It’s been a while since I did a Super Sabado Gigante Mega Armageddon Death post (again with the minimalist title), but there’s a lot on my plate, in my mind and spinning on my virtual turntable that must be set free (and if it doesn’t come back I will kill it). Lots of killer shit on this one, don’t fucking miss out…hahahah
CRASS steal your faceThe above was first conceived by my old pal and bandmate, Jim Shank, in 1987 at the dorms of Humboldt State University (if’n you know of other examples, they are fraudulent).  Jim was (is) the real deal, the rockinest skatin’ deadhead Black Flag fan turned master banjo picker. If y’all want a sticker or two hit me up…

The cats in the MASTER BOOT RECORD project emailed me a live vid of an interesting live take.  Dig it or don’t, I do.  The caption…”Heavy Metal Is Not Dead. It Was Just Not Evenly Synthesized”…”5 computers, 3 CRT, Guitar, Drums”…

soccer ball2Fantasy Premier League! Most likely you know nothing about this and perhaps could give two fucks. I on the other hand, since visiting my pal Match in Phoenix, have been really enjoying watching Futbol again (specifically Premier League, English soccer). Shit I played competitive soccer from when I was 5 until my knee blew the fuck up on my 16th birthday playing for Burbank High (still walk with a limp and my doc these days tells me that it will have to be replaced soon in the state it’s in…oh bliss). I was never very good, decent might be the right word, but damn I loved playing that game (punk rock jock). I won’t get into the spelling out the whole fantasy thing, you either know what I’m talking about or don’t, but I will say it is a means of following players more closely. So now I get up at 6am every Saturday morning to watch it on NBCSN and then a little later in the morning on Sundays (they know me, I must sleep in on Sunday).  How about we segue from English Futbol to this English band (if musicianship was money, these guys (and gal) would be tycoons), jazz-folk geniuses…

I guess The Be Good Tanyas had been featured on Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Weeds (fucking loved Weeds!), but I discovered them the fucking youtube way, they were suggested after the Pentangle vid. They do a killer cover of (the Artist formerly known as) Prince’s, When Doves Cry which is VERY diggable, but this Townes Van Zandt live cover is epic…The Be Good Tanyas…

Say this knowing that with over ten years of the blog, boohooing about 50 years of life on this fucking planet and whatnot, my web presence must be large-ish, but beware people, “they” know exactly what you’re doing (what you’re gonna do, shit they lead us down an diabolically intentional path).

dead don't dieBeen watching a lot of flicks and whatnot on Netflix, some hits and misses, some I dig, other folks don’t.  Netflix is another one of those virtual places that makes “suggestions” and I don’t mind I suppose, it’s helpful because there’s lots to look at out there, but once again I say, beware this kind of technology is leading us down a path that puts someone else the helm of your life.68 Kill 68 Kill is as good a place to start as any, brutal as fuck and a damn good story, you feel for the main character, at the same time you want him to quit being a dumbass (we’ve all been there).  I’m not much of a movie critic, A flick either speaks to me or it doesn’t, then again I’m easy to please and for Christ’s sake, I was dumb enough to think that people couldn’t smell the vodka on my breath (thinking of that reminded me that I never mentioned that on the 31st of last month, I was 14 years sober…HA!!!).  I take most, if not all, of the responsibility now, but I used to say that it was women who drove me to drink…if I was the main character in this flick I would definitely drink…a lot! Then there’s The Dead Don’t Die, with a million and one folks playing in it from popular culture, of today and the past. Tilda Swinton (in the above animated GIF that I made from the trailer), Hubba Hubba, she is gorgeous (she’s also featured in the blog header, from the flick Constantine, a found animated GIF). Very dry humor has to be your kind of thing to enjoy this one, I got a kick out of it and did I mention it features Tilda Swinton (she plays a quirky mortician who has just moved to the neighborhood)?  Not your typical zombie flick, but I guess these comedy zombie flicks are a common thing.  One of my exchange students, Pun from Bangkok, enjoyed comparing different zombie characteristics, fast or slow, smart or dumb, quick or slow to make the change, etc…the zombies in this one would be to slow for him, he was very fond of the ones in World War Z.  The theme song is a variety of country that is very diggable (as opposed to the lame pop country that is popular these days)…

