…you want to but you don’t?

Cindy B52Friendship is absolutely essential, I feel that.  At this point though, in our technological (de)evolution, it has taken some adapting or perhaps I’m just resigned to the fact that it’s become limited.  I’ve been chalking it up to the fact(?) that we’re busy, but I remember the days when you could just call someone out of the blue and 4/5 times it ended up in a conversation.  I’ve made several calls recently and left messages, but no calls back.  Or texting people, I will say I would love to talk to you, to which the response oftentimes is positive, like yes that would be great, but then a month or two later, nothing.  I got to thinking that maybe I had done something taboo and was no longer considered a good enough friend to warrant a return phone call.  Friendship is sometimes affected by time and space, I think, where time = continuity and space = proximity.  It’s a shame really.  Then again maybe these were limited friendships to begin with.  Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy the friendships I have now, some of which are virtual and will probably never result in a phone call.  Not complaining, calling out anyone or trying to guilt trip, just making note of some changes I feel in the force…

My pal of pals Davrick (a true one of a kind human being) sent me on a wild tangent with this one. It’s called K-Pop, as in Korean Pop and this particular band, is 2NE1. What a trip, don’t know exactly what to make of it, but I certainly like it better than what we call pop in the states. The video features some really wild outfits, punk fetish type stuff. Dig it or don’t…

Back to Mr. Omar Souleyman from his Sublime Frequencies album Haflat Gharbia: The Western Concerts is this tune Baghdad Araby…simply fucking off the hook crazy song. Was listening to it through the headphones last night and musta played it over again 5 times. Right away I get hooked with the noodling of the electrified bouzouki type instrument (saz?), I can feel It from my head to my toes. Soulful, the song itself, is. I don’t know what the fuck he’s singing about, but it almost seems sad (or am I just injecting that). I’m sad that places like Syria where Mr. Souleyman calls home (a farmer on top of an MC /singer), are warzones, just places we and the other powers that be, use to perpetuate the war machine and protect oil interests by dropping money in the form of bombs.  I count myself lucky, you probably should too, that my soul was deposited into a body in a humble but semi-safe situation (or as they say in biblical criticism, sitz im leben).

Josh HansonAmazing art from my friend Josh Hanson, a true 21st century renaissance human being. I admire his mind and his music, and then sometimes his visual art really really blows me away.   A lot of the time his genius goes over my head, but I think I get this one (or do I).

woke up weird…

UDL latheThe UDL lathe in all it’s glorious beauty (picture by Precarian Cuts, the lathe manufacturer). I’ve got a few if anyone wants to hit me up, otherwise the other 20 are in Sweden (hit me up if you want at one of those, too). Lathes are a tricky beast, but if you have a superior turntable they play quite nice (I fucking love the dirty MONO-ness of Brackorna on this thing).  Here’s the bleeb I wrote on the Mustard Relics Records page…”I’ve been pretty good virtual pals with Björn of the legendary Unter Den Linden and more recently Pillemandjoonks for quite a while now (I don’t see him coming to NoWhere Kansas any time soon and I don’t have the cash to travel to Sweden, so virtuality will be the word of the day). UDL happened to have released an EP recently, but before that my pal sent me a pre-mix of one of the tunes off the EP, that he thought I might dig. Dig was an understatement, the whole EP is beautiful but this tune is the scorcher. In the meantime, I was checking out different lathe manufacturers pondering on what my next little project might be with Mustard Relics Records. Sometimes my brain works in a way that makes sense and whelp I thought, this tune would be perfect for lathe. So I petitioned my pal to see what he thought of the idea, and he surprised the hell out of me by saying he was game if the rest of the band was…they were. So here we are, and here it is.”

Still on a UDL tip, I’ve mentioned their recently released 12″EP, Krautish, several times, briefly, but now that I’ve had numerous occasions to listen to it, in it’s entirety (on two different needles even), I want to say that this is one amazing record.  Here’s the backside…
Simply amazing, but what would you expect from these seasoned vets that trace their roots back to 1979. You might say this record was 40 years in the making. There are 4 tunes (5 if you count that Brackorna has two different parts), and my only fucking complaint is that it’s two short, but that’s the nature of a 12″EP, a sampling of more to come, I hope. In this case, less is more, not one of the 4 tunes sucks, and I know we’ve focused on the immense tune Brackorna, but these are all serious hits. This is UDL 2019 dude! I don’t know what you would call the sound…new wave with a dark pop edge to it…hmmm. The “indie” folks will probably try to claim them, but the level of sophistication here is way beyond that. This is, Unter Den Linden…MAN! This is one of the top bands to come out of Sweden and 40 years later they do not let you down. Krautish is as earth shattering as the legendary Motstånd I Läder 7″. Yes! I shit you not. You don’t get the hardcore of side 2 on that fabled 7″, but these are the same guys fully capable of that, and on Krautish it’s implied…listen to that sax roar! I could go on and on really I’m a huge fan of this band and the folks in it…go to their fucking FB page if I have piqued your interest..

