It’s a bad time for bad times…

In a Syd Barrett kind of mood…not sure that means emotionally or spiritually for me. Making a mixed tape with some of my faves of his and the early PF stuff (did include the much later song ‘Vera” from the Wall, but I just feel Syd’s presence in that song). I feel like he must have been a very loving man if his music is any indication and reading the Wikipedia thing on him was interesting…although when I went to the wiki home page the featured article was on the Mercenary War and had the image below…

The Roman’s were some cruel dudes crucifixion went on for centuries (wonder when that practice stopped and who was the last person)…unfortunately Syd’s musical career was all too brief…

Monster’s of music…for those educators out there (aren’t we all students and teachers), these two characters would be a great place to start for the youth of the day in their studies of music.

I’ve told the story of meeting Lemmy many times I’d imagine, but I just wanted to remind you that I have had a beer with the legend (while you probably have not)…plus I found this killer flyer.

A little sad tonight, not boohoo kind of sad or depressed, I’ve just lost faith in humanity. We had a chance to come together during a human crisis (of which I believe there are many that have been going on for some time now), but we chose a different path, we chose selfishness and self destruction (the S & M Culture). Thank god over the years I have ended up surrounding myself with outstanding friends. This dozen or so folks are the cream of the crop, the apex of friendship…you know who you are and I care deeply for y’all. You are the reason for my existence and what little sanity I have. I know this song is kinda dorky when you think back to how the straightedge scene evolved into something besides just good old hardcore punk…jock rock is what it became, I guess. This was when it still had class, although for you Brothers and Sisters out there, I do not think of us as monks standing together in the rain (or do I).

Best years of your life You know it’s true
You’re like a brother to me I’m like one to you
We’ve had some great times And despite the bad
I know that these years Are the best that I’ve ever had

True ’til death

My mustard collection…mostly generic store brand stuff…not in any particular order other than how tall the containers are…the ones are the ends are my faves…on the left is homemade jalapeño mustard and the one on the far right, my new fave is the Melinda’s habanero honey mustard….Mmmm Mmmm!

To finish this up, Brother Björn turned me onto these fucking rad guys…