Talked to the old French Catholic neighbor buddy for a bit the other night (mosquitos weren’t too thick this time).  He’s always reminding me that he has over 40 syndrome when we share our aches and pains with each other.  This time he was on a roll going from topic to topic…the balance of Law and Justice, legal cancer causing poisons in our food, prescription drugs vs natural remedies and then of course, the weather and farming.  Funny I like the guy, he helps out with his tractor when the driveway gets bad, but I know very little about him.  It was nice to hear him open up a bit.  It was also nice that I had the opportunity to help him out for once, loaned him my circular saw for a project he was working on, he had come over to return it and insisted I take a couple dozen eggs from him as a way of saying thank you.  Down right neighborly. Lady LibertyInformed my best Kansas pal Darryl of this conversation and then suggested on my own that we may as well blow up Miss Liberty and her outdated plaque…”Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” – Emma Lazarus. So much for that hogwash, send ’em packing and lock their kids in cages.  Was also talking to my old pal and bandmate Jeff the other day (we may have some old Grout surprises in the future), reminded me how much I miss a few folks like him up in Humboldt (don’t know if I’ll ever make it back up there).  Was telling him that I had a pretty decent stereo system and a pretty damn good turntable with an even better needle. He asked if I had a moonrock needle, thought that was a brand of needle or something (a good name for one).  He was of course referencing a Steve Martin routine…my response should have been, “why yes I do, with do-decca-phonic speakers.”  hahahah

Any of you old Humboldt heads remember my boss, Dennis Macomber from McKinnleyville?  I mentioned him way back in the beginning of the blog, his Vietnam stories and , of course, one of his favorite sayings, “Fuck a duck, screw a pigeon, get religion.”  To this day have no clue what the hell that means, but if we aren’t going to blow up Lady Liberty, perhaps we can add his quote to the pedestal.

Speaking of Humboldt heads, mi compa, Alex sent me a CD of a newer punk band from up there called Dead Drift.  Sorta have that Bad Religion melodic punk sound, very catchy and sing along-esque…they’ll get ya toe tappin’ in no time.  Sort of refreshing, as I have been toying with extremes a lot lately and these are just good old fashioned, well written/played punk songs.  They don’t have the CD up for sale on their Bandcamp, but I’m sure if you ask nicely…Let The Meth Do The Thinkin’ is my personal fave (because , been there, done that)…

Let’s finish this up and dedicate a song to my visitors from Sweden, you guys/gals rule, thanx for stopping by.  Digs me some of Sweden’s own, and no stranger to the Relics, Frankie Frankie, who are getting edgier every time  I hear ’em.  In this very recent set, they knock my sox off with this updated post punk mixed with power pop type of thing…


Beastie Boy smallMinimalist post titles are the rage here at the Relics…Nothing minimal about the Beastie Boys, humongous in my mind…

Lesson for the evening…shooting the shit with the neighbor smack dab in the middle of a mosquito swarm (they are thick with all the rain we’ve had)…great itching will ensue.

Bjorn?  You out there buddy, I hope all is well???

2019 Liam @ workText conversation between my son and I…
Me: Call me after you get off, Don’t forget (he forgot).
Son: Everything ok?
Me: Oh yeah other than your Pops is insane.
Son: Me and you both Father.

Was getting hits on my blog from the Nothin’ Sez Somethin’ blog, so I visited him and forget what a great site that is. Tons of rare shit!

Still fucking itching like crazy, here.  When I was a kid the babysitter would put Calamine lotion on my skin, like when I had the chicken pox.  Do they still make that stuff?

God, I love my Son, talked to him tonight and couldn’t be happier.  So far so good, hopefully not to many more bumps in the road…smooth sailin’ Son.

BSRediscovering Sabbath Bloody Sabbath tonight, the tune below is a forgotten (to me) hit and it got me to wondering if I had any live boots from that era, but alas, no. Did pick the above record out to spin and was definitely not disappointed…aural bonerage, hot damn that band was smokin’ hot in their day. First record I’ve ripped in a while…hit me up if’n you are wanting…

I am the world that hides the universal
Secret of all time
Destruction of the empty spaces is my
One and only crime

I’ve lived a thousand times
I found out what it means to be believed
The thoughts and images
The unborn child who never was conceived

When little worlds collide
I’m trapped inside my embryonic cell
And flashing memories
Are cast into the never ending well

The name that scorns the face
The child that never sees the cause of man
The deathly darkness that
Belies the face of those who never ran

