Drugs not hugs, don’t touch me

Mr Pickles S04Haven’t featured Mr. Pickles in awhile (my GIF of the 4th season trailer), but then again I missed season 3 (not sure what I was doing at that time, but not that). Y’all can stream all 3 seasons through Adult Swim, I just haven’t had the gumption to hassle with it…you should though.

PHOTO-2019-10-30Halloween is here again, yup, as you can tell I’m ready with my silly snapchat filter, which actually gets the MR thumbs up. Lots of humbling death in my life, the last few years, so I’m hoping the spirit world is a better place and those folks are truly at peace. My Mom’s best friend, Teresa is 80 today, so called her and wished her good one, sent a huge wave of love. She’s been a spiritual guide for me all my life and all that is left.  Her and my Mom used to be quite the scenesters in Hollywood back in the 60s, shit, when I was a baby we lived in an apartment on Hollywood and Vine.  There was a bar that they hung out at called Barney’s somewhere down there and they would party with all kinds of characters, apparently old man Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s Grandpa) was one of the local drunks.  They had fun and I hope in the long run, no regrets.  Back to Halloween, a great Shakespeare quote from Hamlet via my pal Darryl, to usher in this fine evening on this somewhat cold evening (at the particular planetary speck I occupy)…

’Tis now the very witching time of night,
When churchyards yawn and hell itself breathes out
Contagion to this world. Now could I drink hot blood,
And do such bitter business as the day
Would quake to look on. Soft, now to my mother.
O heart, lose not thy nature! Let not ever
The soul of Nero enter this firm bosom,
Let me be cruel, not unnatural;
I will speak daggers to her, but use none.
My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites—
How in my words somever she be shent,
To give them seals never my soul consent!

POTHaving nothing to do with the Holy day, but I’m inconsistent and haphazard like that, somehow found myself on  a click bait site and encountered this humorous text…

Anti Weed Slogans and Sayings for anti weed awareness campaigns and to help those who want to quit weed use.
The use of weed is not only harmful to its user; they can also become a risk to the society. The use of Weed has many worst effects like reduced resistance to common illnesses, growth disorders, reduction of male sex hormones, reduced sexual capacity etc.
We need to help the weed users in quitting this habit. We have to join our hands against weed. We have to run campaigns against it and anti-weed slogans are a great tool that can be utilized in these campaigns.  Feel free to use these slogans in anti weed campaigns and don’t forget to share them with your friends.

Say no to weed
Keep off the grass
Keep calm and stay away from weed
Kick the weed
Delete weed and start good deeds
Weed is not a problem solver
Take a lead, leave weed
Weed user is a looser
Weed, ruins brain
Weed is a smoking gun
Don’t do weed, do Yoga
Weed is a bad deed
Weedy is a greedy
Go green but never grow marijuana
Weed kills, this message is approved by GOD
Weed, sexual capacity reducer
Say no weed, say yes to life
Weed is not a need
I like hugs, not drugs
Weed costs you your life
Sing songs and avoid weed
Weed is harmful for your memory
Be a good deeder, not a weeder
Weed causes anxiety
Weed is a bad thing
Weed kills you slowly
Keep calm & Say no to weed
Weed is trash and dumb to smoke

On this spiritual day, I say, RIP Delores…with almost 7 million views my condolences are just dust in the wind…was gonna see these guys in Denver, did not and she died a few months later…

Movie wise, watched a flick called Hell or High Water with one of my favorite actors, Jeff Bridges.  Best line in the movie was not from Sir Bridges (he would be knighted if he were English), but from Gil Birmingham who plays Bridges’ Texas Ranger partner, “A long time ago your ancestors was the Indians, til someone came along and killed them and broke them down, made you into one of them.”  All I know is I don’t want to one of “them” but I think unfortunately and, yes, involuntarily, that I am.  We are takers, not givers by nature, and if it was just for survival I could somewhat understand, be we want our shit and yours too.  On top of that we’re going to make you be just as flawed and incomplete as we are.

