Pipe dream…

NEW YORK: OPIUM DEN, 1881. Non-Chinese customers in a New York City opium den. Wood engraving from an American newspaper of 1881.

My best Kansas buddy Darryl and I were discussing the origins of popular sayings like, “staying ahead of the curve” and then the phrase “pipe dream” came up. My guess was that it had to do with opium dens and the drug induced dreams found there…

I know I’ve posted it before (repetition is a strong point of mine…hahaha), but this is perhaps the greatest pipe dream tunes ever written, from 1927 (one resource indicated that it was a traditional tune from circa 1904)…

Have you ever heard about Willie the weeper?
Had a job as a chimley sweeper.
He had the dope habit and he had it bad.
Listen while I tell you ’bout a dream he had.


He went down to the dope shop one Saturday night.
He knew the lights would all be burnin’ bright.
Well I guess he smoked a dozen pills or more;
When he woke up he was on a foreign shore.


The Queen of Sheba was the first he met.
She called him lovey dovey and honey pet.
She gave him a great big autie-mobile
With a diamond headlight and a go-holden wheel.


Down in Honolulu Willie fell in a trance
Seein’ the dusky beauties do the hula dance.
His sweetie got in jail and Willie sure did shout
When he got the news that she had wiggled out.


He landed with a splash in the river Nile
Ridin’ on seagoin’ crocodile
He winked at Cleopatra. She said, “Ain’t he a sight.”
(‘N’ she said) “How ‘about a date for next Saturday night?”


He had a million cattle and he had a million sheep.
Had a million vessels on the ocean deep.
Had a million dollars all in nickels and dimes,
Well he knew because he counted it a thousand times.


He landed in New York one evenin’ late.
He asked his sugar for an after-date.
Started to kiss her and she started to pout,
When bang-blang!

And the dope gave out.

Turn of the century style begging for change from “royalty”…they look eager to give don’t they?

Could be wrong, have been before (too many times to count), but is this video amazing or what? Joy Division has made it’s rounds ’round here, a true Relic that I didn’t discover until 1987 in college, at the hands of my pal Dougie Grime (of Lank fame), 7 years after Ian Curtis hung himself at age 23. The tortured soul thing was real as could be, it wasn’t just in the music. Who knows what’s going on in a persons head, to force that leap from life to death.

“Lola” from 1914…they could do spooky amazingly well way back when…shit that’s over a hundred years ago!

This motherfucker of a bitchen recording was found on the Hessian Obsession FB page and it was an instant aural boner! I was a senior in high school, hesher turned punk, but was still loyal to a few of those bands and I still believe that this was their last real album…

2/5’s of the almighty WD-40. Erio sent me this after he had a totally random run-in with Steve on the highway somewhere in the Bay Area…

In the description on this vid it sez, “this is about the best video you will find of this song!” Pretty fucking good, indeed. Ya know the whole album, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret is amazing…I know this was the hit but that album is just filled with hits, not a miss in the lot…

There must be a backstory to this picture, but that is very similar to the face I put on every day at work. Staying professional in the face of the rude unprofessionalism of so many folks I deal with. I wish it was the perma-grin of a bong hit, but unfortunately it’s the all too real face of reality.

My pal Panos’ long running project has a new installment, which he kindly shared with me. If you understand Greek you would be at a tremendous advantage, but these guys have a long standing reputation of highlighting the ridiculousness of human behavior…this world, the way it is, is fucked…who’s pulling the strings, ya know? “featuring PREEMPTIVE STRIKE0.1(INDUSTRIAL ),HAIL SPIRIT NOIR (ΒLACK METAL), DEGENERATED SEQUENCES (INDUSTRIAL) ΚΑΙ PHOPYX (ELECTRO)!
reworks and new hits!
songs based on the work of Jack Londn (iron steel) and Zamyatin (we).”

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