You gotta believe me
I’m talking to you

Well I know it’s hard for you to know the reason why
And I know you’ll understand when it’s time to die
Don’t believe the life you have will be the only one
You have to let your body sleep to let your soul live on

I want you to listen
I’m trying to get through

Love has given life to you and now it’s your concern
Unseen eye of inner life will make your soul return
Still I look but not to touch
The seeds of life are sown
Curtain of the future falls
The secret stays unknown

Just remember love is life
And hate is living death
Treat your life for what it’s worth
And live for every breath
Looking back I’ve lived and learned
But now I’m wondering
Here I wait and only guess
What this next life will bring

Talked to Jeff Langdon, I’ve never told him he was (is) one of my favorite all time singers…wish I could have done 1/2 that fucking great when I fronted the band. Dude is an epic musician, hellava good friend, honored to have played with him. Here’s the entire KHSU Demo, but my fave tune is hands down Big Truck (all fucking hits though)…

Little Big ManDon’t know how I ended up on the Gap Band, sure as shit though, that’s where fucking YT took me. I’m not much of a take charge kind of guy, more of the beta type I suppose or a bystander sort of wandering through life, but I like to think I choose which fork in the road to proceed down. It doesn’t help when these algorithms are used by all kinds of sites these days “to get to know you better so you have a better user experience.” Yeah right, it’s all about advertising. Remember when fucking YouTube just had ads on the side of the page…now you get ads in between every vid. Complaining again, same old shit, but ya gotta admit there a shit ton to complain about and very little you can do about it. Oh well, this vid took me back to 1982, when I was 13 and my two best pals were Alexander Wallace the 4th and Roy “Hamsterhead” Miyake. All three of us were music lovers at a young age, shit, I had been friends with those guys since kindergarten, but they were both good musicians (especially Alex) while I, to this day, am not instrumentally inclined…I suck. The Gap Band does not suck, especially if you’re inclined to funk. A little dated, hard to mistake that early 80s vibe. Ever had the bomb dropped on you?

2019 HSU AlumniFucking scored, thanx to my old pal Alex, with the Humboldt State Alumni gear (sent two stickers too). His Daughter Sophia just started at HSU a couple of days ago, sort of a legacy thing, I’m really stoked for her but I hope she’s a little more tame and focused on her studies than we were…it all worked out though for the time being (millions of braincells later).

EDIT:  God, looking up at that pic of me just now and it’s fucking huge…glad I didn’t have a booger hanging out of my nose.  Ask yourself this, if you know me, are we close enough that you would tell me if I had a booger (big nose = big boogers)?

NAZZAnd then the Nazzster comes through to earn a gold star for the day from ole’ Mustard with a care package of swag…”the King of Punk” Joey Ramone being the main focus, but a nice disk full of about 5GB of killer music as well (mostly live shit from a slew of greats). Good stuff Maynard!

Wanted to remind folks that Mustard Relics (me) has a Bandcamp, that you might go check out. It’s been an enjoyable experience doing Mustard Relics Records (big shout out to all the folks on the Martyred Heretics comp and much love to my pals in Unter Den Linden). How about a quickie, Mustard Relics Records #6, yours truly on vox…

If I was Dave Letterman, it would be as Tone loc sez in his tune, Cheeba Cheeba,
“…not too hilarious, jokes kinda plain, but everything is funny when you smokin’ Mary Jane.” Indulge me a little self-flagellation…today I told a co-worker, I’m sorry about being sorry…she laughed.

Poison Girls…1980…live…need I say more? “What happens in the world is my business.”

I don’t know how long I’ve been off the facebook, but thinking about it now, I should have announced I was making the exodus to the other side and asked folks for alternative means of communication. Oh well. “No mas” (you get bonus points if you know which boxer said that)! Not even sure if some found my exodus delightful…I hope not but as, my buddy Brian is keen on saying, “it is what it is.” Shit, I just want to visit, people, pick your brain and/or enquire about what’s spinning on your turntable. My musician friends had double to deal with me asking for rips of whatever their respective bands were up to and permission to post it on YT ,and thus on this here blog (which I’d like to think is in the business of blowin’ minds with music). As I said, oh well…hopefully folks keen on the Relics will choose to enlighten me. Read this on a blog, The Snarky Cashier, reminding me of my day today, “Damage to my morale and my opinion of human beings as a whole: priceless.” Hahahah, and so I leave you with the almighty Public Enemy (Liam, if you read this, no one, before or since, had flow like Chuck D)…