Ze Zinjanthropes Brachycephales Ft’ng!

If you don’t like trippy, jazzy, avant-garde type stuff then you won’t like this post.  My point of view is that most types of music have their time and place.  This stuff is for that mellow, psychedelic moment when you just want to sit back and listen, let the music do the talking.  I suppose if you were a stoner, junky, tripper it would be right up your alley.  I don’t remember where I got but it’s found it’s way in and out of my life at seemingly random moments over the years (this morning being one of those moments).  I may have gotten it from my buddy Eric Daniel , another temporary Humboldt, Ca. resident, when he was downsizing his collection.  I may have also gotten it in the used bin and been motivated to buy it because of the wild cover or the fact that these guys are French Canadian.  Memories, for me, are like eclipses, they only happen once in a while.  For you musician types this should be pretty interesting stuff…

Frustrated that I can find zero out about this band, nothing.  So, what the hell uploaded the 2nd LP to YT as well.  The first is from ’94, this one, supposedly the better of the two, is from ’95.  If you know anything about this band, don’t be a dickfuck, share your knowledge…

Tom Waits…

Got over 200 hits in the last two days and as a result one comment (from one of my two regulars…Howdy guys!).  Ahhh just like old times.  Actually there was a time when this place was like a coffee shop, conversations and dialog all over the place.  I’m a dinosaur that is refusing to go extinct, perhaps I’ll evolve into a dog.  The days of the blog are over, the FB epidemic saw to that.  By the time people realize the impact of social media on our culture, it will be too late, even as I am now relegated to putting up my Mustard Relics posts up on FB to get a few folks to stop by.  Seem to get the most hits after doing a review and that band putting the link up on FB, but of course no comments.  Woe is me, my first world dilemmas…

Miss Ginger Lynn and yours truly long about 95 or so…she was a total sweetheart (80s porn starlet if you’re not in the know).  Yes I was an orgasm addict, kind of ashamed to admit, but what are you gonna do, the past is the past (you hope). Now I’m just a cleaned up old man with a few memories.  My first exposure to pornography was in the 70s via 8mm movies on a home projector, that my buddy’s parents had.  Dark stuff, probably one of the many things that fucked me up at a young age. Although, my fucked-up-ed-ness is a testimony of sorts, to my greatness, as I have at least been concretely consistent. Walk mile in my shoes and you’ll get athlete’s foot…I’d rather die on my wobbly feet than live on my scufflin’ knees

The 80s were a fun time to be a teenager (that’s my dear long lost friend Anna Henry and me, she turned me onto Foster’s Beer and the Mob), people were spinning and running and wanting and forgetting and hurting and dancing and of course never saying never and so on…big hair and the nuclear scare.  It wasn’t until I got to college in ’87 that I got turned onto Tom Waits thanx to my long lost pal Katie. I think it was (maybe still is) kinda underground trendy to be into the guy, but he wasn’t like anything I had heard at that point. I believe the album was Rain Dogs. Since that point I have followed him only occasionally, stumbling onto him again here and there. Have a few of his records, mostly singles and have seen him in flicks, most notably is the epic scene he does with Iggy Pop in Coffee and Cigarettes. I run across people that don’t dig him, I think not because of the music but because it’s trendy to be into him…the anti-trend. On a side note, at some point the word “hipster” may come up, but I live in the middle of NoWhere Kansas and know nothing about any of that, but I guess “they” dig him (and we can not dig what they dig). I love these two tunes, recorded 17 years apart…

New Tongues – Dark/Light

Trynna catch up on my requests for reviews and really wishing I had listened to this one earlier. Got a fairly generic and unassuming BCC email from them…

We are a band called New Tongues from Columbia MO, and we would like to share some of our music with you. We realize you get a lot of these and we promise to not take up a lot of your time with lame details about our band and we will let our music speak for itself. We like what you do and we hope that you like what we do as well. We have a new record coming out next month that we would like to share with you.
Thanks for taking the time to listen.”

The band is definitely not generic and unassuming though, and in this case I’ll let it slide that I was BCC’d, cuz here it is after 1am and I now have a reason to be up late, a purpose, you know what I’m saying. Don’t even begin to know how to describe them, on their bandcamp they describe themselves as “Drenched in reverb, propulsive rhythms, and a 90’s midwestern aesthetic.” I do think they would be a good candidate for being on the Am Rep label, but I hate to pigeon hole them like that (but perhaps that’s what they mean by “90’s midwestern aesthetic”). They know their way around their fucking instruments, they compose songs that are solidly engaging from start to finish and the lyrics read like pretty damn good poetry…
It was a sensible thing to do
Scorched and salted
those kindly gentle days
those keenly southern ways

Swept up in a great blaze
no moral dilemma
It bears worth repeating
What a glorious blaze

They were dead anyway,
You were dead anyway,
You’ll be dead anyway

The bars are burnt
Them bells aren’t ringing
The stars are blinded
There’ll be no singing

..what the fuck else could you ask for in a band? Seriously, give this a listen, aural treats here folks. This is available now on vinyl, cassette and (the dreaded) digital download…