Charismatic megafauna…

Down and Out SantaHere we are in the holiday season again and what I seem to post frequently is Killdozer’s Oh Little Town of Deathlehem…why not though , it’s a bitchen tune by one of my favorites and ’round here it’s spinning on the turntable (from the wonderful Hardcore Holiday comp LP). This year I ran across another classic from a show that I loved in my teenage days, New Wave Theater (look it up , super cool and the host was mysteriously murdered). There are three Fear tunes that I can find from the set that they played on the show, I wonder if there are more, but this one is just perfect…

Five Spotted HawkmothThe Five Spotted Hawkmoth, in all it’s glory from a pic that I may have posted a year or two ago, but now I know what the fuck it is thank to an interactive site Big Shawn turned me onto…iNaturalist.  If you like to take pictures of this wonderful planet we live on (or what’s left of it), you should think about joining the site (if ya do let me know and we can “follow” each other).  It’s quiet here this winter, nature wise, as everything is sleeping, except when Mother Nature is snoring or farting or something, and we get an icy blizzard.  I know I’m going to curse myself by saying this but it’s been a mild winter thus far…we shall see.

Stumbled upon this band on the wise and powerful, creepy mind control fucking youtube suggested feed.  Ended up listening to them for a couple of hours.  I don’t know enough about these types of bands to suggest a (sub) genre, but it’s like young Grateful Dead type guys doing a progressive almost heavy jazz thing. Lot’s of really good instrumentalists and instrumentalism…easy to groove to, but only musicians really understand the full extent of what’s going on…
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Sleep Drifter (Live on KEXP)

In Mustard Relics Records news, #7 has been sent off to be cut, so 5-7 weeks and this dream of mine will be fulfilled, or realized as I get to release a band that had a huge impact on me…in a way that only a 50 year old fanboy can understand. Below are the links to get at Zach, the guy behind the lathe company I prefer to use…

Christianity is such an easy target, because of it’s dark, ugly 2000 year history, nothing like Jesus envisioned, I’m sure.  I could go on and on about that, but I wanted to end this on a positive note…my pal Jeff Langdon (the Leftoverking) suggested this holiday feel-good-ness…

heroin selling snitch…

2019-12 MOON1The title of the post is an inside joke, but you know what I’m talking about right?

The above pic is the view looking West up to my house with a beautiful full moon and one of the horses eyeballing me, probably wondering what the fuck I’m doing.

2019 FishAnother painting I did…not sure if I’m just a tripper and did too much tripping in my youth, but without intending it, there seem to be a lot of hidden faces in there.

A short vid of the cannabis tour I went to this weekend in Denver, very educational and quite entertaining…set to the music of my old band…
“…the mellow criminal, is not a cannibal.”

2019 SNOOPThe D-O-double-G was on the agenda the night before, which blew the old lady’s mind and to be honest, not a huge rap fan (just here and there), but dude puts on a hell of a show, an artist and a showman.  Smokey as fuck in that place and people were dropping like flies…too much weed mixed with liquor can knock you on your fucking ass…bouncers were busy as hell not with fights but with wheeling wastoids away.

Via our Swedish connect Bjorn are the next two vids. Speaking of my best Swedish pal (we need more people with his kind of character on this planet), if’n y’all follow anything that goes on here, you’d know that his wonderful daughter plays bass and sings in in the also wonderful Frankie Frankie. Whelp, we should be having an interview with what I think is one of the hottest bands playing out there right now, on the blog soon-ish (well, I submitted questions to the band…they may say, this guys a dork and blow off…hahahaha. Anyway keep an eye out for that…

Love live band hip hop…

Nick Cave is God!

The Handsome Family, in the form of this tune from the Strange Country various artists CD, and similar type stuff is what’s been spinning on my imaginary phonograph lately.  For X-mas, I gave a few select people, the ones in the know, a CD with this tune and other suitably depressing country-esque ones…why not have a manic depressive Christmas, huh?

Is there room in hell?

Master of the Flying Guillotine (3)The Master (again)!  Why not?  I wonder what tunes he listens to with that super sensitive hearing?

Rough times Brother and Sisters, but I will not crawl or bow. Got good peeps in my life and that’s what it’s about, plus there’s always music spinning on the turntable in my mind. I have no super power, but I survive on the power of music.

I’ve mentioned this radio station, KEXP, before, they have a shit tone of live-in-studio of various bands on you fucking tube. Reminds me a lot of college radio back in the 80s up in Humboldt, very eclectic, world kinda stuff.  Was going through their vids and ran across a Ukranian band, DakhaBrakha

It’s been my habit since the great upheaval here at MR several years back, to fix broken posts, but damn there’s almost 800 of those bad boys. So, I fix them if I see people visit them. The latest jacked post to be fixed is this one, which featured the song Wild Thing and sure enough in the repair process ran across this live recording. Yes, Hendrix was a God on the guitar, but holy shit, Redding and Mitchel could tear the fucking house down too…

2019 FlowerMy attempt at painting without the luxury of being in one of my painting classes. I have learned nothing except that it’s fun to paint. Have the Granddaughters over this weekend and got my youngest (she’s 11) doing some too.  While we were having a creative moment together I asked her what was spinning on her virtual turntable…and holy shit, 55M views man…I like the her vocals, but the production is outstanding (imagine it by itself) and of course the vid is right up my alley (but 55M views, it’s gotta suck to be that popular, right…

One of the comments of the vid below, “When rocknroll was still great, BEFORE drugs, and before shit groups like Blue Cheer & Iron Butterfly.” Yeah right, I bet these guys are high as fuck on something…what was the thing in 1967, some kind of pill, uppers, downers?

This most superior of metal tunes (by a band that was criminally overlooked) came up on the iPod! the other day…Peaceful Death indeed!

Lee all
Is there room in hell?
You think I want to be
So worthless
Call my name & I will surface
The purpose denies man
Sunday evening
Returning home from church
The masses of people
Lives summarized
In a paragraph
Not much different from mine
We’re after the same thing
We’re after the same
Peaceful Death
Have mercy on my soul
Have mercy on us all
The average man I envy
For his ignorance will ever last
Eternally & his faith
His blessings written in black
But your condemning
My thoughts
A gift eternally wrapped
To rot in a box with a clear head
& all around the million voices of hell
& I’m following you
You don’t want to believe
I do, I do

Had to put down old Morris on the 4th, something like 15 years with us, mostly outside in the elements, a brawler in his time, keeping the wild Tom cats at bay.  We initially got him from a local good friend, Seigel Irby, as a gift and he was to be an inside cat but he would have nothing to do with that…so outside was his home.  Was living in Bogue at the time, before the wife and I got married, he is the last of the cats that we had from out there.  The Vet was cool about it, sensitive and he went out high as fuck, which is something to live for in my book…
2019-07-24 Morris