Me lately.  Need to quit that shit now that I know my Mom wasn’t going to live forever smoking two packs a day.  Would like to see my grandkids grow up (if there’s a planet left for them to grow up on).  Mother’s Day came and went and it’s a no brainer that I wasn’t feeling it, but I think everyone should honor their Mother for at least carrying you inside them (hopefully not doing dope or drinking during that special time) and then bringing you into the world.  I’ve been there and it’s no small feat delivering a baby.  After that it’s a crap shoot as to what your life is like and the relationship you have.  I was very fortunate, to say the least…

I don’t care what you say, this is a great song…

Went and saw this guy last Saturday. Been a fan of his since the beginning thanx to my Son, so it only made sense that he came along too…all the way from North Carolina. Was an interesting crowd, mostly white teenagers, going nuts. Mary Jane all over the place, the wife got pretty liquored up, lucky she has a perpetual designated driver in me. Wasn’t the best concert for me, but I really enjoyed that my Son enjoyed it and that means the world to me. Chance did not play this, my favorite of his tunes…

Mr. Bungle demos

Hard to believe I haven’t posted these guys yet as important as they were (are). I have a demo (not sure which one as the cover is gone) and a live tape (which I should rip and post, but who has the time) on cassette, got them from my old bandmate Brian. Never did get to see them (that I remember and I should remember shouldn’t I?) even though they were still active in Humboldt until 1990 . I did meet Trey when we both ended up at the same Humboldt State orientation in 1987. During this orientation, there were these silly exercises to get to know the other new students, you probably know what I’m talking if you’ve been in a similar type situation, uncomfortable and kinda lame. Anyway, all I remember is that he was Trey the Pterodactyl and I was Justin the Jackal.  It never came up that he was in Mr. Bungle, but I really enjoyed hanging out with him.  They were among the few who made it out of the coastal rain forests, you can read a pretty definitive write up at Wikipedia. Thoroughly entertaining and musically sophisticated band, if you haven’t listed to them before, they are mandatory listening, that is, if you consider yourself aurally mature. YT has all four demos they did before signing to WB and moving to SF and exploding into a whole other beast of a band. That’s all I have to say about that…

The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny

Bowel of Chiley

Goddammit I Love America!


[Haus Arafna] – You Don’t Believe Me [The Dream You Can Follow]

Had this song stuck in my head all day today.  I don’t really know what he’s talking about in the song, but I’m feeling it.  Went to a graduation at the local high school and wishing the best for them, but I’m not very hopeful.  Not sure if that’s related to my personal demeanor at the moment or if it’s the state of our world…I think I need a donut…

EDIT: Sort of a post script, came back to this song and figured out what it meant to me.  Your “house” is where you’re/we’re at right now, for some a comfort zone, for others (like me) a personal hell.  For me it was about getting out of that space, opening the “door” and yes I was “afraid of death” (especially a meaningless one).  Cheers…13 years without a drink…

You don’t believe me when I say to you
Your home will burn, you’ll burn
What’s holding you
You don’t believe me when I say to you
That in front of the door they’re asking for you
Asking for you
Behind the door is the freedom you seek
The release of your heart and all the joys you need
All you need
Walking out of the door is the beginning of life
Don’t waste any time anymore
Don’t battle yourself, don’t be this craven fool
Who don’t know what to do
Who don’t know what to do
Who don’t know what to do
Who can’t decide what to do
Go out of this house, leave your fears behind
and wonder what you will find
You will find
A life, but
You don’t believe me
You don’t believe me
You don’t believe
With selfdeception cowardice abjectly bent
There will be nothing left to lament
You don’t want to believe
You don’t want to believe
You don’t want to believe
Are you afraid of death
Are you afraid of death
Are you afraid of death
Are you afraid of…