Louie Mercado RIP

IMG_0749Just found out that my old buddy Louie died almost a year ago in a motorcycle accident. Xochitl and Louie (and their family) were loyal friends to the end, despite me being the horrible drunk that I was…I will never forget that. Very bummed about this news, but she and their three adult kids are doing well, which is a true blessing. He will be missed (flags are at half mast here at Mustard Relics central)!


my son Liam and his buddy Jonathan came out for a quick visit on their way from north Carolina to phoenix…if’n yer ever half way between Kansas city and Denver on interstate 70, come stop by the mustard mansion and we will make you feel uncomfortable…hahahah.  no, they had a good time, managed to get my mom’s old Subaru stuck in the mud, took in the greenness.

Distal_Biceps_Tendon_Rupture…of course ‘ole Mustard having surgery to repair a distal biceps tendon rupture on Friday hindered the visit but I don’t think the presence of an old man drooling bothered them.  typing one handed is a drag but I’ve been drug through worse shit…what’s that saying…this too shall pass.   as a buddy told me the other day, it isn’t the pain that will kill you.  starting to do range of motion type stuff, oh joy, but I’m just stoked that I will most likely have full use of that arm again.  itches like a motherfucker, can’t imagine having to wear a cast for months at a time.  anyway, i’ll be rubbin’ one out again in no time…

ran across this tune in that disturbingly calculated youtube way and is disturbingly accurate in describing how I was before I set the bottle down for the last time.  fer ya humboldt heads circa 1990, don’t they remind you of brent’s tv with accordion?

lots-o new Lee Hardcastle!  enough said…watch!

everybody’s pal Darryl pointed me in the direction of Mrs. Betty Bowers America’s best christian, it is a scathingly satirical look at human hypocrisy.  written by some dude using a pseudonym and an actress, dude probably has some agenda, but wtf, he is spot on with his criticism and you can’t go wrong with his irreverence…

Reagan_Youth_Los_Angeles_84Got a request for some Reagan Youth via my old pal and long time Mustard Relic, Brian F.  the frontman extraordinaire, Dave “insurgent” Rubinstein has quite the story, although very short and hopelessly sad. i’m thinking I got into them, in the early/mid 80s probably at the hands of the now legendary PEACE compilation (if you haven’t yet and yer wanting to educate yourself on punk and hardcore punk, there is no better place to start…listening to it myself at the moment). at the time the band only had one release, a 12″ ep, that was just a perfect look at our society in those days. the other source of music at this time by them was the vid of the show below…

1984 DK flyerI had a chance to see em in 84 at this show, which if you’re in the know, by the lineup up of acts, was fucking huge…’an international event.’  Damn straight!  alas young Mustard did not go to this one, like so many others (god there was so many in those days around the LA area), for one reason or another…was probably getting drunk at the park.  i’m sure this one was gnarly, they all were back in those days, but the Olympic was huge which meant a high ratio of assholes.  most of the time when we would go to shows we would go with a bunch of people, rollin’ deep, so for the most part didn’t get hassled by the cowardly gangs of thugs. I asked my buddy Freddy Alva his thoughts and of course he did me a huge solid with this wonderful take,

“To answer your question about Dave; his band Reagan Youth were kind of an oldies act when I saw them circa 1987-88. Of course, they were legendary for putting out a classic 12″, but they seemed kind of dated by then and looking like Deadheads w/tie-dyed shirts plus playing at events like the Pot Parade, which was organized by 1960’s-psuedo radical holdouts The Yippies, didn’t really help matters. I believe they were actually playing, or were about to play, under the ‘House Of God’ moniker by then, having promised to change their name when Reagan left office, so I respected that. I didn’t really think about Dave until the infamous events surrounding the murder of his girlfriend by serial killer Joel Rifkin in ’93, which were so bizarre, that they deserve to make it onto a book or movie one day. He died shortly thereafter and throughout the decades, as I befriended people that had known him from the early days, there is always one constant observation: how brilliant and charismatic he was. I’ve always seen him as a tragic case example of someone that got caught up in extreme radical politics to the point that nothing short of an armed insurrection will do. The realization that, hey nothing remotely resembling that will happen anytime soon, can be crushing. Coming down from that political high can lead to a downward spiral & Dave was an unfortunate casualty of that mindset. I cherish his legacy of being the prime mover in one of the most ferocious Hardcore Punk bands NYC ever produced, RIP Dave.”


B Boys giving proper respect back in the day and covering RY…


Frankie Frankie 2020
My pals in Sweden, Frankie Frankie have a digital EP with some new tunes available on Spotify!  FF are no strangers to this place, in fact I count them as true Mustard Relics…check out the interview I did with them back in January of this year. For some reason this batch of tunes gave me the vibe of a Missing Persons with a subtle, yet definitive hard edge…fresh New Wave with a punch! Great people doing fantastic music…

Here’s the promo trailer for the new EP!

And then a nice live version of the title track (not the best mix, but you get the gist)…


2020 Mother's DayA COVID-19 Mother’s Day portrait, with appropriate social distancing.  Our dear friends the Shewey family came over to BBQ, as our traditional Easter get together was cancelled.   Their oldest boy Charlito (as I call him) is quite the artist and a big time anime fan…I bought some canvases for him and next week he’s coming over to do some painting (I will share the results here…of course) and hang out with the old lady and I.  Our Granddaughters moved away (bummer) so we’ll have to live vicariously through the children of our friends.

