Morning Dew

Not a lot of comments here (age old issue that could have something to do with quality), just a few pals.  I do enjoy the occasional spam comment (you don’t see ’em cuz they get stopped by WordPress). Have I posted this one yet, “Don’t wear seat belts lest you drown in you own urine?” Maybe that’s not spam, it could be comment on that quality…hahahaha (a lyric I once wrote, “fuck you and fuck me, hope we drown in fucking pee”). Today I got this one, “Black on black in the Charger I’m creepin’ Rub me the right way, you might get a genie B.o.B, black Houdini.” Is it sexual or is it too a comment on quality?

My old virtual pal, one time epic blogger and all around good guy, Nazz, sent me on this musical journey tonight, so if you have problem with it take it up with him.  He knows I (secretly) respect the Grateful Dead and dig some of their music, so he sent this link to almost 4 hours of the Dead. For some reason, out of 41 songs, it did not include my favorite one, Morning Dew (there was a nice rendition of Me And Bobby McGee though). We had a brief interchange via fucking messenger, where he told me that the original Morning Dew was written and performed by Bonnie Dobson. This original version left me in awe, fucking 1962 baby, beatnik folk, by a Canadian, at it’s finest…fucking love it, maybe you will too…

Take me for a walk in the morning dew, my honey
Take me for a walk me in the morning dew, my love
You can’t go walking in the morning dew today
You can’t go walking in the morning dew today

But listen! I hear a man moaning, “Lord.”
I know I hear a man moaning, “Lord.”
You didn’t hear a man moan at all
You didn’t hear a man moan at all

But I know I hear my baby crying, “Mama!”
Yes, I know I hear my baby crying, Mama!”
You’ll never hear your baby cry again
You’ll never hear your baby cry again

Oh, where have all the people gone?
Won’t you tell me where have all the people gone?
Don’t you worry about the people anymore
Don’t you worry about the people anymore

Take me for a walk in the morning dew, my honey
Take me for a walk me in the morning dew, my love
You can’t go walking in the morning dew today
You can’t go walking in the morning dew today
You can’t go walking in the morning dew today

What I’ve done here is referenced a nice Wikipedia article about the tune and kinda went nuts with it (what’s new huh…redefining beating a dead horse. The Grateful Dead covered it on their self-titled debut album as (Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew (1967)…this is the version (I put up on fucking youtube a while back), the first I’d ever heard, thanx to Jason Bakutis of New Haven, Connecticut that made me take notice of the Dead, with the help of a tab or two of LSD (the full story of that adventure is HERE). This was recorded directly from Jason’s cassette of that 1969 Avalon Ballroom show…

So according to that article, this Tim Rose guy came along in 1967 records it and gives himself half the writing credits (I don’t pretend to know copyright law)

Anyway here’s a slew of nice covers listed in that Wikipedia article…


The Goldbriars – Come Walk Me Out

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Will You Walk With Me

The Human Beans

Lee Hazlewood

Jeff Beck – Morning Dew

Beck, Bogert, & Appice – Morning dew – Santa Monica May ’73

Allison Durbin

The 31st of February

Sugar Shack – Morning Dew


Damnation of Adam Blessing




Long John Baldry


Einsturzende Neubauten


King Loser

Robert Plant

Skating Polly

The National

Bonnie Dobson & Robert Plant

overwhelmingly overwhelmed…

There is no good way to die, as my Grandpa is fond of telling me, “I want to die in my sleep”. Suicide though, is an ugly way to die, something at a couple points in my life I seriously contemplated, but pretty goddamned stoked I didn’t do (alcoholism ain’t no fucking joke, man). Walk a mile in my shoes (and you’ll get athletes foot) and all that. You never know what your capable of until you find yourself in particular circumstances and as I said before, everybody’s threshold for pain is different. Was talking to a buddy of mine about hard times real and perceived. Does anybody feel good about shit all the time? When you’re down, the natural response, it seems like, is for people to tell you it’s temporary, life is filled with ups and downs. I would like to be that person that tells you, when things are good, it’s temporary, life is filled with ups and downs…hahahah. It’s all relative anyway, right?  In all fucking seriousness, if you have reached that point call someone and get help, if you have a plan you are in particularly bad shape, please call…

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

My wife and I are both music lovers, but while I consider myself more eclectic, she pretty much is a hairmetal fan who recently discovered rap. I don’t know. Did overhear what she was listening to tonight while surfing fucking youtube and this song came on…classic 70s bar tune…
Ozark Mountain Daredevils – If You Wanna Get to Heaven
Does this constitute “southern fried rock” B?
Was talking to another buddy about this good looking 70s couple, in the form of Gregg Allman and Cher.  They did several songs together, pretty tame singer songwriter type stuff, I like their version of the classic 1962 Smokey Robinson tune You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me.
It’s funny for some reason I while contemplating the topic of southern rock, I thought of the immensely epic, Day After Sabbath blog. If you like what the title suggests then that is THE place to go. Hadn’t been there in a while, still apparently alive and kicking, last post was 07.09.18. Did a quick search for “Southern Rock” on the blog and sure enough I encountered The Day After Sabbath #65 “Southern Heaven”! In that post Rich Aftersabbath writes that, “Gregg Allman commented once that “Southern rock” was a redundant term, like “rock rock”…hahaha. On the comp he presents to us in that post the first monster of a tune you get…
Point Blank – Tattooed Lady