Let end this with a re-up I did of sorts, had direct links to the separated and labeled tracks, but in this modern of age of me being them, it is now uploaded to fucking YT…classic early Peruvian industrial music


a friend with weed is a friend indeed

Feck12 fucking years baby (HAF at 6am), I’ve been doing this here thing and in that time I hope, in the most un-PC way, as rapper Lil Yachty sez in his tune Not My Bro “I’m not fucking with these niggas or these bitch niggas or these niggas’ hoes.”  Talk about a line I would never use, but shit he does have a point…I’m not fucking with anybody, mind my own business and do this here blog.  It’s been an adventure, had to jump off the cliff, like Rambo in the first movie, and make the change over to WordPress, which left the blog in tatters.  Perseverance is not in my character, too flaky for that, I do love doing this though and most importantly my love of music has had a huge impact on my life (as dark as that may have been at times).  At every junction of my life I know what was spinning on the turntable.  Went back and read my very 1st post and it still holds true (the pic is of me at about 8 years old, Lil Mustard, 1977, when I was living on Reno St. in the Rampart District of LA)…
Spooky“Well I’m trying to get this started and I’m having a hell of a time. My computer knowledge is limited so when I’m trying to do what I want to do I just can’t do it. This has turned into a kind of a pain in the ass, when all I wanted to do was post a little bit of music. I can’t even pick out a theme I like so I’ll just go with the color green. Hopefully it will all work out and you will at least have access to some music. Here goes. They used to call me Mustard in elementary school, when I first got into good music, because I always had mustard and cheese sandwiches for lunch (Mom made those for me). Back in the late 70’s it was Rodney on the ROQ with bands like Devo, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys . The music just went from there and wasn’t limited to punk rock. A Relic, according to the dictionary, is an object, custom, etc. that has survived wholly or partially from the past; often something that has historical interest because of it’s age and associations with the past, or that serves as a keepsake or souvenir. That’s what this site’s about. The stuff that’s left over, not just from the past but the here and now. Obviously if you see something of yours posted you don’t want posted let me know and I’ll get rid of it. If you don’t like this site go to one of my links because I’m sure they’re doing a better job anyway. This is my thing though and I’m not fancy so it won’t be either. I will do the best I can. I would like to thank Todd from 7inchpunk.com and Jon from punkrecords.org for their help in getting me started, especially with recording to the computer. Thanx for visiting. Mustard”

swedenThanx to the mention of Frankie Frankie the blog was hot in Sweden the last few days, probably 100 hits just from there since it was posted. Serious as I could be, I have high hopes those three make it to the point where they can survive and thrive on their artistry. I know though, that just because you might be good (because it’s fact when I say it is so…hahaha), doesn’t mean you will make it…it’s not what you know but who you know. Just had the thought too, that maybe that’s not what they want, maybe they just want to have fun and aren’t concerned with music as a career. Makes me think that perhaps an interview might be in order…hmmm.

The Bjorninator, enlightened me yet again, he seems to know more about music in the states than I do, not sure what he’s dialed into, but he churns out good recommendations again and again. This time ’round, he called them “updated garage punk from LA” and he is spot on (but of course I’ve got to add my two cents, ‘cuz I’ve always got something to say…just ask the folks I call all the time to talk their ears off). These guys produce some serious high energy shit, they go off live (as I’ve said before, if you can’t do it live then stay in the studio). Very much remind me of the almighty Zeke (and that is fucking cool)…
The Bronx – Intro/ Heart Attack American

And then if that wasn’t enough, they have this killer side project called Mariachi El Bronx. Fuckin’ just love this incarnation of the band, it gets the Mustard Relics mutt stamp of approval, an instant relic. Folks might call this cultural appropriation, but I call bullshit on that (and that’s all I have to say on that). NPR has a nice collection of stuff for listening and download, and there’s this nice short set live on KEXP…

…liked ’em so much I got stuck in their bad-ass-ed-ness and floated on the fucking tube for a couple hours…found this earlier vid also from KEXP…

Lee Hardcastle has a new vids man! If you’ve been following this blog, you know I’m a huge fan of his work…

I have now run out of shit to say (for now). This is that point in a telephone conversation where I say, “well I’m gonna let you go” and I literally mean that (my captive audience is now released…and if you set them free and they don’t come back, hunt them down and kill them…hahahahah). THE almighty ZEKE!!!

Are you stoned or stupid?

2019-08-22Yours truly getting my 15 year award at work…quite the accomplishment when you consider my history. I was still a practicing drunk when I first started there but the old gal who ran the place cut me some slack for long enough for me to get “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Gotta work another ten years to get my points and retire , but figure I’ll just be there till I’m dead, the old lady will get more insurance money that way.