Dedicated to my pal Darryl a self taught aficionado of the British dynasties…

nightcrawlerWoke up weird, is an understatement…I do not sleep well and I do not wake up well. Shit, an hour after waking up, I’m ready to go back to bed (and this is not a reflection on the state of the world, although it could be…woke up, saw what the world had in store for me, went back to bed). Reminds me of that line in JPG’s Social Skillz, “I worked half my life away, I slept the other half.” It’s such a bad problem for me that I went to see the doctor yesterday, we’ll see what transpires. For now the insanity will continue but, in the meantime, my escape continues to be the art of music, it is my nourishment, pretty much all I feed on.  Been listening to the Pack A.D. a shit ton lately, partially because I dig their lo fi blues garage 2 piece-ness, and then the fact that fucking youtube always has them on my “feed”. I haven’t found a song I don’t dig yet and some of them have managed to become true Mustard Relics…Woke Up Weird
I feel the water rising up
I see the city swallowed up
You don’t say, don’t say, don’t tell me to run
I’ll walk, I’ll walk, I’ll walk
It’s relative to mortal life
Go ahead, live, ignore advice
They don’t know, they don’t know
They really don’t know
I know, I know, I know
Woke up weird
Woke up weird
I feel the end, the end of love
I breathe the toxic air above
Wake up, sleepyhead, look ahead: the road
I feel the planet givin’ up
I see our bodies all fucked up
We’re losin’ the game, relax, it’s all right
Yeah right, yeah right, yeah right
Woke up weird
Woke up weird
Woke up weird
Woke up weird


Mike's GuyCan you feel it? It is fucking everywhere!  Stolen from my buddy Mike, from the 1998 movie Pi and the actor pictured is Mark Margolis

TMF-tMStill recycling old drafts and ran across this bad boy…holy shit why did I not post this. Don’t remember if it was a review request or what, but hot damn these guys fucking rock. Yeah, duh garage rock, in the most general sense, Ramones-y too, but once again, you put a Japanese spin on something and it gets spun the fuck out. Unfortunately, Thee Mighty Fevers have not released anything (on their Bandcamp anyway) since January 2014. I had a link to a fucking FB page but that’s dead, so who the fuck knows if these cats are still flying high. I apologize to whoever turned me onto them in the first place, for not putting them on the MR radar five years ago when this was still fresh.  And don’t you just love the cover, I mean, what exactly is going on there…some kind of a weapon sticking out of his speedo and a bit of self made shade…

And then a dandy of a live vid for ya…

It’s almost 2am and I’ve been on a Discharge covers kick for several hours, you should try it, often…

Discharged EP

Discharged LP

Me to Kevorkian, “put me outta my misery man.”  You ever been there? I’m numb to most of that these days but there was a time ya know? Today it’s first world problems and first world problems are real man.  Got these lathes made of various tunes that I wanted hard copies of mostly MY shit, but did manage to squeeze the almighty Unter Den Linden onto a single sided picture lathe 7″ (unlimited thanx goes to the band and my pal Bjorn for allowing me to do that). These fucking lathes are little bit tricky in that they require a better than average needle on the old turntable. So I scrounged the money to buy a decent needle…wait 5 days to arrive…open box/read instructions…missing the fucking screws and the special screwdriver = fuct. In all seriousness life really is fucked up for most of the people on the planet, I’ve felt it, but there’s folks who live it today. If you’re thinking about a painless method of ending it, there is no such thing, someone will be left hurting in your place. When the misery that is human existence has gotten you to that point where you can’t live please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 If you live elsewhere in the world I hope that you have similar resources and seek them out

reeepI’m sorry (really I’m not), I don’t want to get political (really I do), but that whole scene in DC is creepy as fuck. The folks that came before them were evil too, doing shit they shouldn’t, but they had class and were great liars. This new Klown Klan are so fucking blatant with their vile evilness. To quote myself, “The man is a demon, Behemoth to be exact (Job 40:15–24)…he is all 7 deadly sins in one grotesque package.” He is the face of the self serving entity that is the uber rich. These are demonic times indeed when the self proclaimed chosen ones, the evangelicals, support him with all the strikes he has against him, bones spurs, anchor baby family, entitled, adulterer, bankrupt, blatant liar, etc. It makes me sick to look at him, you know so ugly on the inside, festering, decaying mess that place must be, that the outside repulses you worse…demonic. I don’t know her, I do have a tiny bit of sympathy for her as she is a human being after all, but she choses to sleep with demons and these will be or already are, demon children. I feel similarly about the so called Royal families that are left in the world, fuck em…ain’t better than some poor soul born in some war torn country.  Below is the Behemoth from an 1818 drawing from Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal.  Feel like I should explain my stance a bit.  I don’t give a fuck about Democrats or Republicans, I am about having a certain code of ethicsinfernal-behemoth, and neither party has ethics. That liberal vs. conservative, game, as it’s come to be (a real toss up match between teams with perpetually losing records), is nothing but a con. It’s smoke and mirror stuff from what’s really going on. Goes back to that Matrix stuff I was talking about a post or two ago. Ultimately these two party’s have done nothing but distract us from what is right.  I suppose what some of these tests I’ve taken have told me is that I’m a “left leaning libertarian.”  When I was a kid my favorite place to sit at the Dodgers games was just to the left of the left field foul pole, within the first couple rows off the field.  That’s where we always sat, because there were lots of fly balls there and sometimes the ball kids would throw you a fowl.  That was the best place for me, and I want that for everyone, their own best place as a human being. We just can’t have that when all the resources are in the pockets of the demonic (the Gospel of Lebowski.  There are lesser demons out there called Imps (to conjure a German demon), these are the televangelists, the brain washers.  This guy Kenneth Copeland should be on your radar.  Imps may seem unimposing or harmless but they are like the rest, these fucks would syphon the gas out of your car if they could make a buck…these are the false prophets/teachers in our times. I advise caution to anyone inclined towards the phenomenon of televangelism, these are the true blasphemers of the holy spirit, those who invoke it towards personal gain…bad folks people…they prey upon the “meek” (yup, the same ones who are supposed to inherit the earth).

Old Man Trump was a demon too, but I’ll get into that another time, It’s 5am and it’ll be fun to see if any of this makes any sense…