I can’t help cuz I’m not right…

EDIT: This post was to be posted yesterday, but I slept after I feasted, instead…D’oh!

Nazz? Where are ya buddy, gimmie a holler…

Not a big fan of the Thanksgiving myth, but I do believe that on a daily basis we need to be thankful…food, shelter, friendships and loved ones…something. Of course, my often negative nature (I’m trying man!) reminds me that it’s very possible that there are folks that would have a difficult time being thankful for anything. How would you like them apples? A suggested read, How to not die this Thanksgiving, as we prepare to gorge ourselves (except maybe those folks who have absolutely nothing for which to be thankful). I personally will be driving through a light snow storm to get to where I will gluttonize…

Crass (2)Let’s start this post out with some Crass wisdom for the day…

You have this life, what for? Tell me.
Spend it on shit, your ignorance appalls me.
You serve me your morals, changed for a fiver,
Upright citizen, Penthouse subscriber.
You won’t print the word, but you’ll beat up the wife,
In your ignorant, arrogant, terminal life.
You have this life, you deprive me of mine,
With your twisted, imbalanced idea of sin.
That revolves around money; how much are you bought for?
A tenner, a fiver, is that what you’re caught for?
I’m sick of your pride, you think you can rule me,
With crappy judgements from your respectable majority.
Majority of what? You self oppressed idiot,
I’m not going to carry you, I’m no compatriot.
How many times do I excuse and forgive
The damage inflicted by the way that you live?
I hold my vision against your aggression,
Your final defense, your only possession.
I’ll show you the blood, but you’ll still point the gun,
If the money’s enough, or can you show you’re a man?
To your submissive wife, desperate whore,
Home loving, mothering, stifling bore.
You have this life, you twist and abuse it,
Morals and money and media controls it.
Can’t you see the dead children, blood in the street?
Every fist that you raise is a corpse at your feet.
Every time you are bought, I don’t care the amount,
You are the rapist, dealing in death count.
And you do this with mercenary morals, you shit,
Oh, you’ve been told about dignity down in the pit.
Respectable working man, honorable wife?
A waste of energy and an insult to life.

Just my two cents, the choices we are presented with are sometimes difficult and like water, human nature may be to take the path of least resistance (which seems like it eventually turns into the path of most resistance, in my experience).

Pete Wright, the bass player and singer on a few tunes, including the one above. Was wondering what he did after Crass and came up with this trippy tune he did…

Did some more searching and came up with a whole album’s worth of material with Martin Wilson of Flux Of Pink Indians doing percussion. Pretty crazy stuff, like if Syd Barrett had been in Crass…hahahaha (I’m getting lame at being able to describe some of the wild shit there is to listen to out there…

Master of the Flying Guillotine (2)An old GIF I made several years ago, that I (may) have never posted. After seeing my Bro Big Shawn up in the Fargo area, while kicking it at his spread and spending time with him and his wonderful wife Heather, I was reminded in conversation of one of the finest movies ever made, top notch in it’s genre.  Anybody have any favorites…the One Armed Boxer?

Whilst looking for Judas II on fucking youtube I happed to run across a page for an author/professor that I’ve read before, Bart Ehrman. Dude is heavy as fuck on Christianity, if’n you’re keen on early Christian history, like I am, you might check out his lectures and debates. I wanted to be a Professor of Religion or at least get my masters so I could be a lecturer, but circumstances got in the way of that. The main hurdle was the fact that I did not take college as seriously as I did doing large amounts of drugs/liquor and generally partying pretty fucking hard for 6 years. The outcome of that was a low B/high C average GPA, around 2.8. The only bright side was that my GRE scores were pretty decent, not great but not horrid like my performance in school half the time. Well, yours truly got married in 1994 to his Venezuelan princess and after the most amazing trip of my life (a story in itself), in her homeland, we settled in San Diego because that’s where she was from and her Mom lived. San Diego State University happens to have a nice masters/doctoral program, so I was cool with the move career wise. Whelp, that low GPA of mine came back to bite me in the shit hole, as the program at SDSU was seriously impacted to the point where they weren’t taking anyone below a 3.25 GPA. So the two years I applied, I received the short but not so sweet letter denying me admission. Thus began a spiral that had it’s roots in my genes, was sown throughout my youth and reaped in the late 90s…a dismal harvest indeed.

Liam & Nicole 11-2019Liam’s birth was the only thing good and lasting to have come out of my San Diego experience. I’d like to think that no matter what choices I made or should have made, have no bearing on whether or not he was going to be a part of my life…his soul is connected to mine.  Here’s my boy Liam with his gal Nicole in the great state of North Carolina (been there twice and both times it didn’t suck…Liam’s graduation and fucking Weedeater). I mentioned it a post or two ago, that I didn’t know what I had to offer my Son, so I found this song by one of my top five acts…

This is the sum total of all my relationships…not right!