Urban StylesMy long time virtual pal Freddy Alva sent me a copy of his book…I had asked him to personalize it (he turned it into gold for me) and was stoked the fuck out when it came in the mail today. If’n you’re not familiar with the book, check out the review I did a while back when it first came out. He is now on a 2nd edition (that’s right, the 1st sold the fuck out), this one is expanded and if I’m not mistaken, comes with a flexi. You can get you one at Deathwish and you should if you’re interested in that place where hardcore punk and graffiti intersected in the 80’s on the east coast (he had them available at his Wardance Bigcartel but he just sold the fuck out there)…

Uber pal Björn had turned me onto the Dillinger Escape Plan in the last post, but I had no idea what the name of the tune was he had shared with me…of course he enlightened and I pass it on to you…fucking love that intro…Understanding Decay

Shawn, who I will be seeing in the wonderful winterland that is Fargo when we behold the almighty Slayer et al in November, asked me if I had heard of Bolt Thrower. I had, but had not heard them since the late 80s, early 90s. In my mind they were part of that whole Carcass, Godflesh, Napalm Death thing back then. It was nice to revisit them and I’ll be darned if I didn’t dig the fact that they are more moshin’ than they are grindin’. I’m on this live kick right now, as I figure if all you can do is studio stuff then you can call yourself an artist, but you are no performer. BT looked fun live…

My main Minnesota man was also tuned into the last post with it’s math core/technical metal leaning, and came up with a new to me band. These guys fucking shred…

Chief Faulkenberry chimed in as well with the ultra aural enlightenment, a band called Refused from Sweden (ever heard of ’em Björn) that have an interesting take on hard core.  Not quite straight ahead, melodic at times, but different…dig it

Been talking with Jeff  (of the Hitch et al) a bunch lately about home taping and whatnot.  He had a bunch of 1/4″ 4 track reels of Grout (my last band) and decided to send them to me as I have a TEAC 3340S that should have been able to play them, but everything works except the play button.  Watched vids on the fucking tube to see what to do, but I think it just needs a new switch…I say “just” keeping in mind that this is an almost 40 year old machine.  Anyway decided to have them sent off and have them converted professionally, so we may be seeing some old Grout stuff with yours truly on vox (I don’t even remember these sessions, Mustard was doing a gang of different drugs during this time.  Anyway, made me think of the Hitch in all their glory and how, had I stayed I may have been the singer of that band…hahaha, Steve and Jeff may have put up with me but I think the other guys would have sent me packing.  This is the absolute pinnacle for me of the Hitch, I love their later stuff too, but this was definitely a moment in time, 1998 at the Vista…

Lastly, my pals in Frankie Frankie, outta Sweden have got a new tune and vid (done by the drummer, Lisa). We explore a lot of hard old shit around here, so it’s nice to just kick back and listen to something fresh and new. May not be the cup of tea for some of the die hard Relics, but this is Relic music. Their youthful creative energy is a breath for fresh air for this old man and reminds me of a time when I was youthful, creative and had energy (the compression in my cylinders is not what it used to be). I could see these two gals and a guy, shaking up popular music, it’s a shame this vid has so few views (nice job Lisa a really fun vid). This is as DIY as it gets, and these three wonderful people deserve a lot of recognition…

Ass, Grass, Gas…Nobody Rides For Free

Centruroides vittatus 2My cartoonized Centruroides vittatus (nudge Big Shawn)…

This one goes out to my old bro, Brian, bass player extraordinaire, after our discussion about the wonders of NoWhere Kansas (a short conversation). I was on my way to bed afterwards, and thought about it and I guess no matter where you’re at, “it is what it is” and you just put your best foot forward in life and hopefully it works out for the best. Brian wasn’t too keen on the far-out-ed-ness of the music in the last post so we’ll go with a classic done by a classic. Some of the best lyrics ever and the tune itself is quite moving. I remember when I saw Kansas in ’83 and they played it I was blown away…some serious musicians in that band, but that was sorta the theme of the whole prog rock thing. This here live version is pretty moving I think as well with Klaus Meine and the Scorps doing an acoustic jam. Wikipedia states that “(Klaus) Meine was placed at No. 22 on Hit Parader’s Top Heavy Metal Vocalists of All Time list in 2006″…I would put him much higher on my list, but if you go check that list, it’s a gigantic joke! Anyway, dude’s voice is insane and the addition of a cello is a nice touch (by the way Chief, if I’m ever rich I want to get you a Flying V acoustic bass)…

2019-10-19 TurkeysWild turkeys in our field. For some reason it always brings a smile to my face and in my book anything in life that takes me there is welcomed. I want to be happy and want that for those I care about as well.  Shit, I want happiness for everyone as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of others.  Lot’s of jive turkeys out there though, who like to point fingers at shit in others, instead of worrying about themselves.  It’s funny too, this snowflake label, when the biggest snowflakes of them all are the ones pointing fingers and labeling.  The guy that farms our land, that’s alfalfa in the pic above, was telling me that he was tired of people wasting their time investigating “our” president.  I didn’t tell him that he is a fucking criminal, they all are, just tools for the multinationals, they perpetuate the machine.  The flag that these guy raise, the only one they owe allegiance to, is green and red…green for the money they worship and red for the blood of those that fuel the machine.  We are nothing but logs to put on their fire. This what it is to be human, flawed, incomplete. We are our own worst enemy and the only way that’s going to change is if we all collectively take a good look at ourselves. That, is never going to happen and I’ve said it before, the best thing that could happen to the planet is the elimination of the species…end of story and end to the fantasy that we are somehow important in the grand scheme of the universe.

