The day after Thanksgiving and what started out as a chilling kind of day, turned into a rather busy one, not by choice really…good stuff though and I really can’t complain, did somebody right, ya know? In other news, I don’t care what you think you know, this world is fucked and it won’t be recognizable in 50 years, but for right now, let’s enjoy this sentiment…”everybody needs a bosom for a pillow”…this song and vid, make me feel good, and sometimes that’s all I ask of a song, wish life was that simple…

Now it’s the day after the day after Thanksgiving (Saturday) and I’m feeling like the long weekend is going to the wayside at an extremely rapid rate. In fact it’s now almost midnight and all we’ve got left is Sunday, which is looking to be a snow day. Not a lot of music on my plate today, the circumstances weren’t ripe for it, but here I am now and it’s all rushing in at once at almost a headache’s pace. Here’s one that’s been on my playlist since ’89 when the Peel Sessions came out thanx to Ron Kuka and Bob Kasitz, who were my go to guys back then for hard fast music. Don’t know what lyrics are at the beginning, except “Jesus saves you from yourself”, but I did find the rest of them as I never knew for sure what he was saying. This is where I could unleash some of my Philosophy and Religious Studies bachelor degrees on ya, but I will say these lyrics speak the simple truth. On the other hand I think spirituality is very important to what makes us sentient beings in an almost infinite cosmos. I don’t care what you think (again), but there is force (or Power) greater than ourselves (to borrow from Bill W.), use your imagination, because all you (we) are is just a blip on a blip on a blip
Religion is a brain-wash-con
-Secularity must become-
Dividing people & causing conflict
-Secularity must become-
Total hypocracy, for money & power
-Secularity must become-
Indoctrination in all our schools.
-Secularity must become-

Took a break form the tunes to watch the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp (cute and entertaining), a couple of tunes were good in the flick (Ant Invasion was in the trailer but not the actual movie)…

Here it is Sunday (it was a snow day) night and after doing chores, all I’ve accomplished besides the happiness of our many pets, is this GIF I made. Was looking for something reminiscent of this character who went and got himself killed by those folks on the island in India (yeah, you know, Indians…right), but for some reason this scene from Apocalypto popped into my head…

My bro Shawn (and I agree wholeheartedly)…”I dig these dudes, strangely satisfying like stirring a too thick milkshake”…brilliant fucking cover

…and this live version of the original is pretty neat-o too…

Continuing the trend lately of being unclear where this came from, but…fuck a racist, fuck a nazi, fuck a fascist, there’s no room for irrational hatred and blind nationalism, not even in my worst dystopia. Unfortunately, the way this god damned thing we call life works, is a person has no say as to what kind of wrapping paper (projected image?) their soul is wrapped in. Like little souls falling from the sky and just landing where they land, you get what you get, and you have to make the best of it. There’s plenty of other reasons to dislike a fella besides something he has no control over. Again, no brainer, but then again, maybe it’s just that, no fucking brains…tools, to be used. I’d say people are sheep, but at least sheep provide wool, what do you (we) have to offer.

Was watching Walking Dead tonight, I’ve seen every episode and was a reader of the comic until the comic book store closed, and couldn’t get over how it’s just turned into a soap opera with occasional action and gore…maybe it always has been and after 9 seasons I finally figured it out…oh well. Made me think of this tune…

It’s Monday tomorrow but that doesn’t mean we can’t dance this mess around…fuckin’ epic live version of this song, proving that these guys and gal weren’t just a studio thing, they rocked it way back in the day…

2020 is going to be interesting as far as which direction this country heads, that is if we survive the next two years.  Some people think things are going good, but all I see is gluttony.  Could go on and on about that, and do not fear, we will when the time is ripe, but it’s 1130 on a wonderful work night.  Mustard must get some sleep. Must leave you with this thought though…when we talk about bearing children, does it have to be literal of could it mean something else, like reaping a harvest, actions have results…is our leader the child who is the result of our own actions (I’m not good at getting deep)? Anyway this vid was the year after I saw them, but the energy is the same, in-fucking-tense…

Come hear the moon is calling,
The witching hour draws near,
Come hear the bell is tolling,
Mortals run in fear,
Prepare the altar now and hear the virgin cry,
Hold fast the sacrifice,
For now it’s the time to die,
All hell breaks loose,
Hell’s breaking loose.
Unveil the pentagram,
And feel the demons lust,
Come watch the holy men,
Who look on in disgust,
Come taste blood,
And feel the heat of Satan’s breath,
Look in the sky’s and see,
The warriors of death,
All hell breaks loose,
Hell’s breaking loose,
Witching hour.
Our work is now complete,
The blood runs fast and free,
And Satan takes his bride,
And cry’s of blasphemy,
All hell rejoices at the child,
That she will bear,
And Satans only son,
Shall be the worlds despair,
All hell breaks loose,
Hell’s breaking loose,
Witching hour.

Mom (11/15/48 – 12/07/16)

A couple of pics I like…
Proto-selfie of the Moms and myself in front of a building that I don’t remember. My buddies and I back in the mid-80s were taking these with the disposables. I do remember asking her to take this pic and she was like yeah whatever, typical Mom with a silly teenager…haahahah

Mom was so proud to have Liam come into the world, they had a special bond right up to the end. This is at her house in Burbank (I lived there for my three years of high school)…

I like to think she would have liked this tune, it’s what I’m listening to at the moment, although I played one of my favorites for her, SPKs Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers) and she was not impressed…

Post #901…

Homemade GIF of me at that meeting I was telling y’all about not too long ago…totally me. Brian, haven’t had a chance to do the standing up thing, you were suggesting, but I’m ready and waiting…hahahahah.

