…back to the grind

Still very much on a high from seeing the almighty Weedeater a week ago Friday night, in the great state of North Carolina.  Had a fuckin’ epic time with my Son and his homies, Jackson and Jonathan at the concert, and just in general hangin’ and lots of boasting! My Son is working stiff now, bartender at a college hostpot called Chicos, not lots of time for his old man, hahaaha, Cats in the Cradle and all that. Then back to the grind myself, in my never ending quest to get caught up. Always got time for the blog though, right(?)…yeah I wish, trying to get caught up around here to, but not so much in a stressful burdensome kind of way. I’ve got thee records to review (today a forth came down the pike in the form, some of the finest shit Humboldt County has to offer these days, from some serious schooled musicians and person pals of mine (Mustard Relics of the finest sort)…Lord Ellis! Fucking fuck yeah, baby. More about that in the next post…

Supposedly a very early pic of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy, if so very cool, look like folks my Mom would have hung out with in the early 70s. Just discovered this band, who were doing their thing in Japan, during that time…Speed, Glue & Shinki – Stoned Out Of My Mind. Apparently, separately, the musicians in this band were quite well know at the time, for their skills in their respective crafts. I expect these guys to come up again around here once I’ve done some more research.

…and how about some more 70s in the form of Devo doing “Gut Feeling” circa 1977

Going back in time, some 20 years or so is this duo. My buddy Match put this out there in the nethersphere as something worth listening to (very proto-Cramps)…
Lorrie and Larry Collins – Whistle Bait

That’s it for now but expect to be hit with a tonne of bricks on the next few posts…


The never ending battle…funny everybody’s always pointing fingers never looking inward…that’s where the real demons are. Sober 13 1/2 years now and except that I feel really old, life is a’ight, hahahah. Boogie wonderland is where I’m at…not really, but I remember being into that song when I was like 8 and I didn’t know much back then, except that things seemed pretty a’ight…
Dance, boogie wonderland.
Ha, ha, dance
Boogie wonderland
Midnight creeps so slowly into hearts of men who need more than they get
Daylight deals a bad hand to a woman who has laid too many bets
The mirror stares you in the face and says, “Baby, uh, uh, it don’t work”
You say your prayers though you don’t care; you dance and shake the hurt
Dance, boogie wonderland
Ha, ha, dance
Boogie wonderland
Sounds fly through the night; I chase my vinyl dreams to Boogie Wonderland
I find romance when I start to dance in Boogie Wonderland
I find romance when I start to dance in Boogie Wonderland
All the love in the world can’t be gone
All the…

…but there’s still a demon (inside me) right? Been on a Septic Death kick as I picked up the Crossed Out Twice bootleg discography recently. Hell of a fucking band, and Pushead’s artwork is just a bonus, a big fucking bonus, but not necessary to enjoy the dark intensity of the band. I’ve got two friends that have vision impairment and they could give two fucks about the artwork of any particular album, which is interesting as many times in my life the sole deciding factor for purchase was the artwork (and sure enough that turned out good for me most of the time).

My buddy Björn outta Sweden always the one to enlighten about the past present future of the music scene there sent me off on a tangent into the now of this Swedish black metal act…he wrote “I want to tip you on a band we played with last summer in Malmö, Palmless I think you will like it not so much crust but instead heavier….. sound of the guitar is rather original,  a clean guitar through a vox amp.” And as usual he was right, not just about the description of the band but he nailed me digging ’em. In this day and age of bands pigeon holing themselves in whatever genre it’s killer to hear something uniquely evil…hahahaha

Virtually met a fellow music blogger the other day who has also been around since the heyday of our types of blogs. As I told him I was not only amazed by the content of his enormously eclectic site, Nothin’ Sez Somethin’, but blown away by it’s discovery and left me wondering why I’d never run across it before. We share a lot of sites dead, alive and otherwise out of commission, in our blogrolls. I fucking highly recommend going to his place, checking out what he has to say, it’s good shit man, and he is one of the few out there offering links for your listening pleasure. He seems like a very down to earth guy who knows a good tune when he hears it. There’s quite a story there. Dude had one of those horrible country song type of experiences where among other things he lost his home, his dog and 8 TB worth of saved music, much of which was hand ripped from the massive physical collection he sold off. Anyway you can read more about that there, but in the meantime I’m going to send him some flash drives filed with some of my favorite shit…