On a totally less preachy and heavy trip, I mentioned my 4th year Spanish teacher in high school, Mr. Laris and how I came to appreciate (some) classical music…it was this performance and I am still to this day not a piano guy (I’ll publicly admit here that I like a few Billy Joel tunes though).  I know I’m repeating myself here, but somethings are that fucking important. If you are a musician or better yet a pianist, then you know how fucking good this performance is and if you know the original composition, then you know how insane her interpretation is…

My pal Björn with the MR sticker on his git…couldn’t be more stoked.  If’n y’all want a sticker, or 13, of your own, hit me up (if I sent one, send a pic of where you got it stuck).  I now have two folks on WhatsApp, Björn of course and now on of the exchange students, Pun, from Thailand.  Anyway, Björn is one that will enlighten me by sharing what’s playing on his virtual cassette deck and this time around it’s a band I had heard of many years ago, with a name like Dillinger Escape Plan,  ya know, it sticks in yer head, but I had never heard them.  Don’t know which song he shared with me, but it was super math core (or what I like to call, hardcore jazz) and it sent me on a little trip sampling their wares on fucked tube. The first S/T EP is a great place to start (released in ’97) and then, I suppose, a great place to end, is with a live vid showing how fucking nuts these guys really are…



dead don't die2I want to be Iggy Pop during the Zombie apocalypse…

My recent acquaintance Giuseppe, reminded me that it’s Kaczynski Editions time again…

“I’d like to inform you that 15th October we’ll publish the new label release.
It will be a split-album on tape, the first from the new series we called KACZYNSKI TAPE SESSIONS.
A magnetic tape, 30 minutes, 2 artists, 15 minutes each and a main theme to which the sounds are inspired.
The first tape is played by me (Zerogroove, guitar and machinery in ranter’s Groove and zero23) and Alessandro Bocci (regular member of Starfuckers, italian avant-garde cult-band) and is called THE URBAN TAPE.
Zerogroove and Alessandro Bocci propose their urban vision of sound.
Zerogroove, a schizoid vision of the urban suburbs.
Alessandro Bocci, a dark and hallucinated vision of the post-techno urban paranoia.
This series will be made in an ultra-limited version using different materials from time to time.
THE URBAN TAPE will be made of wood and hand painted with spray.”

Honored to get these requests from artists who are the real deal and get turned on to works that explore areas of “music” that I am unfamiliar with (although quickly learning I think)…unchartered territory really.  Always a day late and a dollar short, had hoped to get this done before the release date, which was today of course (just get caught up in my head and spew forth whatever seems important to me at the time…”on a mission from God” ya know).  This music is important to me though, rubbing elbows with the underground’s electronic elite, from half a world away.  I’m not one to go track by track giving you some kind synopsis of each, but I wanted to here because each composition is so different as are the two artists themselves.  More about the vibe that I get from the entirety of the work, this “urban vision of sound.”  I feel intensely intrigued by the refusal to abide by predictable song structure, this ain’t no sing a long music, it’s strictly for listening and absorbing (I highly recommend listening through a decent pair of headphones at an appropriate volume, allowing yourself 25 minutes of undisturbed attention).  This is my continuing education in the avant garde world that started almost 40 years ago with the legendary Albert Ayler…I think Mr. Ayler would have dug what these two composers are up to.  Alessandro Bocci’s “hit” here is Shake the Gate, with it’s tripped out rhythm, droning on, surrounded by swirling sounds…this one really took me for a ride.  Guiseppe (aka Zerogroove…love that name) takes you on his own trip with the “chart topper” Asesino (samba overdrive mix), the last track on the tape, it sort of sums it all up, with it’s whacked out vibe.  The whole tape flows from beginning to end and the time I spent listening to it (about 5 times really) were well spent.  For some reason it took me back to my 4th year Spanish class with Mr. Laris who through the film (remember those classroom projectors) The Glory of Spain and specifically the performance of Alicia de Larrocha opened my eyes to music I could not previously appreciate. Anyway, this here tape, is for real…