My M♥m was always one to do special things for me, like getting tickets to concerts and sporting events.  For a while there in the 70s she was working for the phone company (AT&T before it got blown into a bunch of pieces) that handled some of the studios in Hollywood and she would get tickets to special screenings and whatnot.  Two I remember were seeing a screening of the movie Car Wash before it came out in theaters and the other was watching an episode of Sha-na-na getting taped (I was in the Live studio audience).  I don’t remember the band they had on that episode but I sure wish it had been this one…

Forgot to celebrate on the actual momentous (hahaha) 900th post, but the Relics has reached that milestone. I know it’s not much, used to contribute semi-rare downloads to the mp3 collectors of the world, now it’s mostly just my inane musings. Still pretty proud of some of this virtual shit I’ve done round here…11 years, end of this month. I have a few accomplishments that I’m rightfully proud of, like my Son, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to have a little bit of a good feeling about this place…blah blah blah

Well another true Mustard Relic (although he never comments, just giving you a hard time bud), my long time virtual buddy, Björn sent me this rather nice collection of a Swedish writer type guy (novelist, playwright, poet) I had never heard of, Harry Martinson. Very interesting man, Nobel prize winner (his “hit” was Aniara), with quite the life and death. The title track, so to speak, of the collection…

Never luxuriates
Yet manages sparingly
and neatly in the moss.

The flowers are delicate
but know nothing of sweet pliancy
you would foist on summer.
The determination of the fragile
is no less than that of the oak.

With all the lunacy in the world today (as Yoda might say, “a disturbance in the force there is” by Derek Laufman) it is so good to have a friend like Björn, a reminder that there is a little bit of decency left, even if you have to go to the other side of the planet to find it. I hope to one day meet him in person in Sweden and get to know this wonderful family of fellow music lovers (and they actually play instruments as opposed to me who could never get the hang of or have the dedication to learn one…I tried several). On top of an excellent read, I got a nice letter (when was the last time you got one of those), which is double cool as even still, I continue to a fan boy of sorts with the man’s long history of creating damn good music. To top it off he sent me into a musical trance because he mentioned Can’s Tago Mago was spinning recently on his turntable. I’d listened to a tiny bit of them on fucking youtube, but had never listened to this album, I’m ashamed to say, even though I downloaded it years ago meaning to listen to the entire Nurse With Wound list. Gave it my complete attention and was not disappointed, very trance worthy and I hear why it’s so influential…this was where it was at in ’71 Germany.
After that experience, got lost looking at live vids of these guys for quite some time…

The whole 3 minute vid is well worth watching.

Everybody talks about wanting change, fans of “both” fucking parties, since they’ve turned it into a game where you have a choice of two rival teams to root for…fans, GO team. What the fuck do you mean by change? I have a feeling it’s about as informed and sophisticated as rooting for your favorite team. Change is going on all the time, most of it not good on this ecosystem we call earth, and the shit that stays the same ain’t to peachy neither. The planet created (insert your creation myth here) us and it was okay at first, after all we were just another horny and hungry animal, but shit now there’s “billions and billions’ of us on this ever shrinking planet that we seem determined to make not only inhospitable but uninhabitable (the Garden of Eden does not exist anymore, chopped up, strip mined, toxic gassed, microplasticed…don’t even ask me for my 2 cents on original sin). We’re still that horny hungry animal, but we’re more sophisticated now, it’s more of a self righteous selfishness (insert any one the desert fathers’ 7 deadly sins…pick your favorite to focus on or be eclectic and pick ’em all). A good question to explore would be whether human beings are basically good or basically evil, or are we neither, we just are who we are (the same could be said for your favorite supreme being, not bound be the human creation of good and evil). At the very least, we are seriously flawed, man. Flawed beings churning out a flawed existence, that’s what stays the same. So change..and still, what the fuck does that mean to you? I want change and once those changes happen, I want them to god damned stay that way. For instance, I want us to try to be a little nicer to each other, one flawed human being to another. What makes that hard is that we’re not all playing by the same rules, when you’re cordial to someone and they don’t reciprocate, it fucks the whole program up. Anyway, I have no time for your change, because it’s just a game to you, what I want is permanence, the kind that ensures a future for our children. For example, it’s a no brainer man, clean air, water and earth. If you are opposed to that in any way shape or form, your right to breed should be revoked. I mean c’mon now, a fella changes the water in his fish tank every now and again, right? This is the basic shit that we all share and as such, concerned to the fucking maximum about. There’s no plot here folks, 97% of the experts say there is definitely a problem…fucking NASA man! “The evidence is incontrovertible: Global warming is occurring. If no mitigating actions are taken, significant disruptions in the Earth’s physical and ecological systems, social systems, security and human health are likely to occur. We must reduce emissions of greenhouse gases beginning now”…that was quoted in 2007 more than a decade ago, you want change, how about we start right fucking there…this is the only Garden of Eden we get.

Ahhh, enough of that shit, let’s finish this off with a once banned anime…