Immorallounge – Ntrl Kllr

Grandpa still sends me emails and ran across this pic of Bonnie and Clyde in one, classic, just like my Gramps.  Reminds me I gotta give him a call. Pretty much every time I talk to him he tells me that he never knows if he will wake up the next morning, to which I say, that’s the way it is with everyone. I seriously doubt I’ll make it to 88…

I have a new song stuck in my head, just so happens to be the one I will be releasing on Mustard Relics, in the form of a flexi in the near future. Don’t want to say too much more as it will curse me. And, as if that wasn’t enough, planning another little release, that will just be for friends of the Relics…

In other Mustard news, going to Kansas City tomorrow (I dread driving in the cities now) to take the Wife and our two exchange students to the Post Malone concert. I don’t mind his music, kind of an R&B Rap thing, but to sit through a concert wasn’t in my bag of tricks. So I drive there, hopefully see an Uncle, hang out in the motel room, and drive back…the bonus being that it makes a short (but busy) week for me at work.

My pal Marco Antônio of Obasquait, outta São Paulo, a while back, sent me this project he is a part of. “Tripottaness” (trip out on this)!  Everything the man is a part of is golden, the musicianship is once again outstanding.  The Bandcamp page has these tags…
adult content
sex tales
São Paulo
If that doesn’t give you a clear picture, I don’t what to say. Quite a variety in the compositions, so just start from the beginning…

Briefly Briefing…

Mr. Pickles!!! Named my dog Mr. Pickles (which gets all kinds of comments from people, shit the vet and all the staff love him, everybody loves him, but nobody has seen the show, so…). Supposedly a season 3 should be coming out in the Fall.  If you enjoy gory adult themed animation shorts this show is for you…seriously (my youngest Granddaughter used to say that when I would tease her, and she’d be like “c’mon Poppy”).

Here it is Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, with work on my tortured mind, gotta find a way to get that shit outta my head.  It’s all about distraction for me, need to be occupied with something, hopefully productive.  Met with a couple this evening to go over their vows as Mustard has been asked once again to be a preacher. This’ll be my 3rd wedding (and one funeral).  Nervous as hell is what I am at these things, which is funny as I had no problems being on the stage (in front of my not so adoring fans). My wife says I need to smoke a joint (“Lock up the ding dongs and hide your corn, I was taking bong hits before I was born“)…

Still missing Mom is par for the course, of course…was cleaning out my mailbox of ancient worthless emails and ran across one from my Mom in May of last year. She sent it to my Aunt (also recently deceased) as well. I remember reading the email, “Great web site to help identify birds and listen to their calls. It even shows similar birds so that you can compare them. I looked up one noisy local bird (Common Grackle) and thinking I’d like to peruse the site but never did. I did thank her and told her it was cool (which I sincerely hope it is cool wherever she’s at now)…

Trying to get this song outta my head.  In my effort to replace it with another (I’ve given up trying to get them out altogether) I came across the one Rudimentary Peni release I don’t have a physical copy of (which I just fixed on Discogs), bootleg or otherwise Wilfred Owen The Chances. Not one of their “hits” but RP doesn’t have a song that sucks, they’re all part of a continuing story (that I hope doesn’t end in my lifetime).

In Mustard Relics Records news, it looks like we are going to be doin a #2. All’s I’m going to say at this point is that it’s going to be a flexi and it features one of the bands off of #1.  Been ready for this for a long time, feels like a year, but time is relative right?  Shit I’m already thinking of #3.

In just regular good old Mustard Relics blog news, got two book reviews coming up with two authors (and human beings) I have a lot of respect for.  Damn fine honor to do these reviews of shit I already know I’m gonna like.  Turns out the publisher didn’t know that I’ve been friends (virtually) with one author for probably 10 years…hell fucking yeah I’ll review his book!

Anyway, enough for now, here’s a replacement song for the one stuck in my fucking head…

I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Every Day

I find the multicultural idea of the end times fascinating.  Always enjoyed when the topic would come up or studying the text in various religious studies classes that I had way back when. There’s always been that idea in humanity that there will be an end time and then at times that it is at hand (pretty common here in the US among so called Christians who can’t even read their own book…Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour knoweth no one, not even the angels of heaven, neither the Son, but the Father only”). With an end comes a beginning, a cycle to many. Not sure why I even bring this up except that there are folks that are talking about it again. Perhaps we are in the midst of an end time. George Carlin on religion.

This was spinning on the turntable of my mind today (I haven’t had a drink in 13 years and there were some really miserable times in those fucking bars, but I realize too that there were some really good times with good friends too).  Now that I think about it, don’t have this album, which will have to be remedied, but for now..