Recently Maximum Rock and Roll announced that the would no longer include bands that used sites like YouTube to spread their wares. I guess I can understand Y fucking T (even though I use the hell out of it for the blog) with their corporate death burger onslaught of advertising, but they also include sites I dig like SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Maybe they’re right, what the fuck do I know, it just seems a little too idealistic. I did after all find this little ep on SoundCloud recently (finally picked a vinyl copy of this little gem for myself the other day for relatively cheap…RPs shit goes for more than you would think these days on eBay and Discogs, even the CDs)…

Well hot damn I’ve come to the end of this post and I’m fairly proud of myself as most of it has been done with the WordPress app on my iPhone. It’s 230am in NoWhere Kansas and actually an hour later than that sitting here on my Son’s couch in North Carolina. As promised, I made the pilgrimage here to see my progeny and take him along with some buddies to see the almighty Weedeater. The show was last night at a bar in Chapel Hill called the Local 506 and it was nothing short of out-fucking-standing. They melted my god damn brain. We missed the first band (go figure me with three 21 year olds who don’t get in a hurry) and can’t remember their name but it’s a shame as they are from Kansas City. We got there right as the second band started, Bask, were pretty cool. Maybe because of the vocals but they leaned more towards that spacey fantasy of a Hawkwind but with ultra heavy doomy interludes. They were a good opener but did not leave prepared for the demons that were unleashed by Weedeater. What a fucking insane band. The stage presence could not be contained by the tiny stage of the 250 capacity bar. They filled the entire room with their energy and it didn’t take long before people were moshing on each other. Superhuman in the amount of energy that was released by those three guys. They played some of my favorites, including “God Luck and Good Speed” and “Jason the Dragon”, and the only song my wife can handle by them when I force her to listen at home, their cover of Skynyrd’s “Gimme Back My Bullets”. It was an incredible onslaught from beginning to end. The boys had a blast moshing around and enjoying some of the best their home state has to offer. I can’t wait to see them again in Denver for some kind of festival in June. Anyway, to top it off got to be a 49 year old fan boy with two of the members (couldn’t find the guitar player)…look how fucking star struck I was with Dixie and my Son…

Deliciously Malicious Sunday…

EDIT: Meant to finish this late last Sunday night, what do you know, story of my life, missed the bus…

Gonna be a late night/early morning, still gotta finish my monthly reports and even when I finish them, tomorrow will still be Monday. And here I am on the Relics. Really just took a break to watch Walking Dead, although I don’t know why, what fucking separates a drama from a soap opera (Television, the drug of the Nation Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation).

By way of fucking facebook, my old pal Matt, shared this bit of wisdom…The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it’s warmth – African proverb. No explanation necessary.

For educational purposes (I wanted to know myself), the first animated cartoon, by Émile Cohl. Go figure the first one would be a total trip (opium induced?)…

Also by way of fucking facebook, another high school chum, Davrick turned me onto a guy by the name of Ruslan Bogoslowski, the patron saint of music lovers. Here is a short bleeb on the guy via the Facebook page of Ripple Music (or you can find them at their website, aptly called Ripple Music), a record label outta San Ramon, California…

“In post WWII Russia, Stalin banned the possession of any western music. All records allowed in the country had to be of Russian composers. But there was an underground hungry for Western popular music—everything from jazz and blues to rock & roll. But smuggling vinyl was dangerous, and acquiring the scarce material to make copies of those records that did make it into the country was expensive and very risky. An ingenuous solution to this problem began to emerge in the form of “bone music,” or sometimes called “bones ‘n’ ribs” music, or simply Ribs. A young 19 year-old sound engineer Ruslan Bogoslowski in Leningrad changed the game when he created a device to bootleg western albums so he could distribute them across Russia. Problem was he couldn’t find material to bootleg his pressings onto, vinyl was scare as were all petroleum products after the war. Then, one day he stumbled upon a pile of discarded X-rays. It worked. At the time, Russian law mandated that all X-rays had to be destroyed after 1 year of storage because they were flammable so he dug through trash bins and paid off orderlies for x-rays and for 20 years he handmade about 1,000,000 bootlegs onto X-ray film of everything from classical to the Beach Boys, eventually spending five years imprisoned in Siberia for this rebellion. For over 20 years, Bone Music was the only way Russian music lovers could get western music, which they played at “music and coffee parties” in their kitchens, away from the KGB ears and eyes.”

