Trouble Cuts – 2017 Demo

My old pal and band mate Ed in the center there with the rest of Trouble Cuts. Came across this demo via fucking facebook, and I gotta say it’s the only thing worthwhile at that place going on today or perhaps all week (therefore not a waste of my time). Worthy of Am Rep/Touch and Go, this is some mighty fine Portland post-rock and roll. I’m jaded course, I love everything Ed has been a part of, even stuff he’s embarrassed by, but objectively speaking, with Kiley and Jonno, this three piece is rock fucking solid. Hard to believe this was recorded on a four track, these cuts are ready for the radio of a nice slab of vinyl, all hits, no misses…

Published on Dec 27, 2017
Trouble Cuts 2017 Demo
1. Parasite
2. Firecracker Big Shot
3. Vice Squad
4. Citadel Plan

copyright Trouble Cuts 2017
songs 1, 3, 4 by Ed Cole
song 2 by Kiley Henner

Ed Cole – guitar, singing
Kiley Henner – bass, background singing
Jonno Peltz – the drums

Recorded on a Tascam 4 track in Kiley’s basement 12/21/17

Chipper complication…

Capture I did of that Linda Ronstadt video, You’re No Good a couple of posts ago. Two beautiful women with gorgeous voices, Sherlie Mae Matthews and that sweet heart with the yellow jumpsuit I mentioned in that post, is Clydie King. Below is a picture of Miss King with Barbra Streisand and Venetta Fields in the movie A Star Is Born (may have to watch that flick, don’t think I’ve seen it since I was a kid and I remember nothing about it)…

A STAR IS BORN, Clydie King, Barbra Streisand, Venetta Fields, 1976

I like the word “chipper.” Not feeling that today, or too often, but the powers that be did give us an extra day off yesterday, so I listened to some Flipper. Reminds me of this guy Jeremy in the dorms, who turned me onto them and actually he turned me onto the heaviest of the blues as well. Reminds me too of his Sister who was so beautiful, inside and out (I have a long standing tradition of being into my friends’ Sisters, but I don’t really care about that anymore).

Tonight I gave one of our exchange students a ride to the gym which is in the next town over, a ten minute jaunt on the highway. So going there I got this asshole on my ass, even though I was going the speed limit (I always peg out at whatever the speed limit is), in this case 65. Finally dude goes around. Well go figure, on the way back I immediately catch up to a car going 45. I didn’t spend all night behind him, but it just got me thinking that we all aren’t playing by the same rules. I just want to scream out, like George Castanza, “You know we’re living in a society” So chipper? Too often I let others get in the way (maybe that’s why towards the end of my drinking career I preferred to drink alone). I want to be chipper, I mean fuck, at least half the time (51% to make this life thing a winning proposition). That Linda Ronstadt tune is a pretty good example of how music can sometimes make me chipper, it’s the good memories associated each song. Everything I listen to music it makes me chipper unless it’s something new to me that sucks (then I just move onto the next tune and chalk that up to an un-chipper moment). If I look at it that way it’s clear that I’ve been chipper a lot in my life despite the interference of others. From my first musical memories to today over 40 years of being captivated by folks getting together and laying down a groove. I need to remind myself, it’s about makin’ the good times roll right, fucking now with the tunage.  So that same student has been playing this song over and over again (for better or worse) and I must admit that it’s catchy as fuck (for the multitudes of rap fans that come to the Relics)…

So let’s finish off with, this chipper little ditty that my old pal Debbie Davenport put back into my never ending, but always expanding rotation…fucking perfect.
People cry
People die for you
People kill
People will for you
People run
Ain’t it fun for you
People go
To their deaths for you

Obasquiat – As vezes vemos beleza na dor

Our virtual buddy Marco Antônio a Relic in his own right around here, we’ve posted his free jazz collaborations several times now, well he has a new thing out. This here’s a pretty cool write up (left in the original Portuguese as well)…

Album compilation of songs made in partnership, solo and tracks unfinished by frustration, anxiety or even pure idleness because this is how art manifests and propagates, sets fire and launches flames of creation always at the exact moment, inopportune and even sad if the sensation is channeled and synthesized.
The idea here is to make art of what I feel at this moment in my life, to purge those demons of the melancholy that devastate me, the joy that strikes me by surprise, and the excitement that I feel for the world and my life at this very moment this album is a manifestation of now, of chance, of fate, of expression of what had to be done!) and in this way so perhaps to find some relief from this breathing and piracy continues that is the art.
The trick is still not complete and everyone who has been chosen (to hand) would like to have an opinion (preferably sincere) regarding the material (not taking into account the quality of the recordings) but rather the intensity of each track or if there is any commercial appeal in this work because the idea is to do a less “hard to listen” work for something with melodies more “accessible” to the laymen and others.
thanks in advance
Álbum de compilação de canções elaboradas em parceria, solo e tracks inacabadas por frustração, ansiedade ou até mesmo por puro ócio pois é assim que a arte se manifesta e se propaga, incendeia e lança chamas de criação sempre no momento exato, inoportuno e até mesmo triste se for canalizado e sintetizado a sensação de forma correta.
A ideia aqui é fazer arte do que eu sinto nesse momento da minha vida, expurgar esses demônios da melancolia que me assolam, a alegria que me ataca de surpresa, e do tesão que sinto pelo mundo e pela minha vida neste exato instante (ou seja esse álbum é uma manifestação do agora, do acaso, do destino, da expressão do que tinha que ser feito!) e dessa forma assim talvez encontrar algum alivio dessa respiração e piração continua que é a arte.
O trampo ainda não esta completo e todos que foram escolhidos (a dedo) gostaria de ter uma opinião (de preferencia sincera) a respeito do material (não levando em consideração a qualidade das gravações) mas sim a intensidade de cada track ou se existe algum apelo comercial nesse trabalho pois a ideia é fazer um trabalho menos “hard to listen” para algo com melodias mais “acessível” aos ouvidos leigos e alheios.
Agradeço desde já! 😉

If you’ve read about his collaborations before, or perhaps even bothered to expand your mind by listening to a composition or two, then you know what to expect (I just put the headphones on and let the music do it’s thing)…

Merry Crassmas…

The GIF I made today, directly from the classic…

Not feeling very merry, not sure exactly why, plenty to be grateful for today, there’s mountains of shoes in this world that I would rather not walk in. Here we are…oh my and a boo hoo

Crass indeed, a holiday bought and sold. These fuckers are busy crying about who says Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas, and really it’s all about profit. If a business thinks you’ll give them money they’re going to say whatever it takes to bring you in. And this business about war on Christianity is a load of shit too. Go visit some of our allies like Saudi Arabia if you want to see what subjugation looks like. The US is a lot of things, a real shit pot when you think about it, but it’s not that.  So to all of you in what is now a cliche type post (it wasn’t when I got it, I was pissed in 81 and thoroughly disappointed that it wasn’t your typical pissed off affair), Merry Crassmas!