3 thoughts on “Just one fix…”

  1. I got that Ministry album on cassette, a good one! I guess they have some new stuff out, I heard one song, it sounded kind of stale but when I am in my better part of the cycle I’ll check it out again. I’m going through one of my deep dark phases this winter, so music of any kind just elevates my anxiety and I go into isolation mode. Not as bad as listening to the news, or reading vapid opinions regarding said news on Facebook. I do enjoy having the refrigerator and aquarium pump as background noise. Fucking cold out and everything is either dead or hibernating. Maple tapping season is coming, so that will get me out and about with something other than shoveling snow.


    1. “Music of any kind?” That would kill me homie, must have my music. I used to know this guy in college who had chronic migraines and he certainly had “deep dark phases”, but despite that he would kick ole’ Mustard a Vicodin every now again…hhahaaha. If there’s anything I can do Brother…let me know when the next phase hits and I will send you a CD or two to get you into Maple tapping…


      1. It’s weird, I get lost trying to slow down my racing mind and straighten out what my thoughts are saying, fighting the MDD. Seems like music or television is a distraction at these times. Big Pharma also seems to help a little, which irritates me. It’s all I can do to calm down the distortion and keep somewhat productive. Then I move into a Pink Floyd phase, listening to ultra-mellow but cerebral 70’s-era stuff like that for a month or two, then into the punk/metal phase the rest of the year. I find metal helps my concentration a bit, the cacophony that I don’t need to think about, but I love the sound – they can be singing about walruses for what I know. Fuck if I’m going to pay attention to the micro-labelers of the metal world, but I think it is called death metal – bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. I may start binge watching things on television seasonally too, but then shut it off for the rest of the year. This may have something to do with the daylight, I’m usually outdoors in the evening during the spring/summer, the sound of the ecosystem is my favorite. Game of Thrones used to set off binge sessions, which I taper off over a few months with archaeology and nature documentaries.


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