6th Floor Orchestra

Just to show you how in the fucking in I am is this next group of artists working together to comprise 6th Floor Orchestra. Unfortunately the limited to 20 edition lathes are sold the fuck out (I got mine, but just tried to get a second one that I thought would make a nice gift to the right person, but no luck). This receives the 5 star, turn it up to 11, Mustard Relics seal of approval, “hits” in my book. Literally blown away by how beautiful and way the fuck out there this is. Loudly speechless!
Music by: 6th Floor Orchestra:
All Sounds and Screams made by:
David Lampley (of Psychopop / Angels Dust / Skrapez)
Kristi Scarvelis (of Auramics)
Emmanuel Coto (of Black Magick Chocolate Tears)
Flávia Ciampi (of Angels Dust)
Ilia Gorovitz

Already a HUGE fan of Flávia and David from Angels Dust, so I knew this was going to be good, but I did not expect this. Like I said, blown the fuck away. Seriously, give them 6 or 7 minutes of your time, well worth it…

..and just found out there is an equally incredible vid to go with the compositions…hell to the yeah

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