to see him and could not have been more pleased….what an awesome human being! This, one of my top 10 metal tunes, goes out to him…

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