Recently picked up three hardcore techno 7″s from the legendary Bloody Fist Records. By far my favorite track of the lot is Nasenbluten’s Concrete Compressor (Live Mix). Turns out this was the previously unreleased version and joy to the world, there are (at least) three wonderfully different other versions…
Concrete Compressor (Original mix)
Concrete Compressor (Renal Remix)
Concrete Compressor (Billy Graham Remix)

EDIT: Still haven’t finished this fucking post, could very well have ended it with Nasenbluten and it would’ve been marginally satisfactory, but what the fuck, got a few more things on my mind…

Punk Rock Bowling? Anybody ever been? My bro Shawn mentioned it as something that we both might like to go to as there are a few worthwhile bands playing. I had to laugh when he mentioned these bands ” featuring the one dude that is still alive.” My buddy Big Bob is “that” dude in Agression. I have been to these festival things in my youth and I didn’t really dig them, although, I have seen some pretty good bands at these things. I’m probably even less likely to like festivals as in my old age I’m not one for crowds (really I’m just not one for people)…would really like to see Brother Shawn though.  I am going to see the almighty WEEDEATER on the 16th in North Carolina with my Son and a couple of his buddies…double whammy baby, get to hang with Liam and go see a band that’s been on my radar for a bit. The venue only holds 250 people so should be a nice intimate show. There’s two other bands that I’m hopeful will be worth going early, but Weedeater will be playing their God Luck and Good Speed album in it’s entirety…
I feel you crawl
I know your type
It’s all the same to me
And you know I’m right
I’m falling
You see me fall
I see you smile
5,000 razor blades
10,000 miles I’m crawling
Untied we stand
Long live dirt weed
Mankind is unkind man
God luck and good speed
I don’t really agree
Much with myself
Ain’t got no time
For no one else
I know
I tell myself that I’m not like me
Part of me just won’t hear
The other part can’t see
I’m gone
Untied we stand
Long live dirt weed
Mankind is unkind man
God luck and good speed

Here it is Thursday night, with TGI to the fucking F on my mind, but I’ve got quite a brutal day tomorrow at work…

EDIT: Made it through the day, not quite as https://youtu.be/2M6kC9ibNhE” target=”_blank”>brutal as I thought it would be. So, let’s finally finish this post off with something mind blowing from David and Flavia of Angels Dust…


My pal Batguano over at Fugitive Equilibrium hasn’t posted since June of 2014, damn almost 4 years now, I miss his site, his insight and his ability to pluck gems out of outer space.  Back in 2011 he featured this Japanese outfit and sometimes the Japanese just have a knack for putting their own spin on hard music.  I won’t try to regurgitate what Mr. Batguano wrote, here is what he wrote…

“Acute is a contender for my favorite Japanese woman-fronted band since The Comes. Chairmaker sent me rips of this gorgeous 7” a while back, and I knew at once I would have to get a hardcopy. The band has somewhat “loungy” tendencies; I’m basing this mainly on the incredible layout, the flat notes on the more melodic vocals, and the otherwise out of place “outro.” Be that as it may, 90% of this thing is runaway bullet train, blood sweat and mucus hardcore played fast and tight. If anyone knows where to get more material by this band, please comment before my ears bleed from looping these four songs.”

Here was my comment…

“Right from the start, blown away. Not to generalize but how the hell do the Japanese do it? …and yet this is HIGHLY original…and infectious. Thanx for the rip Batguano-san.”

Then, also in the comments of that post, the drunken hearted punk, offered up Life Conception a comp featuring bands from the Nagoya-Chukyo area of Japan. The first two songs are immense Acute songs, and really the whole comp is excellently varied…

And then, Tabloid Poison commented that there was another early Acute CD available, but that link is dead, so I found it at the degenerik666 blog

They also have three songs on the Okazaki City Triangle Split Attack CD…