…and finally from my pal Björn…my caption of the vid, “Several month’s worth of me harassing my good pal Björn in Sweden via WhatsApp…thanx buddy for compiling it! The clip is from Frank Black’s second solo album, Teenager of the Year and the song is, I Wanna Live on an Abstract Plain (All rights to him).”


Mix of MixesWas so feeling this tune just now when it popped up on an old mix CDr I decided to listen to, THE Mix of Mixes…silly name but every song hits home for me.  Lucky #13 on the mix,
the most savage beating of a drum kit I’ve ever heard, like a TV MA movie when there is a warning for strong pervasive bloody gore throughout (you know it’s going to be fucking good).  I’m sure the tune and band have been mentioned here before, it is just as it should be, probably in my top ten hardcore tunes ever.  Ever been cranked up?  Haven’t done speed in probably 20 years and from what I understand this bathtub shit they make now is pure evil,  nothing like the geeter we used to get that was made by folks who understood some chemistry.  The shit that I had dialed in back in the Humboldt days was almost too pure, but what the fuck, live fast, die young, and all that.  I do miss that one of a kind euphoria and that feeling of utter invincibility.  I did quite a bit of that shit, but I never felt like I was addicted, thank God. Hated the tweekers when in detox, because all you had to do was give them some food and sleep, and they were fine, while the drunks and junkies would have 3-5 days of pure hell. My advice is to find a way to get high on life, instead, all that crap is garbage.  Anyway, marvel at this if you haven’t heard it before, play loud or not at all…

Finally got some of my own vids of the Slayer show in Fargo last Sunday. Like I said in the last post, Ministry stole the show for me, but of course Slayer rocked it. Nothing like when I saw them 35 years ago, but the Fargodome is a whole lot different than the Hollywood Paladium, and to be honest with you the heshers of the 80s were a lot fucking crazier than the kids these days. “It is what it is”…

Ministry, slayed it…

TWEENERS1The banter at the beginning this is hilarious, I just couldn’t cut it out…Chris is high as fuck on something. I asked Jeff for his thoughts on the show and all he would give me, was “pretty whacky.” Some seriously far out tunes with wildly wild vocals and then all of a sudden you get a cover of Still the Same (@ 17:51) which is a classic choice for a band to do (saw Bob Seger in Texas last year on his final tour, good show). The tune after that is a total surfcore classic (@ 22:37)! Some pretty wild shit all in all…only in Humboldt County…

Let the dead bury their dead…

R. L. BurnsideThe immortal R. L. Burnside keeping time to the magic that was his music.  I couldn’t keep time to save my life, just listen to my singing and think of Steve Martin in The Jerk…no rhythm whatsoever.  Of well, I have no gifts to impart except maybe now just a big heart…hahahaha.  Nothing to pass on to my progeny except a tendency towards passive insanity and a propensity to get hooked on the hooch…sorry Son.  But that heart is right there on my sleeve, big sack of sap that I am…boohoo.  There is no greater lover of music than me, though, it’s been with me since the beginning and if they have a memorial of some kind for me, there will hopefully be music in the end.  Me dreams say that my demise will arise on the road, in a vehicle, so in that case chances are the tunes will jamming (unless my friend Darryl is driving, he prefers to do without the tunes).  The GIF is taken from the Alan Lomax vid for the tune See My Jumper Hanging On The Line, 1978 (which I’ve featured here before)…”fix my supper Lord let me go to bed, this white lightning done gone to my head.” The tune below, 20 years later, with the band, is beyond fucking cool…

IMG_0253Met up with this one of a kind human being up in his stomping grounds in the Fargo North Dakota area, a monstrous shout out to anybody that remembers Big Shawn, from the Humboldt days…a true Mustard Relic!  My good pal Darryl made the drive for me, as I just can’t stay awake on long drives anymore, cheers to him.  On Saturday we hit up an event in Fargo called Pangea, a sort of multicultural dance and food affair…very cool, all kinds of folks from around the world enjoying each other’s company and celebrating diversity.  The food was excellent, had me a plate that had foods from Denmark, Haiti, Liberia and Native America (Liberian hot sauce kicks ass).  Sunday was all about hanging out with Shawn and his wonderful wife Heather (another old Humboldt friend) at their pad across the river in Minnesota.  Cheers to them for hosting me (Darryl went up to Canada).  He may have planted the seeds of Warcraft in me, that’s a fun fucking game.  That night though it was all about the Slayer show, with headliners Phil H. Anselmo and the Illegals (they were alright, but didn’t get me toe tapping though), Ministry (with Sin the guitar player that I went to high school with…he doesn’t remember me though…hahhahha…they stole the show I thought) and Primus (Les Claypool is one of the most amazing guitar plays of our generation, but there is a such a thing as too much bass)…then the almighty Slayer (who played many songs I didn’t recognize before they finally got in to the first 3 albums, which is all I listen to…then it was all about Chemical Warfare, Angel of Death and this one that Shawn captured)…

Fortunately some soul out there recorded the Ministry set…

Fire Demons

Have you noticed I figured out how to embed videos lately?  It adds a little bit of an extra dimension to the posts (yes or no?).  I thought the above video was good for a laugh or two (so watch it!).