You ever get goose bumps listening to a good tune? A whole fucken set of goosebumps when I saw these guys. This here show in LA was just a few weeks ago…

spit inna da sky it a go fall inna your eye…

Got what’s left of my Mom back from KU med school after she was donated to them a year and a half ago. Ashes are a trip, more like sand with bone fragments. The wonderful lady who delivers my mail (also a distant relation, her Dad and my Grandma were cousins) gave me a call to say that she had a package that needed signed for. She said she’d never delivered a package like this one (I get a lot of shit in the mail, mostly records) and the light went off in my head, “Mom”! The University of Kansas had sent me a letter several weeks ago, they were done with her and would be sending back her remains in 3-4 weeks. My first thought was that was a big window, I wish they could nail it down and be more specific, doesn’t even take a record that long to come from overseas. They said she would be sent in a temporary urn, which come to find out was actually a pretty solid black plastic box.  Inside that box was a clear zip tied plastic bag with the remains and a bona fide tarnished brass toetag.  Sure do miss that lady…

Ahhh…what’s been on the radio worth mentioning music wise?  I’m up to three presets on the truck radio, of mostly shit, but every once in a while they hit that sweet spot.  One tune they overplay but I dig when they do, is Blue Öyster Cult’s (Don’t Fear) The Reaper…I had the album Agents of Fortune on cassette in 1976 (I vaguely remember hanging out at Kevin Amos’ in Burbank with him Ross Cotton and Jimmy listening to it). When I heard that tune for the billionth time the other day, for some reason I wondered how people have died while listening to it….there’s got to be at least a few instances, right? And fuck how many flicks and TV shows has it been on? Was it used in Final Destination? If not it should have been.  Here’s another tune that traveled the airwaves into my consciousness…less frequently played than BOC, but interesting nevertheless.  This lyric is just perfect, “If you give a little more than what you’re asking for your love will turn the key.”  I’ve mentioned it on several occasions, people don’t play by the same rules and it fucks with you, but if we universally gave credence to Mr. Gibbs’ words there, we might have a chance (truth be known, if I was in charge I would wipe the planet clean of human beings and let the next intelligent species have a go at it…hahahah)…

Talked to my old pal Brian last night, one of two folks that have stuck around this place since the beginning (Shawn has been MIA for a while, I need to give him a call).  Anyway, Brian suggested I check out a band he had seen a night or two ago, Conveyor outta Minnesota. Without knowing where they were from I got that Northern Midwest vibe from them. Good solid tight post-hardcore, I bet they were fun to see live. How about a taste via Brian…

They’ve got a Bandcamp too…

Promised myself I wouldn’t get any more records until I had proper storage for these thousands of records I’ve collected over the last 40 years. I can’t even keep a promise with myself. Have a stack of about 10 releases in various formats, that I haven’t even listened to yet. Randomly pulled out the unassuming  Distel 7″ and was pleasantly surprised by it’s somber electronic vibe. The individual(s) at Noise Receptor accurately describe it generally as synth-pop and if you want to get a more in depth picture go there or just give the first tune a listen…
Distel – nord []

Haven’t mentioned this in a while, but still have a few of these bad boys to get rid of…I think I sold 10 the rest of the 200 I gave (am giving) away. 3 years old, some of these acts are bigger than they were back then, but regardless, with all humility I tell you, underground wise, this is one of the best electronic comps I have run across…seriously, it is certainly one of the most eclectic. Go on and give it listen, then hit me up for a copy…

I guess I’ll end this along electronic lines, with a newer (newest?) Die Antwoord video, like everything they do, very interesting and it’s a hell of a tune that feature the flawless Yolandi Visser

No comprende…it’s a riddle

Got those Sunday afternoon blues, knowing that in 12 hours I’ll be back in the thick of it at work. Makes me tired just thinking about it, what a way to go through life.” Now here it is Tuesday and in the thick of it I have been. It’s all good, I provide and, at the moment, I am satisfied. Then again it is the evening of the day, got my coffee and cigarettes, tunes playing and just generally feeling alright. Somebody in the know, posted this vid on fucking facebook, Jello and Primus doing a nice live rendition of Holiday in Cambodia (Right Guard will not help you here). It’s a fan vid so lacks something, but I’m no beggar or chooser and it turns out someone else posted a different view too.

Now that that’s over with, any thoughts on Jello? It seems like a lot of folk like to bag on him and really people think all the old timers are fair game for criticism. It’s human nature I think to point fingers at people though. I for one am grateful to Jello (and Steve Ignorant and Henry Rollins and the list goes on). I don’t know him, and I imagine he is flawed like every other person on the planet, but the reality for me is that he played a big part in opening my mind as a teen. Who are the mind openers kids have today?

How about Wall of Voodoo? Don’t know why they popped in my head, probably shouldn’t question it anyway. They were short lived in the classic incarnation of 1982, when they recorded the only two songs of theirs I’m familiar with, Ring of Fire and Mexican Radio. Those two are enough though to take them a notch above the one hit wonder status. Loved those songs, but embedded in my damaged brain more than anything else about the band is the video below…

Trouble Cuts – Criminal Element

Trouble Cuts have a new catchy as fuck tune, seriously, instantly embedded in your ears. Not sure who wrote it, but I’m serious, this is power pop done right. As the tRumpster might say, “nobody writes them this catchy, but me, take it from me I know more than anybody else, they are very catchy.” I don’t know what the glue these guys used to put themselves together, but it holds them together nicely and they just seem to come out with hit after hit. Super Sabado Gigante Mega Armageddon Death Power Pop! I did a post last December of their 2017 Demo, an equally epic bevy of tunes worth takin’ a few minutes to SAMPLE. Anyway, give this a spin and remember we’re all criminals in some way shape or form…