Don’t linger…

Been a while since I posted a good bullfighting image, this one a quite well done painting of some kind (watercolor?) or perhaps something digital (what the fuck do I know). Been having vegetarian pangings lately and eating less meat (also want to lose weight). My office is in the bustling town of Hill City (actually have another office in the also bustling town of Hoxie) and it’s at a sort of crossroads in small highways. Seems like everyday I see at least one truckload of cattle, once in a while pigs, headed to the feed lots or eventually anyway, the slaughterhouse. Death fucking rollin’ down the road, truck after truck, load after load. Just a God damned commodity. For some reason, whenever I think about death, the next thing I think of is souls, which at that point I figure is at least contemplative and not bleak. I do have a feeling the final outcome is bleak though, but I certainly don’t subscribe to the heaven and hell thing, if anything our existence here is heaven and hell, all wrapped up in a neat package we call life (returns).

Speaking of death, RIP Dolores O’Riordan…she died “suddenly” today of unspecified causes, she was two years younger than I am. The Wife and I thought about going to see them play a few months ago, famous last words, but we didn’t. I don’t know much about her as a person, maybe I wouldn’t want to, but that voice was stellar, a true gift. This here vid is from 93 and was their coming out live appearance in the states…

…a year later on Letterman, with their other “hit”…


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