2020-03-28 EssentialsGot the essentials…coffee, smokes and beans…and my pals!

Sporting the The Rusty VW mug (thanx Finn Pette!), trying not to look smug, as I work from home, hiding out from the craziness. Hoping that all of you are doing well in the midst of the lunacy, wishing y’all nothing but happiness…a wide cup of coffee and a tall glass of water!

If I haven’t educated the masses yet on the maddeningly technicality of Jazz Fusion, then I would be remiss with an essential part of that education in the vast realm of music. I was at this Return to Forever show, pretty sure, it was at the Universal Amphitheater, on a brief reunion they did in ’83. My three favorite bands in ’83 were Slayer, Crass and Return to Forever, HAH! The jazz fusion thing was something I fell for hard and Moms was okay with me going to those concerts whenever, they were pretty tame. My buddy in Burbank, James Finn and my old pal Alexander Wallace IV, were instrumental in educating me on the whole thing. Dig it or don’t, they don’t care, they’re on a whole other level when it comes to musicianship. This Whistle Stop set is AMAZING!

Brian, go to the 14:15 mark for a bass treat

Frank Zappa was a part of that jazz fusion thing I had going on. Never did see him live, but did see his drummer Chad Wackerman who was also the drummer for Alan Holdsworth, another fusion guy. Sadly I think that Zappa’s biggest “hit” was Valley Girl, with his daughter Moon Unit on vocals. I was living in the San Fernando Valley, THE valley, and a song couldn’t be more spot on when it came to that culture…like totally for sure….

The best song on that album though was the title track, Ship Arriving Too Late To Save a Drowning Witch…

6 thoughts on “Essentials…”

  1. not doing great mentally today- dread, sadness, and the foreboding that all of the fucking assholes running the country are going to stay in power- this fucking sucks


    1. I go in and out of sanity, had to call my shrink and get some shit increased so I could function. Hang in there Nazz, much love coming your way from NoWhere Kansas (which btw goes on lockdown Monday).


  2. Hi, I am a huge Zappa head since my kidhood. Though I struggled with political/social perspectives that he spoke of, especially regarding women, I have made my peace with Frank and have grown to understand his twisted perspective… all with a grain of salt. I have to SG guitars, with Frank being one of my inspirations, along with Iommi.
    We are in semi curfew here in Chile 10p – 5am (unless you have special permision to be out) and 1/2 of Santiago is on ‘stay at home’ curfew completely. It’s a new world out here!

    Good to see you.


    1. REN!!! Howdy man. Good to read your words and know you are surviving. I never knew Zappa outside of his music except his stance on the PMRC. Do know he was a dick to work with as a musician. I have also found out that lots of the musicians. Dude please keep in touch!


      1. Looks like you are set for the apocalypse. (You May want to buy more cigarets.)Keep your head down bro. Enjoy the time with your better half. Regardless of what the mighty orange fuckstick Driving the bus says it’s only going to get worse.
        Any and all Stanley Clarke is great. Thanks for the bass break. The fun part of any chick Correa/stanley Clarke composition is watching him NOT go nuts, you can see him holding back.. The Alebmic bass and those huge spidercrab fingers . Dude, he was built for the groove. Thanks bro


  3. oh Zappa. I got a record from Ed a long time ago. Joes garage. It’s crazy. I understand why he was so militant about his music. It could only be played by those who didn’t really worry about fines or timeouts.


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