2020-05-14 Ora Mae IrbyAnother dear friend of ours, Miss Ora Mae Irby….88 years young.  When I start bitching about the unpleasantries of getting older, I need to remind myself of her.  Life ain’t that bad for a lot of us, it could be a hell of a lot worse and what a wonderful epitaph this would be…”I took what they threw at me and gave them back something beautiful.”  Most people suck though and nobody is playing by the same rules, so inevitably what your left with is a lot of folks who don’t mind kicking you when you’re on the ground.   Reminds me of that tune by the Germs, Victim.

My Bro Shawn found a roadkill beaver and staked it to the ground…the following drama ensued (incredible)…

For the past several years I have been fixated again (after my introduction in ’87), on SPK’s Zami Lehmanni for it’s obvious otherworldly beauty…I’ve said it many times before, it’s by far the most epic soundtrack that has yet to find a movie.  Recently though I ran across their album  Leichenschrei (again) and was equally amazed.  Not all of SPK’s releases speak to me, but this one most certainly does…it’s a secret though, so don’t tell anyone…

My bro Sang, who introduced my to SPK 33 years ago, the other day sends me a link to what he called a “Power Pop band from Busan where I was born.”  I’ll be damned if these folks don’t fucking rule (and they were on KEXP, which is on of my favorite sources for music these days)…

To wrap this post up…I may have mentioned this band before (pardon my regurgitation), but repetition is sometimes necessary to get a good point across. All I have to say about this band, is they seriously ROCK! Funny, what drew me to them was the tune Gacked On Anger, as it reminded me that we used to call speed, “gack”. Of course, the gack of yesteryear puts to shame the poison they make today, but I guess it’s all poison (although I had some good times being all spun out…hahahah, it’s all fun and games until your teeth start falling out or as MDC said< "wrinkle you before your old"). Anyway…

(Wishing I was a) Fly on the wall show in LA!

Come and make me holy again…

Black Sabbath - Bill Ward
Happy Birthday to Mr. Bill Ward, top five drummers all time for me. Sabbath was one of those epiphany bands for me…late 70s via my Aunt Teresa, who slapped on the 2nd album…motherfucking bam! In this here classic tune, with hilariously funny accompanying video, just listen to the drumming…fucking amazing. It’s a classic because of the theme of course, but I wonder if anyone bothers to sit down and drink in Mr. Ward’s genius…

Kraftwerk-001In birth sleeps death. I found out from my pal of 30+ years, Brian, that Florian Schneider, co-founder of Kraftwerk, died yesterday of the cancer at 73. Another epiphany band for me, I can remember being at my MIA friend, Roy Miyake’s house in the earlier 80s and his Mom was playing them on her stereo. I was like damn your Mom listens to some trippy shit, it was like nothing I had ever heard.  To this day I get Boing Boom Tschuk stuck in my head every once in a while.  This Argentinian show had these guys doing their shtick to that tune…

2020-04 Happy HalloweenI posed the question on Instagram, “name that vegetable?” My old smart ass pal Jefe Langdon, responded…George!

My Swedish connect, and wonderful friend, Bjorn turned me on to these youngsters…they fucking rock, live vicariously through they’re youthful energy!

…and I’ll be damned if they don’t show us they got some mustard in their sandwiches live…

1991 or so HumboldtSpeaking of youth, fucking classic photo that brings back a lot of memories and perhaps, subliminally, a lot of forgotten ones too. Probably taken 30 years ago up in Humboldt, partied HARD with these fellas, still much love! I wrote this song around that time, cheers dudes (still got this tune on a bunch of postcard flexis, if’n anyone wants one get me your address somehow and I’ll mail you one…no questions asked).

First thought when seeing this picture…that aging skinhead dude could really use a bong hit and a blowjob. There is of course a story behind it, but who cares anymore (I do 100% support the right to protest though, for whatever floats your boat buddy). Tough times, we have yet to see the scope of the winners and losers in this mess. Tired of COVID-19 and working from home, but you know I have a cautious respect for this thing, the grim reaper is a little busier these days folks. My homeboy Darryl here in the wilds NoWhere Kansas, pointed me to an article in the The Atlantic. Beautifully brutal in it’s description of the current puppet and his pseudo-regime. If you don’t mind that filthy gluttons rule this world, always have, then carry on mofos…just do so 6 feet away from me…hahahah

Feeling like the man on the silver mountain (whatever that means…you tell me), here it is pushing 2am and I can’t sleep, which works out well as I wanted to have this post done yesterday. Oh well, cheers to another day alive…

I’m a wheel, I’m a wheel
I can roll, I can feel
And you can’t stop me turning
Cause I’m the sun, I’m the sun
I can move, I can run
But you’ll never stop me burning
Come down with fire
Lift my spirit higher
Someone’s screaming my name
Come and make me holy again
I’m the man on the silver mountain
I’m the man on the silver mountain
I’m the day, I’m the day
I can show you the way
And look, I’m right beside you
I’m the night, I’m the night
I’m the dark and the light
With eyes that see inside you
Come down with fire
Lift my spirit higher
Someone’s screaming my name
Come and make me holy again
I’m the man on the silver mountain
I’m the man on the silver mountain
Come down with fire
And lift my spirit higher
Someone’s screaming my name
Come and make me holy again
Well, I can help you, you know I can
I’m the man on the silver mountain
I’m the man on the silver mountain
Just look at me and listen
I’m the man, the man, give you my hand
I’m the man on the silver mountain
Come down with fire
And lift your spirit higher
I’m the man on the mountain
The man on the silver mountain
I’m the night, the light
The black and the white
The man on the silver mountain