Fire Demons my logo
One of my good bro Jeff’s many bands here for you.  If you like it heavy then this is the shit for you, but then again I’ve liked every band Jeff has ever been in going way back to the band we played together in, Grout.  Do a search here and you can find some of his guitar work (he plays drums in FD) under Grout or the Hitch.  If you dig what’s going on here with the Fire Demons, be sure to check out their site here, http://www.myspace.com/thefiredemons .  All I have is the taste that he has given me, but it’s enough to remind you that Humboldt County California is not just good for the best weed in the world.  Serious hard, doomy rock. I did some searching around and found they have a page at the awesome Humboldt Music page here, Humboldt Music .  You can also check them out here, High Grade Rock .  Thanx Jeff!!!

EDIT:  Here it is 11/09/2019 (in the wee hours of the morning) and I’m back to this post because I saw that it got a hit from the outside world and took a look and it was totally jacked up by the switch from a rented server to the WordPress familia…sad!  This originally aired her at the Relics on 10/02/2008. That first introductory video is original, everything else needed some wrenching, so I decided to turn this into THE Fire Demons post! I did want to add that Jeff and I have been doing old style phone conversations lately and I’ve really enjoyed this occasional pal activity in my life, got a mountain of respect for Mr. Jeff Langdon (a true Mustard Relic)!

This here’s the demo they did…

Take out the Trash
Ogre Breath
The Child
Mommy’s on the Rag
Pick Up Truck
Daddy Doodies
In This society

This’n here is live at Hell’s Kitchen in Tacoma, Washington…

Big Loaf Man
This Job Sucks
In This Society
Bad Move
Pirate Radio

This vid was done by a genius pal of the band, Bob Giltzow…

And a “vid” I uploaded back in 2013 of my fave Fire Demons tune…

Finally, the original of that tune from none other than the Leftoverking himself…

Sea Fairing Alien Semen…

Feel the BernYou may not like the Bern (I think he is a baby step in the right direction and yes of course he is past his prime) and that’s okay, but you will never be this cool at 21 years of age, resisting arrest at a civil rights protest. Sad thing is nowadays the cops would just shoot you for resisting arrest and say that they feared for their lives (remember when they would just beat you down).

I’ve been on this weird alt folk kick lately, for better or worse, and I’m finding out that a tune can have a subtle edge to it, you don’t need to be hollered at.  Ever heard of Norma Tanega? I hadn’t and probably would never have but it was used on some show so the tune is getting lots of hits now. This wasn’t her hit, but pretty ahead of her time with this one…and well, you’re dead.

Back in college I had this pal Jeremy Valverde, we got to be pretty close in a short period of time…ya know several acid trips with a guy, allows you to know where a person’s at in a way that people who have never dosed know nothing about (I got some stories there, that I need to elaborate on at some point, trips are a trip, man).  Jeremy and I parted ways when we both fell for the same gal, Linda Lee.  They rode off into the sunset together, I’ve wondered a few times over the last 30 years how Linda and Jeremy are, I hope well, they were good folks.  Anyway, Jeremy had this Sister that was a few years older than him living in bay area somewhere, that we visited a few times.  She was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and when she talked, I remember hanging on her words.  She had some guy that was terribly in love with her (poor guy) and gave her a tape, with Iggy Pop’s Horse Song on it over and aver again on both sides of a 90 minute tape…ever feel like a horse???

Dead AliveMissed it on Halloween, the reminder for folks to pull out their old Dead Alive (aka Brand Dead) VHS and have a gore fest. They don’t make flicks like this anymore and I suppose there’s a reason. Dude who was the brainchild, Peter Jackson, has bigger fish to fry these days. If you haven’t seen it, hit me up and I will get you a copy…
Dead Alive 2
A late Halloween entry for listening purposes from my good pal in Sweden…total classic!

Ended up having this tune infect my brain again, it is so fucking catchy and I love the mythic tale Ed weaves with the lyrics and the truth in them is quite compelling these days (as we worship those who enslave).  Ancient history, when will we just be…